WarioWare: How To Reach Head Honcho Level Fast

Get the best scores with the best levels!

In the newly released WarioWare: Get it together! game, you will unlock a new feature that will allow you to level up your characters and crew. Why should you do this? Because the level of your crew will give you a bonus on the score you will get for missions! So, if you want to beat high scores, you need a high level. So if you want to be a Head Honcho fast, here is what you need to do!

How To Reach Head Honcho Level Fast – WarioWare: Get it together!

After finishing the main storyline, you will unlock the Prezzies in the Emporium, where you can use up all of your coins.

In order to level up your characters, you need to give them Prezzies. There will be a mechanic present where how much they like the item determines how much they level up.

The Prezzies you can get are ranked from 1 star to 5 stars, and the better their rarity, the better the reward the characters get when they get them.

The best way to get Prezzies would be by buying them from the Cluckade.

By selecting the golden Cluckade, you are guaranteed only Prezzies over 3 stars, and you’ll always get at least two 4 star Prezzies, which will give you a minimum experience of 400. That’s almost 2 levels.

Even though characters have preferences for the items they want, the difference between the experience they get is so little, it does not matter.

For an item someone hates, if it’s 4 stars, they will get 400 exp. If they love it, 600. That might seem like a lot, but in the long term, it won’t make much of a difference.

So just buy the 10x Rare Cluckade and you will get a lot of Prezzies. Then, go to your characters and give them to ‘em to level them up and reach Head Honcho in less than a second!

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