Darkest Dungeon: Hero Tier List Update 1.0

Let’s Rank the Heroes.

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging gothic roguelike turn-based role-playing game about the psychological pressures of exploring. You must recruit, train, and lead a squad of flawed heroes against the ever-increasing darkness while playing the game. Thus, creating a good team is essential for you to succeed.

We are going to rank Darkest Dungeon Heroes from S tier to D in this guide so that you can create the perfect team for yourself. So, let’s start our Darkest Dungeon: BDA Tier List!

Hero Tier List Update 1.0

All heroes are classed into tiers based on their strengths and benefits, with S being the most powerful and advantageous and D being the least.

Darkest Dungeon: Hero Tier List Update 1.0


  • Man-at-Arms

Because of his easy access to Block and Taunt, the Man-at-Arms is effectively a tank that absorbs punishments to defend his weaker companions. He can also do significant damage. His entire skill set is extremely adaptable, allowing him to fit into any Rank. The Man-at-Arms can become the backbone of any team composition due to his tenacity and ability to protect his teammates.

  • Jester

The Jester is a notably mobile Hero, as most of his offensive abilities require him to move around the team composition in order to maximize his abilities. Because of his irregular movements, the Jester may pose a concern when placed on a team that requires Rank constancy or lacks mobility flexibility. Jester is one of the strongest heroes in the game.

Darkest Dungeon Hero Tier List


  • Plague Doctor

The Plague Doctor is a dependable healer and supporter with a wide range of talents and abilities. She can deliver a very large amount of Blight damage, as well as some respectable Direct and Bleed damage. Because of her lack of defensive capabilities and low HP, the Plague Doctor is most suited for the back Ranks, where she may make the most of her abilities while avoiding harm from the dangerous front Ranks. Her only weakness is the position where she is put.

  • Highway Man

The Highwayman is a very adaptable hero who focuses on causing damage due to his ability to target both the front and back ranks. His skill set focuses on damage and usefulness, such as self-Buffs and an exclusive ability to destroy or steal strong Tokens from rivals. All of his paths are practical, and he can easily deal with shuffles.

  • Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter is a fairly adaptable class. He has a solid mix of melee, ranged, stun, marking, and mobility abilities, allowing him to hit nearly any point in the enemy formation from almost anywhere in the player’s group. As a result, with the exception of position 4, he fits into almost any vacancy and doesn’t mind being shuffled around. With a high Trap disarm chance and a decent set of Camp buffs to negotiate Scouting and Surprise, he can be useful in a variety of excursions. While the Bounty Hunter has an extremely self-sufficient skill set, the brief duration of Stun and Mark makes it much more efficient if other party members place those afflictions on him.

Darkest Dungeon Hero Tier List


  • Hellion

The Hellion’s primary duty is to deal huge bursts of damage on the front lines. Her capacity to gain increased damage when HP is low complements her secondary tank function (having a plethora of self-heals for both HP and Stress). It can also function as a basic support duty in addition to tanking and doing damage, although in general Hellion contributes enormous quantities of damage to the team while defending her fellow teammates with Taunt.

Darkest Dungeon Hero Tier List
  • Vestal

Vestal is a support as well as a damage dealer with a wide range of skills and ranks. However, due to Vestal’s poor speed and large Cooldowns on her talents, as well as her unique Conviction Token, it is critical to plan and choose which skills to use in battle. But if you know what your adversaries are capable of, you can simply counter it or put your team in a strong position to deal with it.

Darkest Dungeon Hero Tier List
  • Flagellant

The Flagellant is a distinctive frontliner. His base damage isn’t particularly impressive, but he inflicts extremely powerful bleeds on whomever he hits. While he has a variety of tools at his disposal to inflict Bleed on practically every place in the groups he shines the brightest when he is low on HP, which offers him buffs and allows him to use his more devastating skills. Making the most of the Flagellant’s low-health benefits requires keeping a close check on one’s health statistics. Too much healing prevents these buffs from being granted, while allowing him to reach Death’s Door recklessly may result in his death. Despite being a powerful hero, it is not uncommon for the Flagellant to become the most injured and stressed member at any moment in a quest.


  • Grave Robber

The Grave Robber possesses some of the most adaptable targeting and positioning of any Hero. Despite her low HP, she suffers extremely little from enemy disruption because of her outstanding self-sustain, dodge, and stealth. Grave Robber’s damage is heavily based on CRIT chance, therefore she requires more planning than other heroes but may be quite powerful under the perfect conditions. However, due to her wide attack range, her damage is inconsistent.

  • Leper

The Leper is a tough front-rank hero capable of doing massive damage. While simultaneously receiving enormous amounts of HP damage and stress for the squad and safeguarding the rest of his teammates. The Leper’s main disadvantage is that he can only advance to the first two ranks. He has no way of attacking from behind, and no ability that advances him forward, requiring him to go one rank at a time with his normal movement.


  • Runaway

The Runaway is the most recent addition to the Darkest Dungeon realm. She’s a survivor, a scavenger, and a scrapper, according to her description. She fits effortlessly into lineups at numerous positions, as seen by those characteristics. She may be best at getting into the action with great force and then employing stealth to return to a safer area, possibly moving a companion closer to the battle. The Runaway is particularly skilled at disrupting opponents, applying flames, and altering the flow and positioning of battle.

Darkest Dungeon Hero Tier List
  • Occultist

The main tasks of Occultist in battle is to use Negative Tokens on foes to diminish their combat efficiency or to heal allies who are in critical condition. He’s considerably better as a backline hitter and debuff character, but he’s still a weak hero.

That is it! These are our ideas about the rankings of the heroes in Darkest Dungeon! Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

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