Combat Noob Siege Defense: How To Get New Secret Titans | Roblox

How to take over the city as a giant.

Combat Noob Siege Defense new secret titans
Combat Noob Siege Defense new secret titans

You’ve probably seen it around on the internet in Combat Noob Siege Defense: the secret titans. But there doesn’t seem to be answers on how exactly you can add him to your collection. We’re going to show how you can get it in the game. And you can become a giant stomping around the city.

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How To Get New Secret Titans

To clarify, the “new secret” titan is actually a glitch in the game. It’s not something that’s been officially added to the game. But it’s simple if you have some of the previous titans in the game now.

The glitch can be done by clicking on the Giant, Mech and Photo characters fast or at the same time.

This is a visual glitch so you haven’t actually unlocked any new titan in the game. But it’s fun to turn your character into a giant using this trick and then confuse your friends. All in all, it’s hilarious and doesn’t really change anything about the titan’s stats, only the visual.

Combat Noob Siege Defense New Secret Titans

And that’s how you can get the new secret titans in Combat Noob Siege Defense. Enjoy! Do check out the guide below if you want to get all the badges in the game.

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