The Dawning 2022 Guide – Destiny 2

Get festive and celebrate the Christmas season in Destiny 2’s limited-time event, The Dawning.

The Dawning event has made a comeback in Destiny 2 this year. If you’re a Disney 2 veteran, then you’re most likely familiar with this Christmas-exclusive event that Bungie releases every year.

However, if you’re completely new, then The Dawning is basically a winter holiday event that stretches for up to 3 weeks. It comes with lots of fun and exciting activities, and this guide will look at what those are.

The Dawning 2022 Guide Destiny 2

While the theme remains the same, there is a lot of new season content that you can expect during the event. You’ll have five unique weapons to grind, as well as a variety of Eververse armor sets that are themed after the event.

Aside from that, you can also acquire ingredients from enemies you defeat which you can then use to bake goods for the vendors in the Tower.

You can exchange them for various loots including weapons and other skins. Also, powerful weapons such as the Cold Front and Avalanche can be obtained during the event.

Baking Goods

You will have to head out to the world to collect the ingredients that you need to bake various goods.

They can be obtained by simply defeating enemies or by completing several activities out there in the open. After accumulating enough ingredients, you can then combine them via Eva’s Holiday Oven to make baked goods like the Dark Chocolate Motes and Gjallardoodles.

But before you can do that, you should first speak to Eva Levante in the Tower. She will then give you an oven which you can access in your Quests tab.

With this oven, you can make various treats such as the ones we mentioned earlier. However, you need to unlock the baking recipes by simply combining various ingredients that you can collect from enemies and activities.

Do take note that the ingredient you can collect will depend on various factors. These include your weapon’s elemental type, the type of enemy you killed, and the weapon/ability you used. You can also complete Eva Levante’s daily bounties to get guaranteed but random ingredients.

Upgrades, Rewards, and Challenges

The Dawning Spirit currency which was introduced back in 2021 has made its return this season. You can obtain this currency from Challenges, bounties, as well as gift giving which Eva will walk you through via an introductory quest.

Once you have enough Dawning Spirit, you can then use it to unlock certain perks via Eva. There are a total of seven unlockable perks, each costing 40 Dawning Spirit.

Aside from the upgrades, another notable feature in The Dawning event is the introduction of the newest pulse rifle in town, the Stay Frosty Stasis. As the name implies, this is a lightweight frame stasis pulse rifle that you can obtain by completing the Dawn of Dawning Challenge from Eva.

Finally, we have the new Holiday Challenges which are packed with lots of activities for you to complete.

What’s even more exciting is that each of these challenges will give you rewards as well as titles. There are 16 of these challenges which, when completed, will give you the Star Baker title.

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