How To Get Prize Badge in Combat Noobs Siege Defense

Don’t worry, we can skip the jumping puzzle!

How To Get Prize Badge in Combat Noobs Siege Defense

When given a challenge a lot of players try to get through it as the developers intend it. Sure, it can be difficult, but the reward is often worth it. Then, some players go beyond and see if they can do it easily without doing what the developers intend!

In Combat Noobs Siege Defense, you can get a Prize Badge in the game by doing a very challenging Obby in the game. Of course, some players already experimented with how to get the badge as easily as possible.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get the Prize Badge in the game. We’ll also show you a not-so-legitimate way to get it using some teleportation shenanigans. Now, let’s see how we can do this!

How To Get Prize Badge

There are a lot of badges that you can get in Combat Noobs Siege Defense and most of them are easy to do. Some of them give you rewards though so it’s best to try and get them for that.

One of the badges that you can get is the Prize Badge, and you can obtain it in the Noobase Map. However, it’s a bit harder to acquire than the others. Good thing there’s a shortcut!

SIDE NOTE: If you need help getting the other badges in the game then make sure to check our guide on how to get badges in Combat Noob Siege Defense!

Obtaining The Prize Badge

First, you’ll need to go to the Noobase map. You can do so by just using the button behind the noobyphus NPC as shown below. This will kill off your character and teleport you to the map.

Combat Noobs Siege Defense Noobase Map

Once you arrive in the Noobase Map, you’ll get to the area where you choose levels. Instead of choosing a level, go to the giant statue of 3 guys on the map. You can see it from the spawn point.

The guy in the middle will have a crown and you’ll need to go to the top of it to press a button there. You can use characters that can teleport or jump up there using the hills and statues at the side.

Combat Noobs Siege Defense Hidden Button

Once you press the button, jump down to the base of the statue. There, you’ll find that the gate has been opened. Go inside and press the green button on the wall.

Combat Noobs Siege Defense Green Button

Pressing the button will then make the elevator you’re standing on go down. The elevator is going to be a bit wonky but don’t worry about it.

Once you reach the bottom, you’ll want to click on the doorway to get to the next room. There, you’ll find a rocket launcher in the middle of the room, and you’ll need to grab it.

Combat Noobs Siege Defense Rocket Launcher

After using the rocket launcher, you’ll then want to shoot at the other side of the room where there’s metal blocking another doorway. You’ll need to shoot it multiple times to get it opened.

Combat Noobs Siege Defense Enemies

Once it’s open, you’ll see a hallway with doors on each side. Once you step inside, the hallway the doors will break and a bunch of enemies will spawn in. You’ll need to use the rocket launcher to kill them.

Once you’ve cleared the area, you’ll want to go to the very end of the hallway. There, you’ll go through another doorway with a jumping/parkour puzzle. You’ll need to jump on the pillars and if you miss you’ll drop down to the lava below.

Combat Noobs Siege Defense Prize Badge

At the very end of the room is a bag of money that you can then touch to get the Prize Badge! That’s a lot of work for a badge, good thing we know a quicker way of getting it!

Faster Way To Get It

Fighting those enemies in the secret area and doing the jumping/parkour puzzle can be tough. Good thing for you that there’s an easier way to get this badge.

All you need to do is get the Heavy Screen Dummy character in the game. You can get this character when you get the Basement Badge – it’s acquired through the “pay respect tombstone” in the end of the Noobyphus ramp.

If you still don’t have it, here’s a detailed guide on how you can acquire the Basement Badge in Combat Noobs Siege Defense!

Combat Noobs Siege Defense Teleport Glitch

Follow the path shown above until you get to the room where you can get the Rocket Launcher. Using the Teleport ability of Heavy Screen Dummy point your cursor on the corner where the wall and roof connect.

Combat Noobs Siege Defense Above Prize Badge Obby

If done correctly you’ll teleport to the top of the area. Now you don’t have to fight the mobs that spawn there.

Walk straight to the end of the path where there’s a golden circular thing with lines. This is where the tricky part starts.

Combat Noobs Siege Defense Teleport Glitch To Prize Badge

You’ll need to jump off the platform and then teleport onto the corners where the wall and ceiling touch. If done incorrectly you’ll either fall to your doom or teleport on top again. If done correctly you’ll teleport inside where the sack of cash is!

Now you can just touch the bag and get the badge without fighting or doing the jumping/parkour puzzle!

That’s how you can get the Prize Badge in Combat Noobs Siege Defense. Now go out there and try to do it yourself! If you want to unlock more units in the game then go check out our guide on how to get the new secret titans in the game!


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