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Core Keeper: Impersonator Syndrome Guide | Anniversary Update

Do I look good in pink?

If you’re the average survival crafting game enjoyer then there’s a fair chance that you have stumbled upon Core Keeper in an attempt to quench your desire for the genre.

Experiencing the Core Keeper is like using a bootleg cartridge that claims to have a hundred games that you can access on your Super Nintendo, and that’s not a bad thing as the game does an excellent job of putting everything together!

You even have hidden achievements that are basically easter eggs from other titles that you can easily earn, and we’re going to do just that!

Anniversary Update | Impersonator Syndrome Guide | Core Keeper

The Impersonator Syndrome achievement is one of those tasks that sound easy enough to do but actually have multiple layers of conditions required to work. This makes everything confusing or even enough to make you think that something isn’t working in the game itself.

Let’s rid ourselves of the heavy lifting and go get that bread or trophy.

The first thing you’ll need to do is go to a carpenter’s bench and craft a magic mirror, which will cost you five copper bars and eight tin bars.

Next, go to your magic mirror and make yourself look like one of the characters from the cover art of the game.

For this guide, we’re going to go with the bald character to further guarantee success, and it’s difficult to work with the other characters as the achievement doesn’t always fully recognize the look that you put on.

Take a good look at the image above as that is the exact same look you’re going to need to get the achievement, hopefully, your monitor isn’t calibrated differently while you’re looking at the box art!

Once you’re done making the changes just walk around and you’ll get the achievement almost immediately, now go out there and borrow someone’s identity without their consent!

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