Critical Revengeance: Simple Pristige Guide (1-5) No Appletana

Add more grind to get more stats!

Critical Revengeance Simple Pristige Guide (1-5) No Appletana

Grinding levels in video games can be soul-crushing and monotonous. That’s why a lot of players think of the best ways to level up and grind to ease it up a bit. From finding optimal XP farms to doing easy quests, all for a way to make the grind easier.

In Critical Revengeance, some of you might want to get Prestige in the game. It’s a way to increase your level cap as well as get EXP boosts. Of course, there are also efficient ways to level up your Prestige in the game.

In this guide, we’ll show you how the Prestige system works in the game. We’ll also go through ways you can easily level up to get to the higher Prestige levels. Now, let’s see what we’ll need to do to get them!

Simple Pristige Guide (1-5) No Appletana

When you play Critical Revengeance, the max level is Level 75. And with each level, you get to upgrade your stats. There is a way to increase your level cap and in turn, get more stats, and that’s to get Prestige levels.

SIDE NOTE: If you want to grind for chests in the game, go check out our complete chest grinding guide for more information!

Prestige Level Mechanics

When you reach Level 75, you can get Prestige Level 1. Each level will increase the cap by 10 as well as increase your EXP gain. There are a total of 10 Prestige levels, so that means you’ll have to do a lot of grinding to get those extra stats!

That’s why you’ll need to make your grinding efficient, and here’s how to do that!

Leveling from 40 to 50 – Kitsune Farming

Leveling up to 40 is easy but going from 40 to 50 can be quite daunting. That’s because a lot of players don’t know what the optimal way of grinding is at these levels.

To make the grind easier between Level 40 and 50, you’ll need to go to the Sakura Heights area. You’ll have to go through the Forest of Stone, then to the Great Cliffs, and finally to Sakura Heights. Don’t forget to set your spawn there.

Critical Revengeance Kitsune

The enemy you’ll want to look for and fight in this area is the Kitsune mob. This is because it’s the best enemy to fight, since it’s relatively easy and it gives more XP than other mobs that are harder. You’ll want to repeatedly farm Kitsunes until you reach Level 50.

Leveling from beyond 50 – Prince Slime Farming

When you reach Level 50, fighting Kitsunes starts becoming inefficient. That’s where you’ll want to go back to the Forest of Stone and look for the Mysterious Door. You’ll need to get an Augmented Key to open it.

Once you do, you can fight the Prince Slime. This is the best enemy you can fight to get to your first prestige level because of the XP it gives. Not only that, but it’s also easy to fight once you get the hang of it.

Critical Revengeance Prince Slime

Repeatedly fight the King Slime until you reach your first Prestige level, then do it all over again to get more stat points! Fighting the King Slime can easily get you through Prestige levels 1 to 5!

That’s how the Prestige system works and how to level up easier in Critical Revengeance! Now, go out there and start grinding. Want to join a guild in the game? Check out our guide on how to join the Mage Guild if you haven’t already!


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