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Everything you’ll need about Clover Retribution!

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Here’s our Clover Retribution Ultimate Guide & Wiki. It contains pretty much all the important points of interest that you’ll need about the game – from Locations, NPCs, essential misc. items, bosses, magics and more.

Feel free to use the table of contents below to navigate through the guide and jump onto what you’ll need. Also, if you’d like us to add something, let us know in the comments section below.

Table of Contents – Everything You’ll Need!

Complete Beginner’s Guide

In this beginner’s guide, I’ll only be discussing how to start your adventure and progress in the game, as well as how to get your Spells and Weapons. From there, you’ll be able to completely explore the world of Clover Retribution.

Starting Menu

First up, as you launch the game, you’ll be greeted with options to play, spin the magic wheel, and explore the library.

  • If you choose to spin, you can try your luck on the magic wheel to obtain different magic abilities. Here’s a list of all the available Magics that you can acquire in the game at the moment:
    • Common
      • Healing
      • Melody
    • Uncommon
      • Wind
    • Rare
      • Slime
      • Fire
    • Epic
      • Lightning
    • Legendary
      • Void
    • Mythic
      • World Tree
  • When a player goes AFK in the library, they will receive 4 spins in each category (Magic, Race, and Trait) for every hour they spend waiting.
Clover Retribution: Complete Beginner's Guide

How To Start in The Game

Once you’re ready to dive into the game, you’ll find yourself in a small city. There, you’ll encounter an NPC named Bruno who will give you initial quests.

Pay attention to the quest indicators at the top of your screen; they’ll guide you on where to go. After completing these quests, you’ll be teleported through a blue portal into the game world.

Clover Retribution: Bruno NPC

It’s worth noting that the quest to acquire your Broom may not be immediately available. In some case, they’ve got it when they reached Level 7.

So, if you don’t get the quest right away, return to the NPC by the purple area, as shown in the image below when you’re of sufficient level.

Clover Retribution: Broom NPC

Stats, How To Get Spells & Equip Weapons

First up, there’s a mechanic in this game called Stats. You’ll be able to allocate stat points every time you level up, which will depend on what build you’re going for.

  • Dexterity: Enhances slashing and piercing damage.
  • Strength: Boosts bludgeoning damage and fortifies the block bar.
  • Intelligence: Amplifies magic damage.
  • Constitution: Bolsters both health and mana.
Clover Retribution: Complete Beginner's Guide Stats

Now, let’s talk about how to obtain your Spells. You can acquire new spells by defeating bandits, completing quests, and increasing your Magic Mastery. Keep in mind that the more your Mastery level rises, the more skills you’ll unlock.

Clover Retribution: Complete Beginner's Guide Spells

To equip weapons, look for icons in the town and visit the blacksmith. This is where you can get your hands on weapons.

Clover Retribution: Complete Beginner's Guide Blacksmith

In Clover Retribution, your progression mainly involves side quests, storyline quests, and battling bosses. Teaming up with friends to face bosses is recommended, as it makes it easier to defeat them and level up faster.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article for the Complete Beginner’s Guide!

How To Level Up Fast Guide

So, instead of grinding against regular NPCs, you’ll want to focus on defeating the Bosses in the game. You’ll be able to find them alongside regular mobs. The boss will be tougher to kill; they have a unique name and a second health bar.

For the toughest ones, you’ll simply have to keep on following the Main Quest. And after defeating them once, you’ll be able to farm them as much as you want.

  • Alpha Wolf
  • Ogre
  • Vennum
Clover Retribution: How To Level Up Fast Guide

These bosses drop chests, which are your key to rapid leveling. When you see a Boss with a name and a health bar at the top, it’s your golden opportunity.

But hey, no need to fret if you get beaten up a few times. It happens to the best of us. What’s crucial is that you’ll receive an abundance of experience and Mastery points.

And don’t not forget that these bosses grant you valuable chests that contain itemsgold, or materials.

Trust me; this method is a game-changer. You can go from level 15 to 42 in just an hour or two. Now, that’s pretty fast if you’d ask me.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated guide on the fastest way of leveling up!

Clover Retribution: How To Level Up Fast Guide

Complete Crafting Guide

In the game, you can craft weapons and armors with the help of certain NPCs, but it comes at a price, as they often require specific materials. However, keep in mind that there’s always a chance that the crafting attempt might fail.

What makes these crafted items truly special is the modifier they receive, which varies for each weapon and piece of armor. Here’s a breakdown of the modifiers:

For Weapons:

  • Average: No bonus
  • Superior: 1.05-1.1 times the stat bonus
  • Excellent: 1.1-1.2 times the stat bonus
  • Exceptional: 1.15-1.3 times the stat bonus
  • Mastercraft: 1.2-1.5 times the stat bonus
  • Artifact: 1.5-1.7 times the stat bonus
Clover Retribution: Complete Crafting Guide

Now, when it comes to crafting armor, the bonuses are slightly different:

For Armor:

  • Average: 1 times the stat bonus
  • Superior: 1.25 times the stat bonus
  • Excellent: 1.5 times the stat bonus
  • Exceptional: 1.75 times the stat bonus
  • Mastercraft: 2 times the stat bonus
  • Artifact: 2.25 times the stat bonus

These modifiers can make a significant difference in your gameplay, so choose your crafting options wisely to enhance your weapons and armor effectively.

Clover Retribution: Complete Crafting Guide

Now, let’s dive deeper into the topic, which is the blacksmith in the game. Many of you have been asking where to find the short sword hilt or the long sword hilt. It’s actually pretty simple.

On the in-game map, look for the shop icon. You can visit the shop and purchase the parts you need to craft these swords, like the Broken Sword and the Long Sword Hilt. It’s convenient, though the prices may vary.

As for fighting styles, if you’re into regular swords, they have unique skills. Look for the skill instructor icon on the map, and you can learn the regular sword skill from him.

Oh, and by the way, NPCs can drop valuable items like copper and iron, so be sure to keep an eye out for those.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated guide about Crafting!

Clover Retribution: Complete Crafting Guide

Best Mastery Method

To boost your Mastery fast, you’ll want to team up with your friends and take on the toughest NPCs. Simply roam around the maps and look for “special” units; they have a unique name and are typically harder to kill.

These encounters not only offer a hefty amount of Mastery points, but also yield some excellent experience. Plus, they drop some of the game’s best armor, so it’s a win-win situation.

Clover Retribution: Best Mastery Method Boss NPCs

When you arrive at these NPC locations, keep your distance as they can deal quite a bit of damage. Setting up traps can help you stay safe, and if you have a strong friend, it’s easy to take down these bosses for that sweet Mastery.

So, whether you’re preparing for future updates or just want to level up, this strategy will serve you well.

And remember, if you’re aiming to get your hands on that impressive spear or blade, the Ogre Boss is the place to be. You can farm these bosses to maximize your benefits.

Clover Retribution: Best Mastery Method Ogre

Now, in case you’re wondering how Mastery works in this game, it’s basically “the more you use a spell, the stronger it becomes.”

As you consistently use a spell, you can accumulate Clovers, with a maximum of 3 per spell. When you reach 3 Bronze Clovers, you’ll be rewarded with a Silver Clover.

And if you max out at 3 Silver Clovers, you’ll earn a coveted Golden Clover. Achieving 3 Golden Clovers signifies that you’ve reached the pinnacle of Mastery for that spell.

It’s essential to keep in mind that achieving mastery in Clover Retribution requires dedication and grinding. You’ll need to use your spells extensively to unlock their full potential.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article the best mastery method in the game!

Clover Retribution: Best Mastery Method Silver Golden

Every Boss Spawn Location

For this guide, our starting point will be the Village Church, this iconic building right here as shown in the image below.

Also, it’s good to know that some bosses can have purple-ish particles going around them, which means they’re corrupted. In such state, the bosses are like 10-times harder to kill but gives off much better and even exclusive loot.

There’s a total of 5 bosses in the game at the moment. They all give lots of EXP and Mastery.

Clover Retribution: Every Boss Spawn Location Church Starting Point

Alpha Wolf

First up, we have the Alpha Wolf. Starting from the church, look towards this direction. And make your way up the mountains.

Clover Retribution: Alpha Wolf Boss

On top of the mountain, you’ll see some type of a skull structure. In front that, the Alpha Wolf will be spawning.

Among all the bosses, this one is the weakest and the first one that you can try to take down. If corrupted, it has a chance of dropping the Lupine Shadow Plate.

Now if you’re wondering what’s in the skull, it’s actually a cave, which is will be your main source of copper, iron and stone.

Clover Retribution: Alpha Wolf Exact Location


Next up, we have Vennum. By the way, you’ll be able to spot the next two bosses around this direction as well. Again, start on the church. And just keep on going straight to this direction.

Clover Retribution: Vennum Boss

Eventually, you’ll be able to spot the Vennum boss in the middle of a sandy area. Compared to other bosses, he doesn’t drop that much, unfortunately, just the Azure Diamond Crest Ring.

Clover Retribution: Vennum Exact Location

Bandit Lord & Warlord (Event Bosses)

From Vennum’s location, make your way towards left. Then, you’ll be able to spot the Grasslands Warlord right around the area (in the grasses, of course). It’ll be holding a notable staff that it uses in combat.

Defeating the Warlord will drop two chests, as well as spawn the Bandit Lord boss in an area not far from the initial location, which also drops two chests.

These chests have a chance of dropping the runes required for the Aetherstone Raid boss, as well as the Bandit Sovereign Leathers.

Clover Retribution: Warlord Boss

Similar to the Warlord, the chests that the Bandit Lord boss drops also has a chance of having the runes required for the Aetherstone Raid boss, as well as exceptional Ogrehide Vanguard Armor.

Now, after spawning the Bandit Lord, you may have to squint your eyes for this one, as you’ll have to do a 360 and scan around the area for tents.

Go to that location and you’ll be able to spot the Bandit Lord in the middle of the encampment.

Clover Retribution: Bandit Lord Boss


Up next, we have the Ogre. Again, starting from the church, make your way straight to this direction. You’ll also come across some Wolf Hunters on your way to the location, in case you’re wondering where they’re at.

Clover Retribution: Ogre Boss

Eventually, you’ll end up in this location. Now, you will know you’re in the right spot once you see a huge castle to the right. And to the left, you’ll come across some pillars as shown in the image below.

The Ogre boss is located behind these pillars. It has lots of valuable loots including the Ogrebane Pike, Ogrebane Ironblade, Ogre Hide for crafting and more.

Clover Retribution: Ogre Boss Exact Location

Rune/Aetherstone Raid Boss

First, before you’re able to spawn the Rune/Aetherstone Raid Boss, you should know that it’s required to have these 4 rune items dropped from the Bandit Lord & Warlord (Event Bosses) from before:

  • Rune of Endless Challenge
  • Rune of Colossal Wrath
  • Rune of Raging Tempest
  • Rune of Shattered Earth

Once you have the items, you’ll have to activate 4 stone pillars, scattered across the map using the runes. We’ll be making a guide on all the stone pillar locations, as well, so stay tuned for that.

