Project Slayers: BDA Tier List | Update 1.5

Ice, Ice, baby!

So you finally got to level 15 and become a demon by swallowing Muzan’s Blood, and now you want to get a Blood Demon Art in Project Slayers but don’t want to waste time trying to figure out which one is the best? Worry no longer, because we are here to assist you!

Since there is a new Blood Demon Art, Ice joining the team with update 1.5, it is a great time to make a list. We’re going to rank the BDAs from S tier to D in this guide, so you won’t have to. So, let’s start our Project Slayers: BDA Tier List right away!

BDA Tier List

All demon blood arts are classified into tiers based on their power and use, with S being the most powerful and beneficial and D being the least.

Project Slayers BDA Tier List


  • Ice Demon Art (Kōri Dōshō)

Ice, although being added to this game with the latest update, is among one of the best BDAs in Project Slayer. This Blood Demon Art bestows the players with exceptionally strong cryokinesis. They can create ice and frost from his flesh and blood. And spawn it anywhere in their area and control it at whim, allowing the users to unleash tremendously powerful ice tactics. Ice is unquestionably the greatest for PVP due to its high damage capability.

  • Reaper Demon Art

This Demon Art is ideal for following down your enemies and dodging their assaults. Reaper Art’s multitude of dashes can be used to confuse opponents and strike them when they are least expecting it. Reaper is also excellent for PVP and grinding dungeons.

Project Slayers BDA Tier List Reaper


  • Swamp Demon Art

The swamp is a Blood Demon Art that centers on the creation, manipulation, and molding of a unique liquid. This liquid resembles murky swamp water and has the unique property of being a medium of transport to a pocket realm. Swamp is a very solid BDA in the game with its combos and damage; the only reason we put it in A is that her damage got slightly decreased in the most recent update.

Project Slayers BDA Tier List Swamp
  • Dream Demon Art

This is a Blood Demon Art that entails manipulating the victim’s soul using an unidentified gaseous material. It can also be used to briefly render victims unconscious. The player also receives limited biokenesis, allowing them to construct simple yet powerful flesh structures. Dream’s attacks are very powerful too, making it a good BDA for PVP.

Project Slayers BDA Tier List Dream


  • Blood Burst Demon Art

The Blood Burst Art is a well-balanced art that uses shocks and rapid mobility to keep the rivals close, then slashes and explosives to kill them when they are near. Blood Burst BDA is actually very good on its own, but its damage capability is lacking compared to the other ones.

Project Slayers BDA Tier List Blood Burst
  • Shockwave Demon Art

This blood demon technique mixes martial arts with the shockwave generation. However, when compared to the other BDAs, Shockwave is merely a mediocre demon art. It is not great for PVP, but good for dungeons.


  • Arrow Demon Art

The Arrow Blood Demon Art employs stuns and knockback, as well as quick movement, to maintain control of the combat and escape harm. However, when compared to the other BDAs, Shockwave is merely a mediocre demon art. It is not great for PVP, but it is good for dungeons too.

Project Slayers Arrow


  • Temari Demon Art

Temari is a combo-focused and heavily ranged demon art that throws Temari balls. She uses several stuns and ranged strikes to keep opponents at a safe distance. She can also utilize her four-arms ability to do massive damage to anyone who gets too near. However, even though we expect Temari to fulfill those features, this BDA becomes very weak when compared to the other ones and definitely needs an upgrade.

Project Slayers Temari

That is it! These are our ideas about Blood Demon Arts in Project Slayers. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

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