Deceitful Domain Where Bloodhounds Gather – Genshin Impact

Ready to defeat some Rifthounds?

A new deceitful domain is available and you need to defeat powerful Rifthounds! Completing the domain will give you Primogems but earning a higher score can give you more materials as rewards. Take a look at this guide to learn more about the domain!

Where Bloodhounds Gather — Genshin Impact

The second deceitful domain is called “Where Bloodhounds Gather”. You can enter this domain in Tianqiu Valley, the same as the first deceitful domain. After clicking on the entrance of the deceitful domain, switch to the “Where Bloodhounds Gather” tab. 

In this domain, you will face the following enemies: Thundercraven Rifthound, Rockfond Rifthound, Thundercraven Rifthound Whelp, and Rockfond Rifthound Whelp. You can then select the difficulty of the domain and the number of points you can earn. 

The more challenging the domain is, the more points you can earn. If you want to get more materials as rewards, we recommend changing the difficulty of the domain to Expert. Keep in mind, however, that the enemies will be tougher to defeat in this condition. 

You can choose any team you want for this domain. We recommend using your most powerful characters in the domain. The Rifthounds in this domain will also enter an Elemental Devourer state when their health is below 50%.

If a Rifthound is in an elemental devourer state, it will cause more damage to you but at the same time, they are more susceptible to elemental damage. Take advantage of this state to defeat all the Rifthound enemies. 

Once you clear the domain, you can claim your primogems on the event page.

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