To make the job easier, you can do this with friends and other players. After all the pillars are activated, you can then make your way to the Boss’s location.

Clover Retribution: Aetherstone Raid Boss Pillar

Now, for the Rune bosss location, starting from the church look around you for this ring in the middle of the lake as shown in the image below.

The ring is actually a portal, which will lead you the Aetherstone Isle Raid. So far, this is the only raid we have in the game at the moment, but it definitely is worth doing.

It gives off high-value loot including the special items, Aetherstone Halberd and Aetherstone Pauldrons. Moreover, you also get lots of gold, EXP and mastery, and by lots, even more than all of the other bosses combined.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article about all the boss spawn locations in the game!

Clover Retribution Aetherstone Raid Boss Location

Best Clover Mastery Farming Guide

The technique I’m about to share works well with abilities that consume a lot of Mana. For instance, let’s say you’re using an ability like “Great Tree” with a significant Mana cost.

The first step is to open your grimoire and activate “Great Tree.”Remember that each ability has a cooldown, and you need to wait at least 30 seconds before you can use it again and gain XP.

Here’s the trick: after using “Great Tree,” or ability of choice, wait for that cooldown period to pass. Then, use the reset function in the menu.

Clover Retribution: Best Clover Mastery Farming Guide Reset Character

Once you’ve reset, you can open your grimoire again and activate the same ability. It’s a simple yet effective way to quickly stack up clovers on your abilities.

This method applies to all abilities, but for those with shorter cooldowns or lower Mana costs, it might be better to wait out the cooldown rather than resetting.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated guide on the best way to farm clover mastery!

Clover Retribution: Best Clover Mastery Farming Guide Great Tree

Best Builds For Traits

As mentioned before, I’ll only mention the most popular, which leads to the best races and traits in the game. There’s a total of 3 combinations that you can try for yourself.


First, the Noble trait, which grants a 25% increase in Mana. If you have the Noble trait, consider going for a Mana-centric build, which pairs well with abilities that consume Mana.

For example, the High Elf race provides a substantial 50% boost to Mana and an extra 70 Mana, along with a 12% Magic damage bonus.

It’s an excellent choice for magic users and should almost be considered a Mythic trait due to its power.

Clover Retribution: Best Builds For Traits Noble

Heavenly Restriction

Next, if you’re looking for damage, consider the Heavenly Restriction trait. This is a damaging build, and here are two possible approaches: a Hybrid build or an Undead build.

For the Hybrid, you can combine Heavenly Restriction with the High Elf race, which helps compensate for the 80% Mana penalty by providing a 50% boost and an additional 70 Mana. The High Elf’s 10% Intelligence bonus complements this build, making it quite potent.

For the Undead build, you can choose the Ryomen race, which offers 10 Constitution, doubles health regeneration out of combat, and an extra 10 Mana. Pair this with the healing ability to become a tough-to-kill healing powerhouse.

Clover Retribution: Best Builds For Traits Heavenly Restriction

Loved by Mana

Lastly, if you have the Loved by Mana trait, you’re in a fantastic position for a high Mana build. Combine this with a four-leaf grimoire, High Elf, and any magic type that suits your style.

This includes stuff like Flame, Lightning, Void, or World Tree. Moreover, this combination will make you a formidable force, able to dish out significant damage.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on the best builds for traits!

Clover Retribution: Best Builds For Traits Loved by Mana

Best Way To Farm Spins Guide

If you have some disposable cash and want to get a lot of spins in the game, then you can just buy spins using Robux.

It can get quite expensive though, especially if you don’t have that much luck with your spins. Here are some other options for getting spins in Clover Retribution for free!

AFK Library

The first way and easiest path to get free spins in Clover Retribution is by going to the Library. You can choose to go there from the Main menu by selecting the “Library” option. From there, you can stay there and be AFK to get free spins.

For every 1 hour you stay in the Library, you get 4 Spins in each category. VIP Members will get 8 spins instead of the normal 4.

Unlike other game modes, you won’t get kicked out for being AFK in the Library. It will also save your time spent so if you leave just before an hour finishes you can continue later.

Clover Retribution Library AFK

Daily Quests

If you don’t want to AFK to get spins, there are also a couple of quests you can do that reward spins. One of the quests is the Find the Blue Lilies Quest just west of the Unnamed Village shown below.

Clover Retribution Unnamed Village

There, you’ll find the NPC that is next to the crossroads. The quest involves looking for 12 Blue Lily Flowers scattered around the place.

You can see in the image below that there are already a couple near the NPC. This quest will reward you with 3 spins.

Clover Retribution Blue Lily Quest

The next quest is the Find Timbos Cat quest, and you can find this in the Timeston village. Look for the NPC shown below, and they’ll task you with looking for his cat. This quest rewards you with 2 spins.

Clover Retribution Lost Cat Quest

Lastly near the previous quest is the Wind Monk quest where you’ll have to defeat 8 Wind Monks.

This quest is a bit more difficult since the enemies can easily defeat you if you’re not careful. This quest will reward you with 3 spins.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated guide on the best way to farm spins!

Clover Retribution Wind Monk Quest

Complete Halloween Update Guide


First and foremost, let’s dive into the new race, which is Stonekin. As you can see, this race comes with some unique features, such as the intriguing facial markings.

The race buffs are truly remarkable, offering a substantial 10-point increase to both strength and constitution stats, alongside a significant 25% reduction in blunt damage to your character.

If you happen to be wearing Vanguard armor, you’ll enjoy an additional 25% blood damage reduction, effectively making you a formidable tank.

To top it off, this race also grants a 25% boost to your overall health, solidifying your status as a tank build. So, if you’re aiming to withstand massive damage, this race is an excellent choice.

Clover Retribution: Complete Halloween Update Guide Stonekin

Blood Magic

Up next, we have the new type of magic, which is Blood Magic. The final skill involves summoning a mysterious dragon-like venom creature. Unfortunately, there seems to be a problem casting this spell at the moment.

Clover Retribution: Complete Halloween Update Guide Blood Magic

Riddlebone Realm

Moving on, we have the Riddlebone Realm, which is the highlight of the update. If you proceed into the middle of the area, you’ll encounter pumpkin NPCs and other menacing creatures lurking, which of course, drops valuable loot.

The Pumpkins, specifically, has a 2% chance of dropping the Pumpkin Knight Armor, which gives +10 CON and +2 STR.

A quest giver is conveniently located straight from the entrance, offering quests that provide 1,000 XP and 200 gold for slaying six pumpkins.

Also, there have been two added quests in the Halloween Update, so make sure to check them out as well!

Clover Retribution: Complete Halloween Update Guide Riddlebone Realm

As you progress, you’ll find more NPCs in the vicinity, each with their own unique offerings and quests.

One quest involves reassembling a character’s arm, which may require some detective work to locate the missing limb. We’ll be making a guide on that as well, so stay tuned!

Now, as you venture even further, you’ll discover a monumental door that leads to even more mysteries.

To open this door, you’ll need to have a minimum of 45 points in your Strength stat, so make sure to invest in this attribute if you plan to explore further.

Clover Retribution: Complete Halloween Update Guide Door

And finally, there’s a daily quest that offers six valuable spins. Simply defeat the boss inside the Riddlebone Realm to earn these spins and gain a generous amount of XP and gold. Assemble a strong team, and you’ll conquer the boss with ease during this update.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated guide about the Halloween Update 2023!

Clover Retribution: Complete Halloween Update Guide Riddlebones

Aetherstone Guide & Rune Pillar Locations

As mentioned before, there’s quite a couple pre-requisites that you’ll need to do before actually going to the raid itself. That said, here are all the steps that you must follow. Let’s jump right into it!

How To Get All Runes

First up, before you’re able to enter the Aetherstone Raid, you’ll have to collect a total of 4 Runes from the event bosses, which are the Bandit Lord and Warlord.

  • Rune of Endless Challenge
  • Rune of Colossal Wrath
  • Rune of Raging Tempest
  • Rune of Shattered Earth

You can only get the runes from them exclusively, and they have a chance of randomly dropping all of the runes.

This basically means that if you’re unlucky, it’s possible to get 5 Runes of Endless Challenge in a row. With that said, you can probably complete the runes within 4 hours or less.

Now, for the location/s of the event bosses. They’re not far from the Unnamed Village. You’ll be able to spot the Warlord somewhere in the grasses around the Bandit Camp.

After taking out the Warlord, you can then make your way to the Bandit Camp itself, and you can spot the Bandit Lord chilling in the middle.

Clover Retribution How To Get All Runes Bandit Lord & Warlord Spawn Location

Rune Pillar Locations

Once you’ve gathered the necessary items, your next step is to activate four rune pillars scattered across the map using the runes you picked up from the event bosses.

I suggest collecting all 4 of the runes first, before making your way to the rune pillars. It’s so that you don’t end up mixing up the locations. This is because you’ll have to put the right rune in the corresponding rune pillar.

Now, here’s the location for all the rune pillars. Basically, they’re located on all 4 corners of the current map. But here’s a map image, as well as directions and instructions to help you out better.

  • Endless Challenge  Near the Ogre Boss and the entrance to the Clover Capital.
  • Colossal Wrath – Located across the Aetherstone Raid Pond.
  • Raging Tempest – Situated below the Timeston town, next to a bridge.
  • Shattered Earth – Found in the mountainous regions to the left of the Demon Skull Cave.
Clover Retribution Rune Pillar Locations

How To Start Aethertone Raid

Once you’ve gathered the necessary items, your next step is to activate four rune pillars scattered across the map using the runes you picked up from the event bosses.

This task can be made easier by teaming up with friends or other players. Once all the pillars are activated, you can proceed to locate the Aetherstone Raid Boss.

To find the location of the Aetherstone Raid, start from the church in the Unnamed Village and take a look around. You’ll notice a ring situated in the middle of a lake, as shown in the image below.

Clover Retribution Aetherstone Guide Portal Location

This ring functions as a portal that will transport you to the Aetherstone Isle Raid. As of now, it’s the only raid available in the game, but it’s certainly worth undertaking.

Simply interact with the portal and it’ll transport you the Aetherstone Golem’s location, in an enclosed arena-like area.

Clover Retribution Aetherstone Golem

Completing this raid promises generous rewards, including unique items such as the Aetherstone Halberd, Aetherstone Pauldrons, and the exceedingly rare Aetherblade, obtainable only from the Corrupted version of the Aetherstone Golem.

Moreover, you’ll also earn a substantial amount of gold, experience points (EXP), and mastery points – more than what you’d typically gain from defeating all other bosses combined.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated guide for the Aetherstone rune pillar locations!

Clover Retribution Aetherstone Guide

How To Spawn Lily’s & Location

Flowers spawn all throughout the map in Clover Retribution. These spawn points are fixed and they are more frequent in certain locations than others. However, before we dive into the locations, we will show you how to spawn lilies. This will ensure that you can get the most out of these locations.

Spawning Lilies Method

Blue, Mana and Fire lilies are rare flowers that spawn much less than others. Most of the time, Grass spawns in these locations which is not as desirable. As a result, most players end up ignoring Grass and just moving on to other locations.

