Dead Space Find Report on Bridge – Where is Nicole’s Report – Premeditated Malpractice

What were you doing, Nicole?

Dead Space Remake is more than just new and improved visuals and updated gameplay. Aside from the complete overhaul of the Ishimura, a fully voiced Isaac Clarke, and many more, Nicole Brennan becomes more than just a character that shows up thrice in the game.

Dead Space Remake explores the Necromorph infestation and its survivors with more depth than the original could not do.

In fact, there is a side mission called Premeditated Malpractice that focuses on Nicole’s journey in trying to solve the Necromorph origins and the outbreak.

Where is Nicole’s Report – Dead Space

Go to the Bridge

Around Chapter 8, you should get the Find Report on the Bridge objective after completing the last objective for Premeditated Malpractice.

Once you get the objective, just head on over to the Bridge using the tram.

The recording is found on this console on the right side of the bridge. Just approach it and you will get the prompt to play the recording that details Nicole’s report.

Just follow the holograms as they talk and the report will eventually end, completing the objective.

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