Complete Guide to Comfort Level 23 – Valheim Mistlands

Place these items in your house!

If you wanted to get to a level 23 Comfort or maybe up to 30, well this guide is the one for you. Here you shall learn what are the best items and structures that you should build and place inside your house to get the most amount of comfort. Let’s get started and show you what they are.

Valheim Mistlands – Complete Guide to Comfort Level 23

Source – Jiroc the Viking

Getting to a Comfort Level 23 in Valheim Mistlands can be quite tricky and a very difficult challenge. Although that might be the case, there are some items and ways that you will get you there very easier. Here are some that you should try out:

  • Dragon Bed – you will have to go ahead and build yourself a Dragon Bed that you will need to sleep inside
  • Hearth – build a hearth that is lit up with fire and is right next to your bed where you are sleeping
  • Throne – just place a throne, any type will do, next to your bed and the hearth. You will use it every once in a while. Just one is enough because they do not add to your comfort level
  • Round or Long Table – you can go ahead and just place a round table inside your room or your house for +1 comfort. If you place a long table, you will get a +2 comfort instead
  • Hot Tub – place a hot tub where you can dip inside to get warm. Also, the hot tub must be lit up so you can get a big amount of comfort
  • Armor Stand – any type of armor stand will do with your armor resting on it, but even without it helps too. Has to be placed also in the same room
  • Yule Tree – you are able also to place the Christmas or Yule tree inside your room. This will give you a comfort level too
  • MayPole – this is only available to build in the summer in the northern hemisphere, or just find out in your world
  • Blue Jute Carpet – this is a new rug that you can place in your room. Once you do, you will get a comfort level boost
  • Hare Rug – this one can be placed right next to your jute carpet and it will provide you with an additional number of comfort level
Source – Jiroc the Viking

Those are all the items that you shall need in order to have your Comfort level all the way up to the maximum. We recommend that you go ahead and place them all inside one room and next to each other so you can get the most out of them.

Try it out and you will be the most comfortable character in Valheim Mistlands. A big thank you to Jiroc the Viking from YouTube for giving us these details and information. Try it out yourself and have fun!

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