This is a mistake which reduces your chances of finding Lilies. You should always pick up Grass whenever you see it. This is because this gives Lilies a chance to respawn at these points. After a while, you can return to these locations and check if a Lily has spawned.

By removing Grass, you are ensuring that Lily’s will spawn much faster. In this way, you can farm more of them.

Obtained Grass in Clover Retribution.

Location #1 – Near Unnamed Village

There is an area near the Unnamed Village where there are many flower spawns. It is around the same area where you can find the Blue Lilies quest giver.

Check around the grassy areas to locate these spawn points. Make sure you look thoroughly as Grass can often blend in. You want to get all these Grasses to ensure that Lilies have a chance to spawn.

Area near Unnamed Village in Clover Retribution.

Location #2 – Between Long Forgotten Tower and Grasslands Forest

There are a few flower spawn points that you can find in the grassy cliffs between the Long Forgotten Tower and Grasslands Forest. Make sure that you check the corners among the cliffs, as there are some points hidden here.

Grasslands Forest cliffs in Clover Retribution.

Location #3 – Near Aetherstone Isle Raid Gate

There are some cliffs that are towards the left of the Aetherstone Isle gate. Normally, you would go towards this gate to start the raid to get Runes.

When you reach this cliff, you will find around 5-7 flower spawn points. However, these will be less in number compared to the area near Unnamed Village.

Aetherstone Isle Raid Gate in Clover Retribution.

Location #4 – Near Riverbanks

Last, but not least, you can find flower spawns near Riverbanks that are scattered all throughout the map. Riverbanks are quite long so you can run along the length and look at the edges.

River Banks in Clover Retribution.

We recommend that you cycle through all these locations and grab all flowers that you see, including Grass. After that, you can return to the first location. By that time, new flowers will have spawned, and you can hopefully get more Lilies among them.

Make sure that you do not ignore Grass, even if it is useless for you. Grass can very easily blend into the environment compared to other flowers. So, be vigilant and you should have plenty of Lilies by the end. You may even find some better locations for spawns if you do some exploring!

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on how to spawn lily’s in the game and their locations!

Best Method To Max Out Your Character Level

Now, for this guide, I’ll be guiding you on how you can efficiently level up your character from Level 0 to Max. However, it’s important to read from start to finish and pay close attention to all the details I’m about to share.

Missing out on any part of this guide will be your loss, as I’ve included important tips throughout. Also, if you’re only stuck on certain levels, feel free to use this table of contents below. Now, let’s take a look!

Level 0 – 20

When you start the game, whether you’re at Level 1 or start at Level 7, it’s important to allocate your stat points wisely. Focus on distributing your points into Constitution and Dexterity.

These are vital for a strong foundation. Once you’ve invested in these stats, consider allocating a few points into Strength to obtain a weapon.

Next, embark on a quest to defeat eight Fire Mages. You can find them in this area, across this bridge located south of the Unnamed Village. This quest is effective for leveling up, so keep at it until you’re around Level 20.

Clover Retribution Level 0 - 20

Building your stats and gaining some experience is essential at this stage. Don’t forget to prioritize leveling up your magic abilities as well.

You can also farm the valuable item drops from one of the bosses near the area, Vennum. One of these items is a ring called the Azure Diamond Crest Ring. Moreover, farming this boss will help you level up and gather important loot.

Clover Retribution Vennum for EXP

Level 20 – 40

Moving on, once you reach around Level 20, it’s time to take on the Wolf Quest, which you can find near the church in the Unnamed Village. This quest will help you progress further. Continue to level up while working on this quest.

After taking on the quest, you can simply track it by clicking on the quest marker of the compass (the thing that shows you directions), located on the top part of the screen as shown in the image below.

After clicking on it, it will ping the location for you on your screen. Keep this mechanic in mind for future quests. It’s very handy.

Clover Retribution Quest Marker

If you have a friend, team up to face the Ogre boss that drops two valuable items: a Pike and a Bone Blade. These items can significantly boost your character’s power. You can farm this boss until you reach Level 40.

Although keep in mind that fighting this boss at this stage, can be pretty challenging. However, once you figure out its attack patterns, it’ll be worth it. Considering this boss is recommended for Level 40 and above, it’s loot will be extremely valuable.

Clover Retribution Ogre Boss Location for Level 20 - 40

Level 40 – 60

After hitting Level 40, head to the Capital City. There, you’ll find quests related to the Halloween event as well as general quests, which is an excellent opportunity to gain experience.

Some of these quests are repeatable and can provide a decent amount of experience points. Take advantage of them and keep leveling up.

As you continue to level up, you can also farm materials and equipment from the Wolf Hunters quest in the Capital City as well as in the map image below. They drop valuable items such as Pauldrons and Swords.

Now, the Capital City is pretty big, but there’s a lot of valuable of quests in here, so make sure to completely explore the area, and check every nook and cranny for Quest NPCs.

Clover Retribution Capital City for Level 40 - 60

Level 60 – 75

Once you’re around Level 60, you can explore a unique boss spawn location in portal in the Unnamed Village for the Riddlebone Realm – Halloween Event. If you’re not sure where it’s located, you can find it nearby one of the spawning points in the village.

This boss provides a substantial amount of experience points and has a chance to drop a special item called, Pumpkin Knight Armor.

However, if you’re not interested in the armor itself, I don’t recommend taking it at all, as it’s incredibly annoying – low EXP reward, but very hard to complete.

Also, don’t forget to take on the daily quests related to this boss for additional experience points and spins.

Clover Retribution Halloween Event for Level 60 -75

Level 75 – 90

Reach Level 75 or higher by completing various quests in the Halloween event. The event offers quests with increased experience point rewards, making it an ideal time to level up.

Specifically, the “Defeat corrupted skeletons” quest is an efficient quest to do as it gives the most EXP.

Clover Retribution Halloween Event for Level 75- Max

Level 90-150

First, you will need to go to the Unnamed Village and look for an orange portal. This portal will let you teleport to the Riddlebone Realm.

Once you have teleported, keep running straight forward and look to your right. There will be an NPC with a blue symbol on top of him which you can talk to receive your quest.

Clover Retribution: Level 90-150 Guide Quest Riddlebone Realm

The quest will require to you defeat 6 Pumpkins. This can be relatively easy for you since you are already strong enough to do it at this stage.

On completing the quest, you will receive 1000 XP, 250 Gold as well as the drops from the Pumpkin monsters.

Clover Retribution Defeat Pumpkin

Another better way for you to increase your EXP and Gold is to take the quest at Clover Capital. In Clover Capital, you will be able to find an NPC with the quest symbol on top of him. Talk to him and you will receive your quest.

Clover Retribution Clover Capital

For this quest, you will need to defeat a total of 6 Wolf Hunters. To find them, go to the Grasslands Forest next to the Clover Capital. Once the sky gets darker, these Wolf Hunters will spawn. You can then defeat them to receive 1100 XP and 500 Gold as a quest completion reward.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on the best method to max out your character level!

Clover Retribution Grasslands Forest

Updated Level Up Method Guide (150 – Onwards)

One of the best methods to gaining EXP as a solo player is by repeatedly completing the quest to defeat six Wolf Hunters in the forest near the capital.

In order to start this quest, simply enter the Clover Capital and talk to the NPC with a quest marker above him almost directly in front of the gate once you first go into the city, right beside a building with a green trim.

Clover Retribution wolf hunter quest NPC

Completing this quest will give you a decent amount of EXP and money, and you can easily do this on your own as the wolf hunters are fairly easy to take out.

Another method is by doing the Exams, which were added to the game in one of the recent updates. You can do these by interacting with the NPC hanging out in front of the Arena in the capital. This activity gives a lot of EXP, though it may be harder than simply spamming the wolf hunter quest.

Clover Retribution exams NPC

If you have a group that can help you out, you can also consider doing the Yetti quest in the Tundra. However, this requires too much work and may not be the best option unless you absolutely need their drops, especially since the wolf hunter quest gives only slightly less EXP.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on the updated levelling up method!

How to Find Dans Arm

The Dan’s Arm is also known as the Average Gallant’s Grasp. The reason why it is called the Dan’s Arm is that you will be asked to go on a quest by Dan and help him find his arm. This weapon gives you 10 Bludgeoning Damage and is a Strength weapon.

Clover Retribution Gallant's Grasp

First, you will need to be in the Unnamed Village in The First Kingdom. Near spawn, you will be able to see a portal to the Riddlebone Realm.

Once you have teleported to the Realm, keep heading straight until you see a small building in the middle which you can go into.

Clover Retribution Portal

Inside the building, you can see Dan. Interact with him to start a conversation and you are now on a quest to defeat the Riddlebone boss.

Upon killing the boss, you will also have a chance to get the Enigma Blade as well!

Clover Retribution Dan's Quest

Then, keep heading deeper into the room by walking down the stairs. You will be able to find the Riddlebone boss.

Upon defeating the boss, there will be reward chests for you to collect. Upon opening these chests, you’ll have a random chance of getting the Dan’s Arm (Gallant’s Grasp).

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated guide on how to find and get Dans Arm!

Clover Retribution Boss Room

Best Skill Level Farming Method

First up, I want to address a common question I receive about using multiple moves simultaneously. Each skill has its own 30-second cooldown, meaning that you can’t spam a skill and expect all the experience to count immediately. It registers every 30 seconds, so keep that in mind.

You can indeed use multiple moves at the same time and gain EXP for each of them. However, it’s possible for you to use an auto-clicker that can handle multiple keys simultaneously, as it would make leveling up much more efficient.

For this, TinyTask is a handy tool to have. When you install it, you can enable continuous playback and “record” your keyboard inputs while spamming 1, 2, 3. This recording can be saved for future use. To use it again, simply hit the play button, and you’re good to go.

Specifically, here’s the settings that you would do for the whole process:

  • Continuous Playback
  • Always On Top
  • Speed: 1x

With this full Macro, you can:

  1. Record your preferred moves.
  2. Continue spamming your preferred moves.
  3. When you run out of mana, press ‘ESC’ + ‘R’ + ‘Enter’ to reset.
  4. Make sure not to move your mouse during the process.
Clover Retribution TinyTask Auto-clicker
Source: TinyTask

Now, let’s dive into the topic. When you spawn in the game, you have access to various moves, and you can use them all together to accumulate Clover experience.

The Great Tree move is quite powerful, but it has a long cooldown, making it essential to manage your stamina efficiently. If you do run out of stamina, keep in mind that must reset, and restart the grinding process.

To level up the Clovers, you need patience, especially for Great Tree users. Currently, these Clovers don’t offer any direct benefits, but it’s a good idea to level them up now so you can enjoy any future buffs when they get updated.

In any case, it takes time and dedication to level up your skills, so be patient and persistent. Don’t rush into using Robux to reset your spells, especially if there’s no way to save your progress. It’s best to wait for future updates.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on the best skill level farming method!

Clover Retribution: Best Skill Level Farming Method | Clovers & Grimoire

How To Craft Enigma Carapace

The Enigma Carapace armor set can be crafted using Corrupted Bones. These bones are drops from the boss found in the Riddlebone Realm Raid area. If you are lucky, you can still have a 1% chance of directly dropping the Enigma Carapace without having to craft it.

