Core Keeper: How To Catch Starlight Nautilus | Legendary Fish

The only Legendary Fish in the game!

There are so many things that you can do inside Core Keeper but fishing is one of the most relaxing and beneficial activities. In this guide, we will be showing you where to find, the buffs and benefits, and How to Catch a Starlight Nautilus. Let’s get started.

How To Catch Starlight Nautilus | Legendary Fish – Core Keeper

Legendary Fish Usage

There is only one legendary fish that is currently in the game and that is the Starlight Nautilus. It is very rare and hard to get but it comes with a very special and unique perk that gives you a permanent 100 max HP but you can only it eat once and get that buff.

Source – Serroh

The thing about this item is that it will give you a lot of extra HP once you will eat it, but you are only able to get this buff once. That means that even if you eat it a couple of times you will get the same amount of HP to be increased.

You are able to cook it and combine it with something else but you will only get that one buff and nothing more. It is recommended to cook it for getting the extra HP heal though.

Obtaining Legendary Fish

Source – Serroh

You will need to go to any of the Lava areas down in the new desert regions that just got added. You are only able to catch this fish from the lava. You will find it on the map just around the desert and the orange lake-looking type of things.

There are many of these types of lava locations that you are able to find in your world. It will be sometimes up or down the world so just keep looking for it left and right.

You will need to use the Galaxite Fishing Rod to be able to catch this very rare fish. This is actually the one fishing rod that you can use for this guide, nothing else will do the trick.

Source – Serroh

The fishing is absolutely the same. Just wait until the legendary fish will grab the bait. This is an outfit that will help you out with getting this fish:

  • Diving Helm
  • Kelp Mantle
  • Scuba Fins
  • Neptune Necklace
  • Goldfish Ring

Get all of these and you’ll be good to go. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide has helped you out on how to catch the Legendary Fish – Starlight Nautilus. A big thank you to the YouTube user Serroh. Check him out here for more details.

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