Is Albion Online Pay-To-Win?

Watch your wallet quiver!

Long ago in a distant land, players would simply log in, grind, and talk with complete strangers online to pass the time. Now things have changed, instead, players would have to pay extra as if they were going to a convenience store just to get a little bit of an edge over others who choose to go the extra mile and save whatever money they have to buy real-world food.

But does any of this apply to Albion Online? The game is free to play after all, and that alone should already make you think twice about picking it up. Read a little bit more to find out if the game actually is pay-to-win or not.

Is it pay-to-win – Albion Online

Pay-to-win resonates well with people who either have no patience to actually grind through a game like how normal people should, or just have enough disposable money lying around. There are some games however that are specifically designed for gamers with deep pockets.

Let’s take a closer look at Albion Online.

First, you have the Albion Store, it says right there that you can buy gold with real money so you can easily convert it to silver in-game and buy things that get you more experience and more powerful items that can increase your crafting levels.

For example, you can grind 30 million silver for a week or just use $100 to buy a few units of gold and use that to get tomes of insight to level your weapon specialization of choice.

Sometimes you even end up grinding to 60 million to effectively level anything. Now if you don’t have any spare time you can invest a hefty $42,000 to max out every single piece of armor that you have with those tomes, and that doesn’t even include getting premium.

You’ll still be stuck with almost nothing even if you watch all of the money-making and min-maxing guides that the light touches and the risk of you losing your items are still prevalent.

Yes, if someone ever catches up to your scent and ganks you when you least expect it then the next place you’ll be heading towards to retrieve what you lost will be the marketplace.

So that’s another thing to worry about, but if you don’t use any money then this could turn out well for you with a little bit of luck! You’re just buying an advantage after all, not a surefire way of making it big everywhere you go.

Long story short, if you want to know how long any progress will take if you decide to play and not invest a cent into it, then you need to set aside at least ten thousand hours of playtime.

That’s almost eight hours every single day, weekends included, which further translates to roughly about three and a half years of you sitting in front of a computer monitor.

If you earn more than $15 dollars per hour then it would be more worth it to pay up for every move you make in-game. With that information provided it’s fair to say that the game isn’t really pay-to-win, it’s more of a balance between “pay-to-progress” and “pay-to-lose” in no specific order.

No one’s stopping you from trying out the game for yourself though, so go ahead and have fun in whatever way you can!

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