Another way for you to get Corrupted Bones is by dismantling the Halloween event weapons. After you defeat the boss, you will receive a chest with a rare chance of obtaining the Enigma Blade, Gallants Grasp, and the Half Evil Sword.

You can dismantle these weapons to receive 1 (Enigma Blade), 3 (Gallants Grasp), or 12 (Half Evil Sword) Corrupted Bones.

Clover Retribution: How To Craft New Enigma Carapace Dismantle Items

To fight the boss, you’ll need to head to the Riddlebone Realm. First, teleport to The First Kingdom and find the orange portal in the image below. This is the portal you’ll want to take in order to get to the Riddlebone Realm and find the boss.

Clover Retribution: How To Craft New Enigma Carapace Portal

Once you are there, keep running straight forward until you see the Riddle Bones NPC. Talk to him and he will give you the options to craft the items. You can also choose to walk inside the building so you can take the quest and fight the Riddlebone Boss.

Clover Retribution NPC

In the menu, you can craft the Enigma Carapace for a total of 40 Corrupted Bones. When you craft this item, you have a 45% success chance.

You will also need to have $11,000 for the crafting fee. If you are lucky enough, you will get it on your very first try.

This item will give you +15 CON, + 5 DEX, STR, INT, and 10% damage reduction against all types of damage. If you didn’t manage to get the item on your first crafting attempt, keep trying and gather all the items again. Once you have it, all the effort really pays off!

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated guide on how to craft the Enigma Carapace!

Clover Retribution Craft

How To Obtain Corrupted Bones

You can get Corrupted Bones by talking to Riddle Bones outside of the church in Riddlebone Realm. Just make sure you have these three items with you:

  • Gallant’s Grasp
  • Half Evil Sword
  • Enigma Blade

Each item turned in will give you a Corrupted Bone. So, if you have any of these cluttering your inventory space then don’t hesitate to trade them in.

  • Gallant’s Grasp will give you one bone.
  • While the Half Evil Sword will give you three bones.
  • Enigma Blade will give you twelve bones.
Clover Retribution Riddle Bones Crafting

If you don’t have any of these items on hand, then head into the church and go down the stairs. There’s a boss down there you can defeat for some bones.

Not only that, but the chest he drops will also have corrupted bones. You just have to wait for him to spawn in. The eyes on the door will glow when the boss fight is about to start.

Clover Retribution Boss Area

To open the church door and start the raid, you’re going to have to defeat 50 Riddle Skeletons first. They’re part of the Riddle Skeleton Quest and will give you 1200 EXP and 350 gold every time you complete it.

Once you have what you need, talk to the non-hostile Riddle Bones to get started with crafting. If you have any of the three items mentioned earlier, go ahead and have them Dismantled.

Meanwhile, other craftable items will require money and a bit of patience since you get them at random.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated guide on how to get the Corrupted Bones!

Clover Retribution Riddle Bones

Best Magic Tier List

Because the main inspiration behind the game is a magical anime, the different types of magic play a central role in the game’s mechanics. Some types of magic are focused on dealing damage, and others have more of a utility role like healing. 

To make it easier for you to navigate your way through the magic system in the game, we’ve prepared a tier list containing the best magic you can use at each rarity. 

Clover Retribution: Best Magic Tier List

S Tier 

World Tree Magic

Easily the best magic in the game, World Tree Magic is a Mythic rarity type of magic which applies two status effects on hit: 

  • Rooted: Stuns enemies in place and makes every attack on them a critical strike. 
  • Weakened: The enemies deal less damage, have to spend more mana per spell and have a higher chance to be affected by a status effect. 


  • World’s Root (Mastery 10): Creates roots in front of your character that damage enemies and apply the Weakened condition to them. 
  • Arboreal Ascendancy (Mastery 25): Leaves a root landmine on the ground that stuns and damages enemies when they step on it. 
  • Verdant Vortex (Mastery 45):  Summons a wooden whirlwind pool that deals damage to enemies inside. 
  • Forest’s Embrace (Mastery 60): Similar to World’s Root, summons a damaging root that applies Weakened and Rooted. 
  • Great Tree Mistilteinn (Mastery 75): Creates a huge world tree, granting the player and their allies 15 Damage Reduction and 2% HP + Mana regeneration every 2 seconds. 
Showcases the Verdant Vortex ability from the World Tree Magic school in Clover Retribution.

Wind Magic

Another strong magic type in the S tier is the Uncommon rarity Wind Magic. It is primarily damage focused, with one ability that also has a shield function.


  • Gale White Bow: Create homing wind arrows that deal damage on hit.
  • Crescent Moon Sickle: An AoE attack that creates a “sickle” of wind dealing damage to enemies that it pierces through. 
  • Tornado: Summons a whirlwind tornado that pulls enemies in and damages them. 
  • Gale Vortex Veil: Creates a 25% HP shield around you, which explodes when destroyed, dealing damage and knockback to nearby enemies. 

Fire Magic

A very straightforward Rare rarity damage school with single target attacks, AoE and even damage over time abilities. 


  • Fireball (Mastery 5): Summons your typical wizard fireball that damages enemies on hit. 
  • Flame Scattershot (Mastery 5): Creates a flamethrower-like attack that stands still and damages enemies in the front. It can also explode for additional damage. 
  • Flame Thrash (Mastery 50): Similar to the Fireball, but also has a chance to apply Burning to enemies, which will damage them over time. 
  • Flame Thrower (Mastery 75): Summons a big tower of flames that damages nearby enemies. 

Blood Magic

Arguably the most disturbing type of magic from both the anime and this game is Blood Magic, a Legendary rarity school of magic with very high damage abilities. 


  • Wound (Mastery 5): A simple forward slash attack that damages enemies in front of you. 
  • Crimson Cataclysm (Mastery 20): Punch the ground and deal AoE damage in the area. 
  • Crimson Pursuit: Shoots out a blood bubble that homes in on enemies and damages them.
  • Crimson Hydra (Mastery 80): Summons a blood hydra that damages nearby enemies.   

Time Magic

Time Magic, speculated to feature time-stopping moves, is poised to claim an S-tier spot.

Showcases the Crimson Hydra ability from the Blood Magic school in Clover Retribution.

A Tier

Lightning Magic

Lightning Magic is an Epic rarity school of magic that has a bunch of storm-based attacks. Its attacks inflict the status effect:

  • Shocked: Enemies are more vulnerable to lightning damage, and this effect is stackable up to 5 times. 


  • Lightning Strike (Mastery 5): Summons a cloud that generates damaging lightning and gives enemies the Shocked debuff on-hit. 
  • Lightning Circus (Mastery 25): Summons a series of sparks around you dealing AoE damage to nearby enemies. 
  • Thunder God’s Attire (Mastery 75): Your whole character gets covered in lightning, increasing movement speed and increasing the damage dealt with Lightning Strike. 

Void Magic

As one of the Legendary rarity magic schools, Void Magic is very powerful and deals insane damage to enemies hit by its debuff:

  • Gloom: The debuff stacks 5 times, and at 5 stacks, the target explodes and creates a void vortex around itself. 


  • Worm Hole (Mastery 5): Surrounds you with Void energy and propels you forward, dealing damage to nearby enemies and applying Gloom to them. 
  • Depth Coil (Mastery 25): Summons a portal to the Void beneath you dealing damage to all enemies caught in it. Also has a chance to apply Gloom. 
  • Black Hole (Mastery 65): Summons a black hole AoE that deals damage to everything caught by it. 
Showcases the Depth Coil ability from the Void Magic school.

Water Magic

Although Water Magic was only recently released together with Earth Magic, it is already becoming one of the more popular types of magic in the meta. It is a Legendary rarity school of magic. 


  • Water Drill (Mastery 5): Summons a water drill which steals mana from targets hit by its projectile.
  • Water Shield (Mastery 25): Gives you a 5% damage reduction to self and to party members. 
  • Water Dragon (Mastery 45): Summons a Water Dragon that flies in front of you and steals mana from players.

Spatial Magic

Spatial Magic, likely to be introduced soon, earns an A-tier for its anticipated teleportation abilities.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated

Showcases a new ability from the Water Magic school.

B Tier 

Melody Magic

Melody Magic utilizes the power of sound to buff or debuff allies and enemies. It is a Common rarity type of magic. The abilities in Melody Magic can apply the following effects:

  • Melodized: A buff that reduces damage taken by 5%.
  • Dissonized: A debuff that increases damage taken by 5%.


  • Melody Blast (Mastery 5): Creates a projectile forward that deals damage and applies Dissonized. If cast on an ally, it will give them the Melodized buff. 
  • Melodic Amplifier (Mastery 12): Creates an additional blast attack when you cast other Melody Magic spells. 
  • Melodic Seascape (Mastery 25): Creates an AoE attack that deals damage and applies Dissonized to affected enemies and applies Melodized to party members in the same area. 

Healing Magic

A utility type of magic which has the Uncommon rarity. Healing Magic is useful for supporting yourself and allies in battle. 


  • Self Heal (Mastery 5): Heals you for a percentage of your health. 
  • Healing Link (Mastery 15): Forms a link between you and a target, healing them. If they go too far away from you, or your mana depletes, the link will break. 
  • Healing Field (Mastery 35): Creates a healing field that heals all players inside it. 
  • Death Ward (Mastery 45): Applies a buff to yourself and to allies. When they drop to 0 HP, they will get a heal which returns them to 25% HP. 

C Tier

Slime Magic

Although a Rare rarity type of magic, Slime Magic is very weak compared to most other types of magic due to the lack of situations where it could be useful, as well as the arguably worst debuff Slow effect. 


  • Viscous Blob (Mastery 5): Throws a damaging slime blob that also has a chance to apply Slow to enemies.
  • Viscous Strike (Mastery 12): Launches a ground slime projectile that slows and damages enemies. 
  • Viscous Floor (Mastery 25): Lets you turn into a slime puddle, which increases your speed and deals damage to enemies you pass through. 

D Tier

Earth Magic

As one of the newer magic schools, released on November 9th together with Water Magic, Earth Magic is an Uncommon rarity and only contains two spells. Both of the spells are not really outstanding in terms of usefulness, so for now they are in the bottom tier. 


  • Earth Wall (Mastery 5): Creates a breakable wall of earth in front of you. 
  • Quake (Mastery 25): Creates multiple circles of rocks around you expanding and dealing damage to nearby enemies. 

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated tier list about the best magics in the game!

Showcases the Earth Wall ability from the Earth Magic school.

Update 1 Complete Guide | Exams & Tundra

Before we get into the juicy stuff, it’s worth knowing that the new max level for this update is 150, which is just reasonable considering there’s more content.

There are also a couple new main story quests that you can take. It’ll also lead you to the new Tundra zone, which we’ll talk about in the guide.

Exams & Capital Siege Dungeon

First, let’s talk about the Exams. It’s a dungeon added in the latest update. Basically, the premise of the dungeon is that you’ll have to defend the city from the undead, and there will be a final boss as well.

