Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor – How To Call Supply Drop

Supply pod guide!

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor - How To Call Supply Drop

It’s so easy to get lose when you’ve just started in games like Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, like when trying to call the Supply Drop. Knowing the best way to make full use of this function might spell the failure or success of your squad. Keep reading for tips and tricks when it comes to supply drops!

How To Call Supply Drop

Calling the Resupply Pod is one of the integral gameplay in the latest installation of Deep Rock Galactic. You will have to do it a lot when the stages start to get tougher.

Supply Drop will be automatically sent in when your Progress Bar reaches a milestone. These Supply drops provide useful items such as Artifacts. Once you reach the milestone, the game will notify you to find the Supply Beacon.

Supply Drop or crate milestone in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor.

If you’re wondering, the Supply Beacon is shown below. If it’s not yet available, it’ll have an exclamation mark on it, indicating that you need to clear up the rocks around it. Once you do, the countdown begins before the Supply Drop arrives.

Supply Beacon.

Once it does, it’ll show you options of new weapons you can take for the rest of the round. And that’s how you can call the Supply Drop in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor! Fans of Deep Rock Galactic? Here’s a Scout build you want to try for your next Elite Dive.


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