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Find the Godsent King Armor using this guide.

Core Keeper is a survival sandbox game with a pixel art style that may remind players of the old 90’s games back in the day. It’s pretty much a Stardew Valley, but with some elements of Minecraft that you can see (which is very obvious if you look at the UI). In Core Keeper, there are a ton of armors you can get, which you can use to defend yourself, but there is one armor you should try getting, which is the Godsent King Armor. Read this guide to find out on how to get the armor.

How To Get Godsent King Armor – Core Keeper

Source: Serroh

To get the Godsent King Armor, you first need to get three things: Ra-Akar Automation, Azeos Feather Fan, and Omoroth’s Compass. To get these, you need to go to the desert biome and find them in the mazes.

Once you have all three, you then have to find the Titan Temple in The Desert of Beginnings. You will have to go through it like a normal dungeon, but you will be rewarded with the Godsent King Armor once you finish it.

Huge thanks to Serroh for the information to find the Godsent King Armor. If you want to learn more, you can check out his video where he explains in great detail about the process on how to get the armor: Core Keeper: How To Get Soul Seeker | Desert Of Beginnings

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