In order to reach the exams location. You’ll have to make your way to the Clover City Capital and go in front of the Arena. There, you’ll be able to find the Exams NPC right in front.

You can do them solo or with a team. After you choose your difficulty, the exam/dungeon will proceed.

Clover Retribution: Update 1 Exams Dungeon


Up next, for the location of the Tundra zone, feel free to refer to the map image down below. The entrance is right next to the Wind Mages as well.

Now, the Tundra is no-joke zone. There’s lots of strong enemies here like Yetti’s and you get dealt by damage-per-second from the frostbite. It’s also hard to navigate around the area as it’s pretty much covered in snowstorm.

It’s a very spacious zone and there’s lots to explore. I won’t be spoiling you too much but be careful as there are cliffs that you can fall down to. If that does happen for you, look for ladders so that you can climb back up. There’s also an interesting parkour zone past the village.

Clover Retribution: Update 1 Tundra Map Image

Speaking of village, there’s actually a town or village somewhere in the Tundra where you’ll get access to a blacksmith and strong weapons. We’ll talk about that in a bit.

First, here’s how you can reach the Tundra Village. Refer to the image/s below:

  1. First, head straight
  2. Once you arrive at the end. Go right and keep hugging the wall to your left.
  3. Keep looking to your left and you’ll be able to see some stairs.
  4. Once you find the stairs, just keep following the path
  5. You’ll eventually see two consecutive bridges. Go past those and you’ll arrive at the village.
Clover Retribution: Update 1 Tundra Village how to get there

Clover Retribution: Update 1 Tundra Village location

Now, if you want to go back simply look for the shrine that you first see when you enter the Tundra Village, and talk to the NPC.

Clover Retribution: Update 1 Tundra Village shrine to return

New Weapons, Armor & Tundra Blacksmith

As mentioned before, you’ll have access to a couple new equipment from the Tundra zone. You’ll be able to do so by collecting certain materials from the mobs in the Tundra and crafting them in the Blacksmith in the Tundra Village.

For the location, once you arrive the village, make your way straight and then you’ll arrive at a forked path. You’ll have to go right there.

Afterwards, turn left and you’ll be able to see a building to your right, which has a “sign” hanging in-front as shown in the image below. Then, you’ll be able to see the NPC on the left of the building, chilling right next to a fire.

Here are the new weapons and armor that you can craft, as well as the requirements/cost. For the 3 new equipment, which are the first 3 one on the list below, you’ll be able to get the materials from mobs in the Tundra as mentioned below.

  • Yetti Horn Sword – 1x Yeti Horn, 1x Wolf Fur, 1x Frozen lily, 3x Yetti fur – 6750 Gold (30% chance to craft)
  • Yetti Horn Spear – 6x Yeti Horn, 2x Wolf Fur, 1x Frozen lily, 5x Yetti fur – 6750 Gold (30% chance to craft)
  • Frostweave Regalia – 5x Wolf Fur, 2x Frozen lily, 5x Yetti fur – 3250 Gold
  • Ogrehide Vanguard – 5x Wolf Fur, Ogre Hide, 5x Ogre Bone – 2000 Gold
  • Ogrebane Pike – 6x Ogre Bone, x10 Iron – 2000 Gold
  • Ogrebane Ironblade – 1x Sword Hilt, 3x Ogre Bone, 7x Iron – 1875 Gold
Clover Retribution: Update 1 Tundra Village blacksmith

Dreadscale – New Race

We also have our first new race for this update, which is the new mythical dragon hybrid race, Dreadscale. The race will feature race progression in the future, which will delve into the elements.

At Level 50, players get a fear move that both does damage and is evasive. The fear move is called Dragon Fear.

Moreover, this race has:

  • 15% slashing & bludgeoning resistance
  • 20% extra HP
  • 10% constitution strength
  • 5% intelligence

This is pretty good for a tanky melee type of class because you get the extra strength and extra constitution, plus 20% HP. You get a 5% intelligence, so it actually may not be bad for a hybrid build as well.

If you’re trying to go for a hybrid build, it may not be bad because you get the extra strength and extra HP straight off. So, you don’t have to spec so much into it, and you can spend a little more into intelligence.

All-in-all, it’s probably a pretty good race if you’re going for a tanky mage type of build.

Clover Retribution: Update 1 Dreadscale New Race

Water, Flame & Lightning Magic

There are also 3 new types of magic introduced in the update, which are Water, Flame and Lightning.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article about Update 1 & everything you need to know about it!

Clover Retribution: Update 1 New Magic

Frozen Lily Location

To locate the Frozen Lily, start by going to the Spawn Point in the Unnamed Village. You should be able to see a river next to this area, flowing across a large distance on the map. When you reach the area, start going in the direction of the river indicated below.

River near Spawn Point in Clover Retribution.

Keep following the river in this direction. We highly recommend using the Broom here as you will need to cover quite a bit of distance as you follow the River.

Entering Grasslands Forest area in Clover Retribution.

Eventually, you will see that the Grasslands around you will change into the snowy biome. This is when you will enter the Tundra, which is the frozen area of the map. You will still need to keep following the river here.

Tundra Map Image

However, the river does change direction a bit here. Since it is snowy, it can be very difficult to make out the river. This is why we recommend that you change your POV to first person. Doing so will make it much easier for you to continue following the river.

Following river in Tundra in Clover Retribution.

Eventually, you will reach the end of the river. When you reach this area, continue going straight ahead by climbing up the snowing banks. Follow the level land ahead for a bit.

End of river in Clover Retribution.

After you have walked on level land for a bit, you should be able to make out an ice barrier ahead. This is your cue to turn to the right.

Turning right in Tundra in Clover Retribution.

After turning right, go ahead a bit and you should be able to see a corner of an ice wall. Inside this corner, there is a spawn location for a Frozen Lily. A Frozen Lily always spawns in this exact area. So, we recommend that you do some server hopping until you have enough Frozen Lilies for your crafting.

Since you know where the Frozen Lily is, you can get as many as you want through this method. The server hopping might feel a little hectic, but the rewards are worth it. You can now get the Tundra gear for yourself!

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on the Frozen Lily location!

Picking up Frozen Lily in Clover Retribution.

Best Stat Guide

There are a huge variety of Builds that you can have in Clover Retribution. As a result, we will show you the methodology or idea behind using stats to allow you to make the most out of builds. This means looking at meta builds which are most commonly used and are quite strong in the game.

We will start with a very strong meta build, which involves using Heavenly Restricted with the Lynthari Race and Spear.

This is a build which relies strongly on meta. If you use your spammable Spear Abilities, you will notice that just using it once will take a huge chunk of Mana out of you.

Mana Cost of Spear Skill in Clover Retribution.

At the same time, these attacks are Spammable. While spamming these attacks, you will likely be left vulnerable and will need to block a lot while in combat. So, having Health alongside is also incredibly crucial.

Blocking with spear in Clover Retribution.

This is why we highly recommend that you invest most of your points towards Constitution. Constitution increases your health and Mana, which will benefit your build the most. We recommend increasing this Stat up to at least 120-140.

Constitution Stat Priority in Clover Retribution.

The priority for Constitution also applies to most other builds. For example, if you use Water Magic, Dreadscale Race, and many others. So, in most cases, you want to dedicate your stats to Constitution.

Using Dreadscale Ability in Clover Retribution.

However, this does not mean that you ignore your other Stats. You should still dedicate some Stats to Intelligence and Dexterity.

This is because Dexterity is very important when you are fighting in PvP battles. For example, when other Heavenly Restricted builds face you, they will likely get close to you.

Dexterity will allow you to challenge these enemies by increasing your melee and piercing damage. So, you will be able to take them head on. Additionally, it will also increase your dodge window, ensuring you can avoid damage.

Intelligence will allow you to make the most out of magic or mage builds. Since most strong builds use magic in some form, you should also dedicate your stat points to this Stat as well. Ideally, keep your Dexterity and Intelligence within the same range and give them the second priority.

Stat Priorities in Clover Retribution.

Finally, if your build revolves more around damage with your weapons as opposed to magic, we recommend going towards Strength. Even as a Mage, you should have some Strength Stat points, as there will be moments where enemies close the gap in.

In these situations, you will be using your Weapons so you need to have some sort of Strength to be able to challenge enemies. A great thing that you can do is use your Armor and other gear to get some stats that you would rather not invest your Stat points into.

Strength is generally a good Stat that you can get from Gear without having to invest points. In essence, you want to combine the stats you get from Gear and from the Stats Menu. You can use Gear to balance out Strength as it is your lowest priority.

Gear Stat Boosts in Clover Retribution.

Below is the best Stats build that is ideal for most builds in the game. Keep in mind that you should continue to invest stat points based on the strategies that we have outlined above. Additionally, it is crucial that you do not want to invest too much at once in one Stat.

This is because there is a Stat Cap in the game. So, even if you invest too much in the Stat, it might not be doing anything. And these wasted Stat points would have actually been useful for other Stats, so be aware of this when you are investing stats.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article about stats and everything you’ll need to know about it!

Best Stat Build in Clover Retribution.

Best Race Tier List

All races are divided into tiers according to their benefits to the players, with S being the most potent and useful for leveling up and D being the least. Keep in mind that this is a completely subjective list, so it might not reflect everyone’s perspective.

Clover Retribution Best Race Tier List

S Tier

  • Dreadscale: When you reach level 50, Dragon’s Fear does damage and an evasive +15% slashing and bludgeoning resistance. This race also gives you +20% health, +10 constitution, and +5 intelligence.
  • Ryomen: It gives you the High Speed Regeneration trait. This means that you get a +10 constitution, double health regeneration out of combat, and +10% more mana.
  • Demon: Even though the Demon race has not been added to the game yet, as far as we know, it is going to be a support-type race.
    • Meaning that the players will be able to give half of their stats to someone they wish. We think that it might be a great race to play with others, therefore, we put this race to the S Tier.

A Tier

  • Mahari: The Mahari gives you + 25% mana. Moreover, it has a passive trait called Adaptive Resistance. This trait also provides you with the following benefits:
    • A wheel appears on top of your head when you first spawn and moves with you. The Wheel rotates in response to damage you receive; the number of turns it takes to adjust depends on how complex the attack is.
    • The Wheel can only simultaneously adjust to a maximum of two different types of damage or status effects.
    • You will have all damage of that type for 60 seconds after you have adjusted to it. It will take 60 seconds for a status effect to wear off on you once you have adapted to it.
  • High Elf: The High Elf race provides you with +5 intelligence and 15% more mana. You also give 12% more magic damage to enemies.
  • Dark Elf: When you have the Dark Elf race, you get a +5 intelligence and 25% more fire damage.
  • Lynthari: The Lynthari race gives you +12 dexterity and +4 speed boost. However, what is best about this race is that it is immune to fall damage.

B Tier

  • Stonekin: This race gives you +5 strength and +5 constitution. You also get a +15% blud reduction and +20% more health.
  • Hybrid Elf: The Hybrid Elf race gives you +2 intelligence and +2 dexterity. It also provides you with 5% more piercing and slashing damage and 5% more mana. What’s more, you also get an increased mana regeneration by a flat +3 and an increased % regen by 10.
  • High Orc: This one provides you with +10 strength and +2 constitution. It also gives you 30% more health.

