Crab Champions: What Are Keys For & How To Use Them

Crab Rave meets John Wick.

We’ve all heard the Crab Rave song. We’ve also seen the music video of it too. You may not be familiar with it, but you will recognize it when you see even one second of the music video, or just hear the song itself.

It is a popular meme that’s been around for a while now. Thanks to that meme, Crab Rave has become a pop culture reference, and also a video game.

Crab Champions is what you get when you mix Crab Rave with John Wick.

In this guide, we will show you what the keys are used for.

What Are Keys For & How To Use Them – Crab Champions

Keys in the game are not used for anything else besides getting new guns. When you get 4 keys, head to the large totem in the lobby.

There, you can approach the totem and unlock new guns permanently. You can then use these guns to do more runs and get more keys, and get more guns.

However, once you have unlocked all of the guns, the keys will change purpose. Instead of letting you buy new weapons, collecting keys will get you some powerful power-ups to help you in your runs.

These are insanely powerful and are super helpful, so unlocking all guns fast to get the powerups is a good goal to keep in mind.

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