Metroid Dread: Stuck in Burenia – How to Leave Bottom & Get Gravity Suit

Here is how you finally advance!

Getting stuck in games is incredibly annoying. You sometimes spend hours just clicking and shooting everything you can, in hopes of SOMETHING happening. This is what happened to me whilst playing Metroid Dread today. After hours of interacting with everything, it finally happened! I found the way and I could escape from these huge, horror-inducing waters! Here is what you need to do if you also want to get out!

How to Leave Bottom Burenia & Get Gravity Suit – Metroid Dread

If you’ve reached Burenia and are stuck, you’re in luck cause we just figured out what we need to do here!

As you’ve teleported in, walk to the second room to the right and jump down to the enemy there. Once defeated, shoot the wall where the little pink vegetation to the right is, as you can see in the picture below.

Something bigger will appear and you’ll just have to shoot it again for the wall to give in. Afterwards, blow the entrance to the right and get in.

If you’ve done this, half of the mission is done. What you need to do now is follow the path until you reach another one of these plants in a wall, and you have to shoot it down again.

Doing this will bring a platform in the background down, that will blow the wall to the entrance you need to reach to advance.

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