Core Keeper: Cherry Blossom Event Guide

Time to go flower viewing!

Spring is in full bloom! Unless you live in a miserable enough place that only has two climates then maybe it’s still summertime for the lot of you. Regardless of the difference in season your favorite games like Core Keeper are sure to have another set of events for just such an occasion, and they do!

What could be in store for the current seasonal event? Will there be another set of achievements or special items? Will you finally be able to go flower viewing with a Japanese girl whom you don’t understand at all due to the language barrier? Find out more except for the latter in this here guide!

Cherry Blossom Event Guide – Core Keeper

With an event named after the famous Sakura or Cherry Blossom tree (if you like the idea of dubbing) it’s fairly obvious that you’ll get to plant the anime tree in your own backyard, but you’ll have to find them first in the very world you’re playing in.

A few of them will appear as simple flowers that you’ll have to combine to make a tree.

You’ll need at least ten units of these pink petals, gather those and a tree will simply manifest in your inventory the moment you put them all together.

You also have the choice of making White Cherry Blossoms as well, aside from the traditional pink ones.

To get even more out of the event, you also have an achievement that can be easily unlocked by simply planting at least 10 Cherry Blossoms anywhere on the map.

No, you can’t unearth the tree ten times to get the achievement sadly, you’ll have to go out of your way for a few minutes to get more flowers and lay them all down until they start to resemble an orchard.

After putting down the last one you’ll get the 5 Centimeters Per Second achievement for the Cherry Blossom Event. Now go and start gathering, that mountain shrine of yours won’t build itself!

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