Content Warning: Complete LAL Guide & Scale (Lethality Assessment Level)

Not all monsters are built the same!

In Content Warning, there is no danger that’s stopping players from making content and getting that sweet clout! But with so many monsters lurking, there’s always a chance you’ll lose your footage – leading to less views. Although, there is a way for you to actually recover lost footage in Content Warning!

However, to avoid dying, it’s always best if you understand how lethal each danger in the game is. This is because different monsters and hazards in Content Warning have their own Lethality Assessment Level. We’ll help you understand what this is and what LAL each monster has. Let’s get into it!

Complete Lethality Assessment Level Guide & Scale

There are a lot of monsters, hazards and environmental factors that can kill you in Content Warning. The Lethality Assessment Level Guide is your best friend if you want to survive with your footage!

Lethality Assessment Level (LAL) Explained

Starting off, we’ll be looking at what the Lethality Assessment Level, or LAL, actually is in Content Warning.

In essence, the Lethality Assessment Level is a scale which helps you determine how dangerous a monster, hazard or item is. Simply put, it helps you compare the monsters to each other and how much of a danger they pose to your survival.

So, it is an incredibly useful scale that you should refer to!

Lasers in Content Warning.

The LAL Scale is divided into 5 categories, marked from -1 to -5. 1 is the least dangerous while 5 is the most dangerous ones in Content Warning.

Here is a breakdown of the LAL Scale in Content Warning for a better understanding:

  • LAL Level -1 :  These hazards offer little to no danger to the player. In some cases, you can even use these hazards to your advantage, like using Jellies for navigation.
  • LAL Level -2 : These hazards can damage players and even kill them – although it will take them a while to do so. This includes artifacts that are mostly there to add an extra danger in the environment. You might want to sweat a bit around each of these hazards.
  • LAL Level -3 : These hazards are always a threat since they can kill you pretty easily. However, if you remain vigilant, you can avoid these threats. Keep your eyes peeled!
  • LAL Level -4 : These hazards are extremely dangerous and you shouldn’t even go near them unless you’re experienced with the game.
  • LAL Level -5 : These hazards will demolish even the most experienced of players. May god have mercy on your soul if you see them!

Next, we’ll look at different hazards and what their LAL Level is.

Starfish in Content Warning.

LAL Level Hazards Scale

There are all manners of hazards in Content Warning – which includes entities and environmental dangers. There are also Artifacts and Items that you can find in the game. 

Monsters and Hazards

The monsters and hazards you’ll face in Content Warning with their LAL levels are shown below:

  • Mouthe (Gremlin) – LAL Level -1
  • Jelly (Blob, Slime) – LAL Level -1
  • Snail (Zombe, Slug, Garry) – LAL Level -2
  • Ear – LAL Level -2
  • Chokelegs (Snatcho) – LAL Level -2
  • Machinery (Pistons, Cogs, Gears) – LAL Level -2
  • Laser Traps – LAL Level -2
  • Starfish (Slurper) – LAL Level -3
  • Whisker (Blender, Mixer) – LAL Level -3
  • Gundog (Turret) – LAL Level -3
  • Bomber (Kamikaze) – LAL Level -3
  • Knifo (Stab Ghost) – LAL Level -3
  • Catchya Cage (Iron Maiden, Weeping) – LAL Level -3
  • Spider – LAL Level -3
  • Larva (Centipede, Snatcher, Throwing Guy) – LAL Level -3
  • Eye Guy (Bird) – LAL Level -3
  • Barnacle (Squid, Rock) – LAL Level -4
  • Flicker (Cyclops, Red Light) – LAL Level -4
  • Big Slap (Fatty) – LAL Level -5
Flicker in Content Warning.

Artifacts and Items

Additionally, even the Artifacts in the game have LAL levels associated with them, which we’ll also look at. These Artifacts and Items actually pose quite a few dangers.

For a more detailed understanding on these items and their threats, check out our Complete Artifacts guide in Content Warning!

With that said, here are the LAL Levels for the Artifacts and Items shown below:

  • Curse of Gravity (Animal Statues) – LAL Level -2
  • Curse of Death (Container, Barrel) – LAL Level -2
  • Curse of Monster Spawn (Brain on a Stick) – LAL Level -2.
Barrel Artifact in Content Warning.

That’s everything you need to know about the Complete LAL Guide and Scale for Content Warning. Now, you know exactly how the Lethality Assessment Level works and why it’s so useful.

Another useful thing in Content Warning is to be able to navigate the map effectively – especially the Ship map. Our Complete Maps Guide for Content Warning has you covered with that!


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