Cookie Clicker: How To Get Shadow Achievements Fast & Easy

Get those weird achievements you would never get on your own!

Cookie Clicker has recently been released on Steam, after 8 years of going strong on the web browsers, and has gotten many oldschool players of the game back into it! The addition of many achievements that can be gained in and out of Steam are enormous! Luckly, we are gonna help you get a few easy achievements that you wouldn’t normally get by just playing the game. Here are a few quick trophies you can get in a matter of seconds!

How To Get Shadow Achievements Fast & Easy – Cookie Clicker

As said before, these are really easy to get, so let’s get into them, but they are unintuitive! Here they are:

Tiny Cookie

This one is pretty funny, and the name of the achievement says it all.

What you need to do for this one is go into your “Stats” tab and you’ll see something called “Cookies in bank” with a little cookie next to it.

All you need to do is click the tiny cookie next to the stats and you’ll get the achievement!

What’s In A Name & God Complex

We’re gonna do a 2 in 1 deal for this one since they can be done in just one quick move.

For these achievements, all you need to do is change your bakery’s name. To do this, click your name where it says “*Name*’s bakery”.

As you can see in the picture above, you need to click where the red arrow is showing to change your name.

To get the “What’s in a name” achievement, all you need to do is change the name, but to also get the “God complex” achievement, you need to change the name into the name of one of the developers.

If you type in “Orteil” and confirm, you will get both achievements!

Here You Go

The “Here you go” achievement is one you would 100% not get without help. To get it, go into your Stats and go down to your achievements.

Look for the “What’s in a name” trophy you just got and click the question mark that’s next to it, on the right, as shown below.

If you click that achievement, it will be changed into an exclamation mark and you will get the “Here you go” one. As the description says, all you had to do was ask!

Tabloid Addiction

There is news that keeps appearing on top of the screen. To get this achievement, you will need to click the news itself, where the letters are, about 50 times.

You’ll know it’s working if the news keeps changing each time you click. At some point, you will get the achievement.

Olden Days

For this one, open the “Info” tab in the top right corner and scroll down to the bottom. Down there, you will see a little button has appeared in the bottom right corner. Click it.

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