C Tier

  • Beast: The Beast race gives you +3 strength and +3 constitution. It also makes you deal 10% more bludgeoning damage. It is not too bad, but it also does not provide you with anything that is worth a higher tier.
  • Dwarf: This race only decreases crafting prices and increases crafting rarity chances.

D Tier

  • Human: Basically, the Human race is the generic race you get in Clover Retribution. It does not have any special abilities or anything that we can state to distinguish it from other races. Therefore, it is not a good race to have.
  • Orc: Gives you the Fighter trait and +3 strength.
  • Goblin: It gives you a Gold Fever trait and +2 Dex.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article for the best races in the game!

Clover Retribution Best Race Tier List

All Drops Complete Guide

There are a lot of weapons, armor, and accessories that you can get in the game. Some of them can be crafted while others need to be obtained through random drops from certain enemies.

There are even items that you can only get with specific enemies or events. Here are all the drops you can get in the game.


  • Broken Sword – Craftable
  • Copper Hammer – Craftable
  • Copper Shortsword – Craftable
Clover Retribution Copper Hammer
  • Steel Shortsword – Craftable
  • Old Adventurer’s Spear – Craftable
  • Ogrebane Pike – Ogre Elite Drop or Crafted At Tundra Blacksmith
  • Ogrebane Ironblade – Ogre Elite Drop or Crafted At Tundra Blacksmith
Clover Retribution Ogrebane Pike
  • Aetherstone Haldberd – Aetherstone Isle Raids Golem Drop
  • Aetherblade – Aetherstone Isle Raid Corrupted Golem Drop
  • Wolf Hunter Sword – Wolf Hunters Drop or Crafted At Wolf-Iron Craftsman
  • Gallant’s Grasp – Chests from Riddle Bones
  • Half Evil Sword – Chests from Riddle Bones
  • Enigma Blade – Chests from Riddle Bones
  • Yetti Horn Spear – Crafted At Tundra Blacksmith
Clover Retribution Clover Knight Spear
  • Yetti Horn Sword – Crafted At Tundra Blacksmith Drop
  • Clover Knight Spear – Zombiefied Clover Knights Drop
  • Gelid Oozeblade – Slimezar the Unhinged Drop


  • Apprentice Mage Garbs – Fire Mages Drop
  • Rustic Trailblazer Kit – Crafted
  • Bandit Sovereign Leathers – Bandit Boss Drop
Clover Retribution Ogrehide Vanguard
  • Lupine Shadow Plate – Corrupted Alpha Wolf Drop
  • Ogrehide Vanguard – Warlord Event or Crafted At Tundra Blacksmith
  • Wolf Iron Jacket – Wolf Hunters Drop or Crafted At Wolf-Iron Craftsman
Clover Retribution Enigma Carapace
  • Pumpkin Knight Armor – Pumpkins Drop
  • Enigma Carapace – Corrupted Riddle Bones Drop
  • Frostweave Regalia – Crafted At Tundra Blacksmith


  • Alpha Wolf Scarf – Alpha Wolf Drop
  • Azure Diamond Crest Ring – Vennum Drop
  • Aetherstone Pauldrons – Golem Drop in Aetherstone Raid
Clover Retribution Alpha Wolf Scarf
  • Warlord’s Crimson Plume Earrings – Chest after defeating Warlord
  • Wolf Hunter Bandolier – Wolf Hunters or Crafted at Wolf-Iron Craftsman
  • Wolf Hunter Pauldrons – Wolf Hunters or Crafted at Wolf-Iron Craftsman
Clover Retribution Wolf Hunter Pauldrons
  • Clover Knight Pauldrons – Capital Siege Dungeon Zombiefied Clover Knight Drop
  • Clover Knight’s Helm – Capital Siege Dungeon Zombiefied Clover Knight Drop
  • Cloverguard Lieutenant Pauldrons – Capital Siege Dungeon Zombiefied Clover Lieutenant Drop
  • Cloverguard Lieutenant Helm – Capital Siege Dungeon Zombiefied Clover Lieutenant Drop
  • Blighted Lieutenant’s Pauldron – Capital Siege Dungeon Zombiefied Clover Lieutenant Drop

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on all the drops in the game!

Time Magic Guide & Showcase

This set of magic has a passive ability known as Time Dash, which is a short range teleport that will allow you to dodge enemy attacks when timed right.

Clover Retribution time dash

Next up, the Future Sight ability grants you an undisclosed amount of dodge chance, and we can assume that this increases as you level it up.

It has a cooldown of 45 seconds, so you will have to figure out the best time to use it, especially during a PvP encounter.

Clover Retribution future sight

For the first offensive ability, you have Chrono Burst, which has a short cooldown of only 8 seconds. It has a small area of effect, but it stuns anything caught within range and deals a bit of damage.

The stun lasts for several seconds, giving you the perfect opportunity to dish out a lot of damage while your enemy is stuck in time.

Clover Retribution chrono burst

Next up, we have Temporal Flick, which has a cooldown of 12 seconds. It has three phases, with the first shooting one projectile. The number of projectiles goes up to a maximum of three, and it has a chance to stun your target.

It has a relatively short range, but it deals a ton of burst damage. The cooldown also doesn’t start until you have fired all three phases of the ability.

Clover Retribution temporal flick

Finally, we have the Chrono Anastasis ability. This has a long 65 second cooldown, but it is incredibly powerful.

It summons a large clock and a circle under it that indicates its area of effect, and it deals a ton of damage over time. It also has a chance to stun enemies each tick.

This one requires a 4-Leaf Clover to use, as with similar abilities of this magnitude from other magic sets.

Those are pretty much all of the abilities, though it should be noted that the stuns do not seem to work on bosses, so be mindful of that when you’re trying to fight one of them.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated guide for the time magic and its showcase!

Clover Retribution chrono anastasis

Update 2 Release Date & Leaks/Sneaks

According to the developers, the game is going to see the release of the 3D Armor. In the image below, you’ll see how the armor looks. Since this is an end-game tier item, it may take you a while to eventually get it.

Clover Retribution: Update 2 Release Date & Leaks/Sneaks 3D Armor

It seems like the community is going to see the release of a new fighting style. For now, we do not know the name of this fighting style yet. The shadow effects of it look insanely cool and you should definitely give it a try once it’s out.

Clover Retribution: Update 2 Release Date & Leaks/Sneaks FIghting Style

Next is the release of the Dual Sickles. In the image below, you will see how it looks.

Clover Retribution: Update 2 Release Date & Leaks/Sneaks Dual Sickles

It seems like the game will also add a unique Ring accessory with an octopus on it.

Clover Retribution Ring

The next item is a cool-looking staff.

Clover Retribution Staff

Finally, the last weapon that can be added may be a Spear judging from its appearance.

Clover Retribution Spear

Those are some leaks about the second huge update coming to the game on December 16th. With more items to equip, you can find new combinations of stats that can better your character’s builds.

The items may be difficult to get, some may be easy, but you will eventually find all of them!

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article about the Update 2 Release Date & leaks or sneaks!

Best PvE Magic Tier List (Farming)

Before you go looking at the Tier List, you should know that most of them are subjective. You can do extremely well or extremely badly with any type of magic.

For this Tier List, it’s made by the Clover Retribution content creator iaM Ilb, and we’ll see what he has to say about the magic types in the game!

Clover Retribution PVE Magic Tier List

S – Tier

  • Void – Has the highest Damage-over-time in the game for PVE, especially for bosses.
  • Time – Has a lot of AOE and is generally great magic for both PVE and PVP.
  • Blood – Another great DoT magic that is great for farming bosses.
  • Flame – One of the best farming magics if you have the 4-leaf version.

A – Tier

  • Wind – Gale Vortex Veil is great for PVE as well as its Tornado move.
  • Water – It has a great shield skill and the Maelstrom Surge deals a lot of damage and is great for bosses.
  • Lightning – It has a lot of AOE moves and is great for farming many mobs at once.

B – Tier

  • World Tree – The moves of this magic have a low cooldown and are average in terms of a PVE.

C – Tier

  • Melody – It’s great to PVE with this in a group but bad when doing it solo.

D – Tier

  • Slime – Has some AOE but doesn’t deal much damage and is only there to slow enemies down.
  • Healing – Great for group plays but horrible at farming solo.
  • Earth – Is One of the worst magics in the game due to its limited moves.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article about the best PVE Magics!

Guild System Guide

At the moment, the developers have only shared a UI concept of the upcoming guild system, though it does give us a general idea of how it might work.

Clover Retribution guild concept

From the image above, we can deduce that there will be a ranking system for guilds that will depend on how many points its members can accumulate, though it is unknown how this will work at the moment.

Guilds can also be upgraded with what appear to be a separate points system, and there seems to be no indication that there is a member limit as long as you can keep buying the increased capacity.

Apart from being able to choose a guild’s name, there will also be custom emblems and colors that will help groups carve out their own distinct identities.

Clover Retribution gameplay

Guild leaders can also promote members to all sorts of different ranks, possibly as a way to reward those who contribute a lot to the group.

Finally, there are icons that imply the addition of custom gear such as brooms and swords. Again, however, not much has been shared outside of the UI, so we have not yet figured out what the icons actually mean.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article about the Guild System and how it works!

Best PvP Magic Tier List

There is a total of 12 Magics in the game. Each Magic provides certain skills that you can use in battle, including passives.

While there is certainly subjectivity involved, some Magics are just too powerful and cannot be ignored.

We will also only be looking at the Magics when they are maxed out completely, with all the skills available.

Best PvP Magic Tier List for Clover Retribution.

S Tier

  • The power of Time truly shines with the Chrono Anastasis ability. It does so much damage over time over a large AoE overtime, making it incredibly overpowered.
    • You also have Temporal Flick which can be used to freeze enemies and do damage to them, frustrating PvP opponents.
    • Additionally, the cooldown isn’t even that high considering the value you are getting out of it.
  • Blood Magic is incredibly powerful. It does not require much skill to use, making it great for PvP.
    • With Blood, your damage dealing skills are all auto aim, with tiny balls of blood following enemies and doing insane damage, especially when maxed out.
    • Additionally, the Hydra skill will have the Hydra follow you around and deal damage to enemies without you needing to do anything. The Hydra is what makes this Magic the best.
  • When you’re using World Tree, you may notice that there is next to no cooldown with many of these skills.
    • Additionally, these ranged skills can catch your opponents out while you are at a safe distance. Other Magics tend to take a lot of Mana compared to World Tree.
    • So, in the long run, World Tree can help you win out when you are in a PvP battle, especially with the healing you get.
  • As the highest DPS Magic in the game, Void can be absolutely devastating. You have so many great options for damage, which include AoE and mobility options.
    • With the Black Hole ability, you can even pull in enemies and destroy their rhythm.
    • However, you will need to have some skill to be able to land these moves, as some builds can easily dodge them.
  • Lightning is incredibly powerful because you can stack a lot of damage onto enemies by putting them in a shocked state.
    • Any enemy in a shocked state just leads to more damage inflicted. Additionally, the Thunder God Attire ability makes you incredibly powerful.
    • You gain increased movement, covered in lightning and your M1 combat scales, making you a force to be reckoned with.

