Complete Zinogre Guide in Monster Hunter Now (Attacks, Tips, & Tricks)

How do you deal with the quick Zinogre?

As with the other games in the franchise, Monster Hunter Now features a wide range of creatures that you can hunt down, ranging from small beasts to full on dragons. In this guide, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about the Zinogre.

Complete Zinogre Guide (Attacks, Tips, & Tricks)

The Zinogre can be found in the Forest and Swamp habitat, and its main element is Thunder. Its weakness is Ice, and you may need a build for that specific element.

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Its back, horns, forelegs, and tail can be broken. Though the tail will require a slicing weapon, as it can only be severed.

General Tips

This monster becomes increasingly more aggressive the lower its HP gets, and it also has a special mode wherein it becomes even deadlier as it generates more electricity.

Monster Hunter Now zinogre idle

He has a varying range of attacks that you will have to avoid in different ways, and these are the following:

  • Attack #1 – Zinogre will pull its head back and tilt it to the side before quickly headbutting in front of it.
    • Can be dodged to the side or backwards.
  • Attack #2 – It will raise one of its claws into the air and slam onto the ground.
    • Can easily be dodged to the side or backwards.
  • Attack #3 – Zinogre will swiftly jump to its side and suddenly rush you after a few seconds.
    • Dodge backwards at least twice to avoid getting hit.
  • Attack #4 – It will quickly squat down for a bit followed by a long range pouncing attack.
    • Dodge to the side as it is winding up.
  • Attack #5 – It will swing its tail at you if you are standing behind it.
    • Simply dodge backwards to ensure that you don’t get hit.
  • Attack #6 – Zinogre will very quickly turn around and flip over to strike you with its tail.
    • Dodge roll to the side to avoid this move.
  • Attack #7 – Zinogre will raise its tail and try to slam you with it if you are standing to the side.
    • Simply dodge to the left or right to avoid it.

When it is visibly charging up with electricity, try not to stand too close as this means that it will transition into a charged state. Standing too close will temporarily stun you at this point.

Monster Hunter Now zinogre attacking

Once Zinogre reaches the charged state, most of its attacks will stay largely the same, but with the addition of a few more new moves and additional damage/speed to everything it does. The following are some of the new moves it gets:

  • New Attack #1 – Its original claw attack can potentially become a chain of hits rather than a single slam.
    • This telegraphed by it raising one of its claws, and you can dodge backwards to avoid it.
  • New Attack #2 – Zinogre will draw a line of electricity in front of it before performing a swift front flip followed by a claw attack.
    • Dodge in any direction.
  • New Attack #3 – After howling, Zinogre will leap into the air and slam the ground with the back of its body.
    • Dodge backwards at least twice.
  • New Attack #4 – After howling and very slightly lifting one of its claws, it will start spinning around and dealing damage around it.
    • Simply dodge backwards.
  • New Attack #5 – Zinogre will squat for a brief moment and start running towards you.
    • Simply dodge to the side if you see it do this.
  • New Attack #6 – After howling and turning to its side, Zinogre will leap into the air and start throwing orbs of electricity that will spin around it and gradually spread out.
    • Time your dodges to avoid the orbs.

Other than its attacks, the only thing to really keep an eye out for is when it starts charging electricity. Whenever it stops doing anything to gather electricity, it is incredibly vulnerable and free to hit.

Monster Hunter Now zinogre charging up

And that’s pretty much it for this monster. Basically, once you start to memorize its telegraphs, fighting Zinogre will mainly just boil down to timing your dodges correctly and slapping it around whenever it takes a short breather.

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