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Make sure you know what you’re going to be up against. 

Deadly Company: All Monsters & Enemies Guide | Roblox Featured Image

Deadly Company is a Roblox game inspired by the original Lethal Company game. In this game, you will go on missions to collect different materials and resources for The Company.

The newest update of the game comes with the introduction of Monsters. In this guide, we will show you all of the Monsters & Enemies that you can possibly face in the game.

All Monsters & Enemies Guide


The first enemy in this list is the Turrets. Turrets are guns that are located in random locations. They cannot aim vertically. This means that if you are on a higher ground or lower ground, the turret will not be able to hit you.

TIP: Consider using the Flashlight so you know what is ahead of you. They can spawn behind doors as well, so be extra careful as you open each door.

Deadly Company Turrets

Tragedy Mask

The next threat you’ll face is not an actual mob, but a random item you can find. Tragedy is a mask that you’ll find around the map as you explore. After you die, you will become a Zombie.

This item is harmless as long as you do nothing. Equipping it will cause you to lose your life and die immediately.

TIP: Once you ever run into the Trategy Mask, leave it there and never pick it up. You do not want to accidentally equip it.

Deadly Company Tragedy Mask


The third threat that you’ll run into when exploring is the Mines. Mines are random explosives that you can find around the maps. When you step on one of these Mines, it will explode and you will die.

TIP: The mines have a round shape and a red light that flickers at intervals. The mine is easy to see thanks to its red light and can be quite easy to avoid. As you walk in many areas, use your flashlight so you can spot them more easily.

Deadly Company Mines

Bell Killer

The Bell Killer is also an enemy that you should watch out for. This monster will spawn as long as you ring the Bell repeatedly.

TIP: To stop it from spawning, remember to only ring the bell a few times instead of spamming the ring button. 

Deadly Company Bell Killer


The next monster on the list is the Coilheads. These enemies will start chasing and attacking you if you are not looking at them.

TIP: If you ever run into one of them, make sure your character is facing them at all times while walking backward. This will increase your chances of getting out of the area safely.

Deadly Company Coilheads

Eyeless Dogs

The Eyeless Dogs are enemies that spawn between 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM in-game. These enemies usually wander in the outside area.

TIP: To counter the Eyeless Dogs, make sure you are crouching at all times. By crouching, the monsters will not be able to detect you.

Deadly Company Eyeless Dogs


When you are exploring inside, you can also run into Centipedes. This is an indoor mob that chases you and damages your character. 

These mobs usually spawn on the ceiling and can be detected by the scanner. As you move around, pay attention to your surroundings to spot these enemies as soon as possible.

TIP: They are usually quite slow; you can just outrun them. Another way of dealing with this monster is that you can try leading it to the metal area, where it can easily get stuck.

Deadly Company Centipedes

That’s a list of all the enemies currently available in Deadly Company. In the newest update, we have seen some of the monsters and it is likely that we will get more in the future. For now, some of the monsters aren’t as deadly, but newer ones in the future can be much scarier as a threat.

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