A Tier

  • Water is yet another Magic with a high DPS. You can even pair it with Stuns that you get from Dread Scale, which can practically end any battle if your opponent gets caught up in it. You can also steal mana from opponents, which allows you to do even more DPS damage.
    • The Water Shield also provides a nice defensive option.
  • Flame is a great ability, but it is the last skill that allows it to truly shine. If your opponent gets caught in the Flame Tower, they are practically dead.
    • The burn condition it applies does damage even after the skill, allowing you to follow up with even more damage and finish them.
    • The other skills also provide a nice variety, enabling you to do some interesting combos.
  • Wind is a great Magic if you have the maxed out version. The Gale Vortex Veil ability gives you a shield which can be a lifesaver in PvP battles, providing you with a lot of additional HP.
    • Besides that, you get so many AoE and ranged abilities that you can use to cut down enemies.

B Tier

  • Healing is an interesting Magic, as it can be useful in certain builds. For example, if you use it with Human, Heavenly Restricted, Warrior Trait or similar traits, you can actually get a lot of use out of it. The healing will ensure that you are very annoying to fight against in PvP battles.
    • However, Healing does have some flaws, and may not be the best Magic for other builds.

D Tier

  • Melody is quite underwhelming as you only really get three skills. The passives do not do much, and the support potential for this Magic is simply not realized. You can do some damage, but the other Magics just provide much more damage.
  • Slime is a really bad Magic because the skills do not provide enough. They only really offer some damage with a chance to slow down, which is not good enough when compared to the other Magics you can use.
  • You only get two moves with Earth Magic, making it incredibly underwhelming. You have to try really hard to find some use out of them. Additionally, other Magics are simply way better.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article about the Best PVP Magics!

Everything We Know About Update 2

First up, players can expect a variety of expansions to the current game’s story, as well as actual content being put in the currently WIP desert region.

Specifically, a new dungeon will be added to the desert, as well as a location known only as the Desert Labyrinth, which will be defended by currently undisclosed protectors.

A new raid featuring a boss named Netherwing, the Heartless Sovereign will also be added to the game, and those who can beat it will be rewarded with various types of equipment and weapons.

Aside from the desert region, the tundra and grasslands areas will also be receiving new events, so players of all levels will have even more content to sink their teeth into.

Clover Retribution tundra

New Magic, Races, Fighting Styles & Traits

In addition to region and story expansions, the update will also feature three new Magic sets. Although one of them is currently unrevealed, the other two is going to be called Sand Magic and Spatial Magic.

New races will also be added to the game, which players will be able to roll for once the update comes out. These are the Anubite and Solean races.

As for traits, there are four new additions to the game, and they are the following:

  • Embalmer’s Touch
  • Death’s Embrace
  • Jackal’s Ferocity
  • Sun’s Blessing

A new fighting style will also be added to the game, though at the moment, all we know about it is its name: Caestus.

Clover Retribution future update notes

Other New Additions

A new job system is also coming in Update 2. This will feature jobs such as cooking and blacksmithing, which means that players will have even more of an incentive to collect materials

There will also be something called a “Spirit System” coming out, but they haven’t explained exactly what this means yet.

What We Know About Update 3

With the announcement of everything coming in the game’s second update, they also shared a bit of information about what’s included with the one after that.

According to the infographic shared by one of the developers, the third update will include the addition of a swamp region, as well as another new raid and PVP maps.

One of the overall goals of the third patch is to add more PVPrelated activities and rework the game’s combat system. Some new magic (Poison & Ash) will also be added, though that is as much as they revealed so far.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article about everything we know about Update 2 and 3!

Clover Retribution pvp

How to Get All Flowers & Lily Locations

As you progress in Clover Retribution, you will eventually require different types of lilies for both crafting and some quests. Same with mana flowers.

These spawn in various locations around the map, but below, we’ll highlight one spot that you can easily stay in to farm for most of them.

Blue Lily, Fire Lily & Mana Flower

While they can be found in various places, the best spot to farm these is relatively close to the village area. Basically, from the town area, fly to the northeast toward the capital.

Once you can see the Aetherstone Raid Entrance in the distance to your right, stop and turn around. There will be several flower spawn points here on this little hill.

Clover Retribution path to spawn points

Six of the seven spawns are on the hill. The last spawn point is down below, behind a tree. It takes 40 seconds for each of them to respawn after being picked up, so feel free to AFK nearby until you are satisfied with what you have.

Clover Retribution flower spawn points

Frozen Lily

These are relatively easy to find as well, but they have a longer respawn time and are slightly further from the village compared to the previous spot.

First, fly west towards the tundra area in the map. Once you make it to the highlighted spot in the map below, drop down into the river.

Clover Retribution map

While you’re in the river, hug the right wall and keep running forward until you reach a spot where you can start jumping up.

Once you’ve ascended a few steps, just keep running forward and you’ll eventually find a frozen lily spawn point behind a tree.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on all flowers & lily locations!

Clover Retribution frost lily location

All Staff & Hammer Stat Guide

There are now two staff and two hammer weapons in the game, all of which feature unique appearances. We will list the descriptions of these weapons, the current stats, and their appearance.

  • Average Alpha Wolf Hammer: 7 Bludgening Damage (Drops from Alpha Wolf)
    “A hammer made out of the Alpha wolf remains.”
Clover Retribution Average Alpha Wolf Hammer
  • Average Yetti Horn Hammer: 11 Bludgening Damage (Drops from Yetti)
    “A hammer made out of iron and yetti horns.”
  • Average Yetti Horn Staff: 10 Magical Damage (Drops from Yetti)
    “A magical staff made out of yetti remains.”
  • Average Ogrebone Staff: 7 Magical Damage (Drops from Ogre)
    “A magical staff made out of what remains from an unknown Ogre.”

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on all staff & hammer stats!

Clover Retribution Ogrebone Staff

Mini Update Guide (November 2023)

You can toggle the vanity switch to activate or deactivate a vanity by going to your inventory and clicking on the accessory. Since armors lack vanities, you can use the new accessory vanities to personalize your character’s appearance.


One of the standout features of this update is the introduction of three magical staffs: Yetti StaffWooden Staff, and Arc Bone Staff.

The Arc Bone Staff drops from the Ogre, and the Wooden Staff is a craftable item. Also, you can bring your weapon out and see the NPC to make the Wooden Staff, which costs $ 875.


Presenting the class on hammers! Because the Yetti Hammer and Wolf Hammer are the two new hammers that have been added.

You can acquire the Wolf Hammer after defeating the Golem and obtaining a level 45 hammer. Also, you can craft the Wolf Hammer from the Merchant, or receive it from wolf if it drops it.

To craft Alpha Wolf’s hammer for $4250, you will need 20 Wolf’s Fur, 6 Copper and 15 Iron. To save some of your time, you can try to find the supplies before talking to the merchant. You will have 60 % chance to craft it.

Clover Retribution: Mini Update Guide (November 2023)

Stat-Based Traits

The mini-update includes stat-based traits, and they provide a wider variety of builds. However, remember your Armour Stats don’t count.

In order to access certain qualities, devote 60% of your stats to particular attributes:

  • Arcane Mage: Boosts damage by 25% when Mana is below 50%.
  • Swift Reflexes: Enhances perfect Dodge window by 0.125 and grants 5 speed.
  • Unyielding Sentinel: Provides 5% passive defense against all damage types, increasing by 25% below 50% HP.
  • Warrior’s Might: Unlocks a 2x block damage boost.
Clover Retribution: Stats

Weapon Upgrades

You can now upgrade weapons! Speak with the NPC and fulfill the prerequisites: 10,000 dollars and five Monoc Crystals. To stay competitive, remember to improve your weaponry and, budget for the necessary expenditures.

For more details regarding weapon upgrades, feel free to check out our guide on Clover Retribution: Weapon Upgrades Guide & Location.

Golem Daily Quest

For an extra 12 spins, finish the new Golem daily quest that you can obtain from the NPC standing near the river in the Village. It is an excellent chance to raise your spin total and raise your chances of winning desired items.

The next major release is rumored to include two raids, a kraken, wyverns, a new dungeon, and a second portion of the tundra, among other intriguing features. We’re yet to find out.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on the November 2023 Mini Update!

Best Traits Tier List

With its current popularity, the developers have been updating the game nonstop. With new magics constantly being added to the game, knowing which traits are actually useful can be difficult.

This list will run from rank S to rank D, with D being the worst trait and S being the best the game currently has to offer.

Clover Retribution: Best Traits Tier List Image

S – Tier

  • Heavenly Restricted – This trait affects an 80% Mana reduction but makes up for it with +5 Strength, +10 Dexterity, and +10 Constitution.
    • Moreover, this trait also boosts Bludgeoning, Slashing, and Piercing damage by up to 50%.
  • Monstrous Reserves – Gives +50% more mana (magic capacity)

A – Tier

  • Loved by Mana – Gives +250 Mana and an Aura. 

B – Tier

  • Noble – Gives +25 Mana boost. This helps enhance spell-casting capacity and magical abilities.

C – Tier

  • Finesse Master – Gives +5 Dexterity. 
  • Fighter – Improves physical mastery by giving +2 Strength and +2 Constitution.
  • Scholar – Gives the player +5 Intelligence for those who pursue the scholarly path.
  • Superior Speed – +5 Speed for heightened agility. This may aid greatly in combat but is not essential.

D – Tier

  • Average – Just like the name, Average doesn’t do anything special.
  • Mana Jump – Not a great trait because you can get it in-game, this makes the player more agile by giving them the ability to double-jump.
  • Gold Fever – Gives +10 Gold Acquisition for players who want to make some extra moolah in the game.

As you can see, the worst traits in the game are Average, Mana Jump, and Gold Fever, but mostly because they don’t really make the game easier or any more fun.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on the best Traits tier list!

How Do Stat Based Traits Work?

In the game, Player Stats are Constitution, Dexterity, Strength, and Intelligence. By carefully investing your points to stats, you can decide which build path you’re willing to do.

First up, higher Constitution values enhance traits such as health regenerationtotal health pool, and mana capacity.

  • You can also get access to “The Unyielding Sentinel” trait, associated with Constitution. You can activate this trait by putting 60% of stats into Constitution.
  • This trait potentially aligns with characters emphasizing durability and resilience, such as tanks or those that benefit from high health regeneration.
Clover Retribution: How Do Stat Based Traits Work?

Up next, characters with elevated Dexterity stats experience improved melee damage, enhanced piercing damage, and heightened evasion capabilities

  • As for the trait, you get Swift Reflexes, which enhances perfect dodges and speed tied to Dexterity.
  • Investing over 60% of stats in Dexterity triggers this trait, providing you increased agility and precision in combat scenarios.

Then, we have higher Strength values, which contribute to traits such as increased melee damageresistance to certain types of damage, and the ability to handle close-range encounters effectively. 

