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Place of Interest Tianqiu Valley – Genshin Impact Act II

It’s time to investigate once again!

The second Act of Energy Amplifier Fruition is now out, and we have another 3 Places of Interest to investigate. Follow this guide to complete all 3 Places of interest and get another set of Primogems as rewards!

 Act II Places of Interests — Genshin Impact

The first Place of Interest in Act II is in Mt. Hulao. Use the teleport waypoint in Mt. Hulao and glide down the cliff towards the quest area. You will see the Mutation Stone emanating its aura as you glide down. 

The Mutation Stone is on top of a platform to the north. Try doing a plunging attack towards the Mutation Stone to destroy it without the enemies knowing. Afterward, you can easily defeat the Lawachurls in the enemy camp. 

The second place of interest is in Tianqiu Valley. Use any of the teleport waypoints near the area and you will find the enemy camp near the lake. There are 2 mutation stones here, one on top of a wooden platform and another surrounded by wooden crates.

Destroy the mutation stones and defeat all the enemies to clear this place of interest. The third place of interest is just north of the second place of interest. You can sprint towards the area or use the eastern teleport waypoint in Tianqiu Valley. 

There are two mutation stones here once again. You can find the first mutation stone inside the wooden shack and another on top of a wooden watchtower. Destroy the stones and clear the area of enemies to finish the Act II of Energy Amplifier Fruition event. 

This investigation process should give you a total of 80 Primogems. 

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