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Yes, it’s a clone of Lethal Company.

Deadly Company is a Roblox game that is pretty much the same as Lethal Company. If you don’t have a few bucks to spare and buy Lethal Company, then Deadly Company may be the game for you. It plays the exact same as Lethal Company with the same objectives and same monsters.

However, there are some differences that help Deadly Company stand out from the big brother. In this complete beginner’s guide, I will show you everything you need to know about Deadly Company and how it works.

With the knowledge I’m about to bestow, you will climb up the corporate ladder real quick! Or not die. That works too.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

As stated before, Deadly Company is a copy of Lethal Company, but playable on Roblox. So, there may be some things that are familiar and other things that are brand new.

If you don’t want to jump into the game as a total newbie, then make sure to take note of what you’re about to read.

How the Game Works

The game starts off rather quick and gives you a rundown on what you will be doing: going to different moons and collect as many scraps as you can and sell it to the Company to make a profit.

To collect scraps, you will need to go to your terminal in the ship and look for moons to travel to and land in order to loot it for scraps.

I’ll explain more on the process of traveling to different moons below.

Moon information displayed on the terminal in Deadly Company.

If you think you’ll have a week or two to make your quota, then you’re wrong. Your quota will have a deadline of 3 days, sometimes less. You can check when is the deadline of your quota and how much you need to make before the quota by looking at the terminal.

If you reach that quota, you will continue to work for the Company. If you do not reach the quota, then let’s just say that you will get “fired” and will never be able to work again. This is where looking for moons come in.

Quota and the deadline for it displayed on the terminal in Deadly Company.


Now, aside from the main terminal that shows you what moon you are orbiting around and what your quota is, you will also have a side terminal to the right of the main terminal. This side terminal allows you to do things you need to do, like going to moons and buying things from the store.

How the terminal works is that you need to type in commands for the terminal to do certain things. For example, typing “moons” will bring you to the list of moons you can go to.

Once there, you will be given a list of places you can go to, like The Company Building or Experimentation.

Like before, just type in the name like “experimentation” and you will be able to go to that location.

Terminal where you can access the moons, store, and bestiary in Deadly Company.

Before you go anywhere though, you will first need to buy things to help you in your search. To do that, you will need to go to the Store.

In the Store, you will be given a list of items you can buy. You will always start with 60 dollars, so that limits you to what you can buy when first starting the game.

What I do recommend however is you buying the Pro-Flashlight and saving the rest of your money. The Pro-Flashlight is a must for every player, as the game can get pretty dark and hard to see.

The Flashlight is good, but it runs out of electricity faster, making it pretty useless and only useful if you can’t get a Pro-Flashlight.

What the Store contains in Deadly Company.

Now, in order to buy anything, you will need to type the name. To get the Pro-Flashlight, type in “proflaslight” and you will be asked for confirmation. Just type in “yes” and the Pro-Flashlight will be delivered to you when you land on the moon.

Purchasing a Pro-Flashlight in Deadly Company.

Delivery Shuttle & Time

After landing on the moon, wait near your ship and you will see a mini shuttle landing on the ground. This shuttle won’t stay for long, as it will only drop what you purchased and leave.

One thing that differs from this delivery shuttle than the one from Lethal Company is that it will not play music as an audio cue.

You will have to listen for the thrusters as it lands, as well as looking around to see where it is.

Delivery for the Pro-Flashlight in Deadly Company.

Main Entrance & Fire Exit

With a flashlight in hand, you can now enter the building to look for scrap. One thing I want to point out real quick is that every building will always have a main entrance and a fire exit entrance. These two doors will lead you to the same building, just on different locations inside.

Main entrance location in Deadly Company.

Moving Around the Building & Looking for Scraps

Once inside the building, you will now have to look around and search for scrap. The entire building will be dark and hard to see, which is why having a flashlight is important. While looking around, make sure to watch out for areas that you can fall off, as there are a ton of them here.

