Dead By Daylight: Best Order to Prestige Each Survivor | Perk Unlock Guide

Which perks are best and how did they change since the new update?

Dead By Daylight: Best Order to Prestige Each Survivor | Perk Unlock Guide

Another big patch in Dead By Daylight means yet another big change is upon us, the players. We have previously created a sort of similar guide for perking up and the best perks for every killer available. You can check it out by clicking here. Now you must be wondering what has changed for the survivors as well. Well, here comes Item Level to the rescue yet again. Let’s get started on the best order to prestige each survivor.

Best Order to Prestige Each Survivor | Perk Unlock Guide – Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight has recently changed how you unlock your perks for all the characters in the game. They will now be unlocked through prestige. That is why it is going to be more important than ever to choose what order you will prestige your survivors in. For example, if you get to Prestige level 30 on some characters, all of their perks will be unlocked for using.

In addition, you no longer lose anything for prestige and are forced to do so every time you hit level 50 with a character. Let’s begin with placing all the best possible perks for each survivor separately:


  • Self Care
  • Botany Knowledge
  • Empathy

Kate Denson

  • Windows of Opportunity
  • Dance With Me
  • Boil Over

Zarina Kassir

  • Off the Record
  • For the People
  • Red herring


  • Boon: Circle of Healing
  • Boon: Shadow Step
  • Clairvoyance


  • Lithe
  • Alert
  • Technician


  • Prove Thyself
  • Bond
  • Leader

Bill from Left 4 Dead

  • Borrowed Time
  • Unbreakable
  • Left Behind
Source: Choy


  • Quick & Quiet
  • Sprint Burst
  • Adrenaline


  • Decisive Strike
  • Sole Survivor
  • Object of Obsession


  • Dead Hard
  • We’re Gonna Live Forever
  • No Mither


  • Deliverance
  • Diversion
  • Autodidact


  • Vigil
  • Wake up!
  • Pharmacy


  • Overcome
  • Boon: Exponential
  • Corrective Action


  • Balanced Landing
  • Urban Evasion
  • Streetwise
Source: Choy


  • Desperate Measures
  • Built to Last
  • Visionary


  • Lucky Break
  • Breakout
  • Any Means Necessary


  • Overzealous
  • Residual Manifest
  • Inner Focus


  • Distortion
  • Breakdown
  • Aftercare


  • Saboteur
  • Iron Will
  • Calm Spirit


  • Bite the Bullet
  • Flashbang
  • Rookie Spirit


  • Head On
  • Solidarity
  • Poised
Source: Choy


  • Blast Mine
  • Resurgance
  • Counterforce


  • Deception
  • Power Struggle
  • Appraisal


  • Flip – Flop
  • Mettle of Man
  • Buckle Up


  • Parental Guidance
  • Emptathic Connection
  • Boon: Dark Theory


  • Open – Handed
  • Ace in the Hole
  • Up the Ante


  • Detective’s Hunch
  • Stake Out
  • Tenacity


  • Smash Hit
  • Fast – Track
  • Self – Preservation


  • Soul Guard
  • Repressed Alliance
  • Blood Pact
Source: Choy

Steve and Nancy

For this one you will have to buy the Stranger Things DLC. They are generic characters which have generic perks meaning that you’ll have them unlocked and they will always stick with them no matter what.

That should be all of them. Stick with these perks and unlock them by leveling up their Prestige as stated in the beginning of this article. Place them in this order and you will of course need to combine them with a couple of teammates to get them to work in best and more efficient order. Good luck and have fun dodging and killing those killers!

A big thank you and huge credit goes to Choy from YouTube. You can check out his channel where he goes very deep into detail and information everything Dead by Daylight connected. You can see his channel and videos by clicking here.

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