All Gregory’s Upgrades – Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach

All upgrade locations!

You are able to give Gregory a lot of upgrades to make him much faster and stealthier. A lot of fun new activities are just at your doorstep but you need to know where to look for throughout the rooms to be able to find all of the upgrades. In this guide we will show you everywhere you need to go without getting caught and scared to death. Let’s get started.

Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach – All Gregory’s Upgrades

Follow all of these upgrades one by one and in no time you are going to be fully upgraded.

Stamina Upgrade 1/4

You will need to come to the highlighted position shown in the picture above. It will be inside the main lobby of the game where you can roam around in the broad sunlight. At the corner of it you are going to find a security door. Enter it and inside you’ll find the upgrade.

Stamina Upgrade 2/4

You need to arrive in the Atrium which is on the second floor of the main building. Once you get to the highlighted position you can see a metal gate. Walk up to it and it will open. Now just proceed to move inside the kitchen and here you can find the upgrade.

Stamina Upgrade 3/4

You need to come to the Loading Dock for being able to find this upgrade. Once you get there just get to the highlighted position and inside the mechanical room is where you can find the upgrade.

Stamina Upgrade 4/4

Find the Roxy Raceway map zone and then while in it you will look for the staircase leading you up to the construction thingy. On top of it is where you can find the upgrade. It will be on the corner of the room.

Flashlight Battery Upgrade 1/3

This one will be in the Rockstar Row. Get to the position as shown above in the picture and then proceed to move through the red doors that can be found in the very corner. Once you get inside that room you can easily spot the upgrade just in front of the entrance.

Flashlight Battery Upgrade 2/3

This is easy to spot once you get to the Daycare. This is the area where you can see a lot of children’s toys and houses. You need to go across the area of the playing ball and reach the corner of the big wide room behind the castle. Once you get there, you can climb on the tower by using the stairs.

Flashlight Battery Upgrade 3/3

Come to the Monty’s Gator Gold and proceed to walk all the way to the same area shown above in the picture. Here there will be just a computer room with an enemy inside. The upgrade will be on the computers itself so you need to walk past the enemy. The best way to do so is to just walk behind the robot.


The hoodie can be found inside the Atrium map room. It will give you a boost to the stealth or it decreases the enemy detection of you which is very powerful. 

You need to get inside the restaurant-type of area. Once you get here you will position yourself just as in the picture above, or in the corner where you can enter the background rooms and the toilet. When you enter the toilet you can find the package in one of the stalls. Just make sure that the enemies don’t catch you!


The Shoes can be found inside the Glamrock Salon. It is a pretty big area with a lot of enemies inside of it so be very careful. Once you take them it will increase your sprinting speed by a lot.

When you get inside the Salon you will spot a big light on the wall with the Makeup saying and a red door next to it. Simply get inside this door and you can find a toilet here. Enter one of the stalls and you can find the shoes. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide has helped you out in finding all of Gregory’s Upgrades. Have fun finding them all and try not to get caught by the robots!

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