  • For the trait, you get access to Warrior’s Might, which unlocks a 2x block damage boost.
  • Also, it has specific combat styles like hammers and fist combat. You can get access by investing 60% of stats into Strength.
Clover Retribution: How Do Stat Based Traits Work?

Characters with higher Intelligence stats witness amplified magical damage, improved effectiveness of spells, and enhanced magic resistance.

  • After investing more than 60% of stats into Intelligence, activates Arcane Insights.
  • This trait offers substantial magical benefits, including damage boosts and alterations to magic damage caps based on mana levels.
Resetting Stats Clover Retribution

Also, discover methods or potions within the game that allow you to reset your stats. You don’t have to spend your Robux on resets every time.

This way, you will be more flexible in your character stats and traits by being able to shape your character suitable for different approaches.

There are in-game items in Clover Retribution that allows you to reset your stats. For example, you can obtain Elixir of Renewal from the Potion Dealer in exchange for in-game currency.

Clover Retribution: How Do Stat Based Traits Work?

In addition, race-specific traits add diversity of character customization. The interaction between the Character’s Race and their stat values creates unique racial traits.

For instance, a character with a high Intelligence stat might experience heightened benefits from race-specific magical resistances or enhancements.

The relationship between stat values and associated traits is essential to optimize your character.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on how stat based traits work!

Hammer Skills NPC Location

In order to get access to Mauler Skills, also called Hammer Skills, begin your journey by spawning at the Village. Take note of your character level; you’ll need to be at least level 45 to proceed.

From the spawn point, head towards the Church in the village. Now, the Church, has a spawn point nearby. There is a chance you spawn from there. Behind the church, you can find the NPC teaches hammer skills as shown in the image below.

Once you’ve reached the designated area, look for an NPC who will offer the hammer skills quest. The NPC will instruct you to defeat a formidable opponent, such as the Aetherstone Golem. Afterwards, you’ll get access to the Mauler skills, as well as 2000 EXP and 1200 Mastery EXP.

For more details on how to spawn and defeat the Aetherstone Golem, make sure to check out our guide on Clover Retribution: Aetherstone Guide & Rune Pillar Locations.

Clover Retribution: Hammer Skills NPC Location

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on the Hammer Skills NPC location!

Weapon Upgrades Guide & Location

To enhance your Weapons, you’ll need Mana Crystals and in-game currency. Each upgrade adds extra damage to your weapon, and the process can be repeated up to level five.

To initiate the upgrade process, firstly, you should locate the NPC responsible for weapon upgrades. You can find the NPC marked with the symbol shown in picture below on the Unknown Village.

Then, engage in conversation with the Unknown Village Blacksmith NPC to understand the upgrade requirements.

You’ll likely need Mana Crystals (dropped by specific bosses) and a certain amount of in-game currency (e.g., 10,000 cash). I’ll provide more details for this below.

Assess your resources and decide whether you’re ready to proceed. If not, you can always return later.

Clover Retribution: Weapon Upgrades Guide & Location

Mana Crystals, a crucial component for upgrades, can be obtained by defeating specific bosses. Currently, the Bandit Lord and the Warlord are known to drop these crystals. Keep in mind that the drop may occur either from the NPC itself or from the chest they guard.

The stronger the crystal, the less likely it is to drop. However, we’re not sure if there are other bosses that drop them. Let us know in the comments if you’re able to find them elsewhere.

Once you’ve successfully upgraded your weapon, you can check its level by examining the weapon in your inventory. The upgrade level is indicated by a “+” sign followed by the level number (e.g., +1, +2).

There are 5 Tiers/Stages when upgrading the weapons, and the later stages will require stronger types of Mana Crystals:

  • Tier 1: +1 damage
    • Cost: 5 Mana Crystals – 10,000 Gold
  • Tier 2: +2 damage
    • Cost: 12 Mana Crystals, 1 Greater Mana Crystal – 20,000 Gold
  • Tier 3: +3 damage
    • Cost: 35 Mana Crystals, 2 Greater Mana Crystals – 30,000 Gold
  • Tier 4: +4 damage
    • Cost: 65 Mana Crystals, 3 Greater Mana Crystals, 1 Supreme Mana Crystal – 40,000 Gold
  • Tier 5: +5 damage
    • Cost: 100 Mana Crystals, 5 Greater Mana Crystals, 2 Supreme Mana Crystals – 50,000 Gold

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on the weapon upgrades & their locations!

Clover Retribution: Bandit Lord Warlord

Weapons & Bosses That Drop Them Guide

I’ll mention all the weapons that you pick up from bosses. That said, it’s important that you know where to find them. If you want to know where they’re all located, check out our guides on:

Beginner Weapons

Broken Sword

The Broken Sword gives you 2 base slash damage. Slash damage weapons are good when combined with the Dexterity stats. Dexterity stats will increase your slash damage even further.

Clover Retribution: Weapons & Bosses That Drop Them Guide Broken Sword

Copper Hammer

The Copper Hammer will give you 5 base bludgeoning damage. With more strength stats, you will be able to deal more damage with the weapon.

Clover Retribution: Weapons & Bosses That Drop Them Guide Hammer

Copper Shortsword

The Copper Short Sword will give you 4 base slashing damage.

Clover Retribution: Weapons & Bosses That Drop Them Guide Short Sword

Old Adventurers Spear

The Old Adventurer’s Spear will give you 6 Piercing damage. Along with the 3 weapons mentioned above, these are all beginner weapons that you can craft with basic materials from the Blacksmith.

Clover Retribution: Weapons & Bosses That Drop Them Guide Spear

Ogre Boss

Next, let’s talk about the drops from the Ogre Boss. This is a beginner boss that will give you slightly better weapons compared to beginner ones. As you progress through the in-game quests, there will be the Timeston quest that tells you to fight the Ogre.

Clover Retribution: Weapons & Bosses That Drop Them Guide Boss

The Ogrebane Pike will give you 7 base slashing damage.

Clover Retribution: Weapons & Bosses That Drop Them Guide Pike

The next weapon is the Ogrebane Ironblade. This weapon will give you 7 base slashing damage.

Clover Retribution: Weapons & Bosses That Drop Them Guide Iron Blade

If Ogre is corrupted, you’ll get the Aetherblade for a 1% chance. This is an extremely rare weapon. If you ever get it, it means that you are really lucky. The weapon deals 10 slashing damage.

Clover Retribution Aetherblade

Halberd – Aetherstone Raids

The Aetherstone Halberd allows you to deal 10 Piercing Damage. You can get this weapon by defeating the boss in Aetherstone Raids.

Clover Retribution Raids

Wolf Hunters Quests

You can craft it at the Wolf Hunter NPC (only during the limited events) or by defeating Wolf Hunters. The Wolf Hunter Sword will give you 7 base slashing damage.

Clover Retribution Quest

Yetti – Tundra Region

Upon defeating the Yeti Boss in the Tundra Region, you will receive some of the boss drops. You can later use these drops to craft unique weapons. The Yetti Horn Spear will give you +11 Piercing Damage.

Clover Retribution Yetti

The next item you can craft is the Yetti Horn Sword. This weapon will give you +11 Slashing Damage.

Clover Retribution Sword

Zombified Clover Knights

Clover Knight Spear is a drop you can get by defeating the Zombified Clover Knights during the Magic Knight Quest.

Clover Retribution Knights

Riddle Bones – Halloween 2023

The next three weapons come from the Riddle Bones boss, which can only be defeated during the Halloween 2023 Event. For a rare chance, you will receive the Gallant’s Grasp.

This weapon will allow you to deal 10 Bludgeon Damage. The Halloween 2023 Event has already ended, so you can no longer obtain this weapon.

Clover Retribution Halloween

The Half Evil Sword is a weapon that can deal 8 Slashing Damage. To get it, you’ll have to defeat the Riddle Bone Boss.

Clover Retribution Halloween

The Enigma Blade is the rarest weapon you can get from this boss with a 1% chance of dropping. The weapon will allow you to deal +12 Slashing damage.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article about the bosses and the bosses that drop them!

Clover Retribution Halloween

Everything We Know About Update 2

Even though we do not know the exact details about what is waiting for the players in Update 2 of Clover Retribution, there are some sneak peeks shared by the developers. In the new update, we are expecting to get a new fighting style added to the game.

Clover Retribution: Everything We Know About Update 2

We do not know what this fighting style is going to be called, but as stated by the developers, we are expecting it to be a game-changer.

blood spirit

The next thing we are expecting to see in Update 2 is the Blood Spirit. If you do not have blood storage in your inventory right now, it might be a good idea to grind it before the update gets released.

Clover Retribution: Everything We Know About Update 2

Another new thing that will be added to the game is the New Combat System. Unfortunately, we do not have much information about this one either. We are guessing that this is going to be about making air combos in the game, though.

Clover Retribution: Everything We Know About Update 2

Now, one of the latest sneak peeks of the game shows that there is going to be a second dungeon in the game. With the addition of this dungeon, it is possible to see the new demons added as well.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated

Clover Retribution: Everything We Know About Update 2

How to Use Clover Storage Guide

The Clover Storage game pass used to be worth around 1,450 Robux, but this price has since been increased to 1,550. If you’re looking to grab it, you should buy now in case they increase the price once more.

Clover Retribution clover storage game pass

Actually, using it is rather simple. Basically, when spinning for Magic, each unique set will be saved to your storage for future use.

For example, if you roll Time magic and spin again, it will forever stay in your storage along with the levels and spells that you have already gotten for it.

Clover Retribution magic storage

Whenever you want to switch to another set, simply open the Magic Storage by clicking on the button on the lower right portion of the screen and select your desired magic from the menu that pops up.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article on the Clover Storage and how it works!

Clover Retribution rolling screen

Clover Retribution actually does have a Trello Board Link that is regularly updated. You can find a wide assortment of information, which includes Magics, Spells, Quests and Items you can obtain.

To get this information, you can visit the link here: Clover Retribution Trello Board.

The General Information and Game Mechanics tab has everything a new player needs when they are just starting out with the game. You can get an idea of the Controls, Stats, move sets and Magic Mastery by visiting this tab.

We also recommend you check out the marked map available on this Trello. It will allow you to get a feel for the map as you will need to visit many locations on your journey.

Clover Retribution Marked Map.

An essential aspect of Clover Retribution is the Build you have. A Build comprises Races, Magics, Spells and Grimoires as the main factors. There is information available on each of these so you can figure out which build is strong, while suiting your play style.

To compliment your Build, you will need to use Weapons and supporting Accessories that you can also read about here.

Fighting Yeti in Clover Retribution.

Finally, there is information about Bosses and Quests. Often, you may find it difficult to locate them, so referring to the Trello Board can help out. The game regularly features Events, and you can check the latest information about it, including if the Event is still available.

If you want to read more about the topic in Clover Retribution, make sure to check out our dedicated article about the Offical Trello Board and its link!

Flying on broomstick in Clover Retribution.

That sums it up for our Clover Retribution Wiki – Ultimate Guide. We understand that we may miss out on some of the information here, but we’ll make sure to update and complete everything you’ll need to the game.

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