Always remember to use your scanner by clicking on the right mouse button. The scanner is great for looking for scraps as you move around the building.

It also serves as a makeshift flashlight in case you don’t have one, but it only lights a few feet in front of you, so it’s not a super reliable source of light.

Looking around the building for scraps in Deadly Company.

While inside, you will encounter turrets that will shoot on sight. These turrets fire fast rounds at you, so you will only have a few seconds to get behind cover to avoid getting killed.

These turrets are the only active enemies in the game as of the time of writing this. Other monsters from Lethal Company are not yet in the game, so you won’t have to worry about anything else.

However, the mask does make an appearance. If you know what the mask is, then you know it’s not good news. For those that don’t know, the mask is an item you can pick up and put on as a joke.

But putting it on for too long will kill you immediately. So, unless you’re trying to be a funny guy, I recommend you to not put it on, even as a joke.

Turrets in Deadly Company.

What Happens When You Die?

But let’s say you get killed by the turret. What happens next? If you are playing solo, it means that you die and you lose everything in your inventory, including items like the Pro-Flashlight and any scrap you had on you.

After that, your ship will leave you and evacuate the planet. Once you respawn, the quota deadline will be deducted one day, meaning you have shorter time to reach the quota.

If you are playing with other people, you will still lose everything you have on you, but other people can pick up your items and scraps to bring it back to the ship for when you respawn.

But if all members of your crew die, then the ship will also leave and any scrap you collected, regardless of if it is on the ship, will not show up when you respawn.

Player getting killed by a turret in Deadly Company.

Carrying Scrap

But let’s also say you didn’t die and have found a room full of scrap. Jackpot, right? Now, it’s time to grab the scrap here and carry them all the way back to the ship.

There’s a couple of things I want to highlight here that a lot of new players do that doesn’t help them.

First off, always carry the two-handed scraps last. For example, the engine here is a heavy two-handed scrap. If you pick it up first, you will not be able to pick up smaller scraps that can be placed in your inventory.

This also means that you cannot use items like the Pro-Flashlight to light your way forward, which is extremely dangerous and terrifying when playing solo.

A large two handed scrap ready to be picked up in Deadly Company.

Also, keep an eye out for your time while carrying scrap back to your ship. This can be seen at the top of your HUD.

This is important to note because if you do not return to the ship by 12 midnight, the ship will automatically leave without you.

This counts as a death for you, and everything you collected and dropped in the ship will not count.

Time of day in Deadly Company.

Selling Your Scrap

With scrap in your ship, you can now go back to the Company and sell them. But if you still have time before the deadline, I recommend you to not do that and continue going to moons to get more scrap.

The reason for this is because the Company will not buy all of your scraps at full price. They will only give you 25% the value of the scraps, which is highway robbery if you ask me.

That’s why I recommend you to not sell your scrap before the deadline. That way, you can get the true value of every scrap you sell in the game.

Deadline to meet quota in Deadly Company.

Once you reach the deadline, then that’s the perfect time to sell your scrap. To go to the Company Building, simply go to the terminal and type in “the company building” and the ship will take you there.

Once you have safely landed the ship, you can then bring all of the scrap you found to the counter here.

To sell your scrap, simply equip the scrap in your inventory and press the prompt that pops up on the counter. You will then drop the scrap on the counter. But that’s not where it stops.

You will have to ring the bell that’s right next to the scrap in order for someone to get the scrap. Just don’t press the button more than once. You have been warned.

Selling your scraps to the Company in Deadly Company.

What Next?

After meeting your quota and leaving the Company Building, what happens next? Well, you do it all over again with a new quota. That’s the gameplay loop: land, loot, leave, sell, then repeat. The same exact thing in Lethal Company!

Repeating the same thing over and over again in Deadly Company.

That’s all you need to know in this beginner’s guide for Lethal Company. Did this guide help you understand the core gameplay of the game and how to play efficiently? Let us know in the comments below.

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