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Maximum cave complexity or nothing!

Deep Rock Galactic isn’t always about mining rocks and tapping water dispensers. Sometimes you get deployed to take out threats as well, big ones. That or you fail miserably and you only end up softening your target, which makes the next team’s job easier.

In hindsight, Elimination missions are quite easy to do since they’re pretty straightforward. All you have to do is get in, kill a few oversized bugs while collecting Nitra, and get out with a full set of limbs. Let’s break down the mission in greater detail in this guide to make sure you don’t end up as somebody else’s dinner.

Deep Rock Galactic | Missions Guide | Elimination Guide & Rating

Surprisingly, Elimination missions are easier to do than Rival Incursions, the only problem that arises is actually completing the objective, which is to find the two Dreadnoughts that want to do bad things to you for disturbing their sleep.

That’s completely understandable but mind you, it’s their fault for existing in the first place so you’re basically doing them a favor.


The Length and Complexity modifiers can make or break your Elimination mission experience sometimes, in this case, both will determine how many Dreadnoughts need to be put down per match.

The next thing to keep in mind is the kind of layout that the cave system has in these missions and how they can be used to find the cocoons faster.

At the beginning of the missions, you’re greeted by a starter room where there’s an immediate source of Nitra that can be gathered without any consequence. This just shows how things will go sideways immediately that will result in you calling for an early Resupply.

There are a few tunnels leading out of this room that you can take that will eventually take you to the cocoon, don’t forget to use your Terrain Scanner if you’re ever unfortunate enough to get lost.

You can always listen to the heartbeat emanating from the cocoon as well if you ever feel like using your ears, the sound will get louder and more invasive the closer you get.

You have three different flavors of hell that will come your way the moment you decide to shoot the cocoons open. There’s the standard Glyphid Dreadnought, the Dreadnought Hiveguard, and the Twins. It’s never a fun time dealing with these things but nobody said anything about it being impossible!

The Glyphid Dreadnought is the easiest to deal with, all you have to do is shoot its backside to expose the glowing weak spot that’s just asking to get shot. After a certain amount of time its armor will grow back and you just have to repeat the process until it goes back to sleep forever.

The Twins comprise two bosses for the price of one, you have the Lacerator and the Arbalest. The Lacerator likes to get up close and personal while the Arbalest sticks close to the walls to fire at you from a distance.

They will get some of their health back once if you damage them enough but they’re easier to put down as they don’t have any armor to begin with.

And then there’s the Dreadnought Hiveguard, heavily armored and goes out of its way most of the time to summon even more targets for you to shoot at the worst possible time. It cannot be damaged until its minions are dealt with, it does however, have three weak points for you to shoot at the moment they’re exposed.

Get rid of all three and you can get back to shooting its butt to knock it out for good. Now let’s take a look at what you need to arm yourself with to make the fights more forgiving.

Class Roles

You can’t go wrong with having a Gunner and Scout for missions like these, with the Gunner’s high damage output and the Scout’s great single target control, they can work together well enough to eliminate the Dreadnought menace.

The Driller is still good to have if you want to have control over the area you’ll be fighting in with the use of his drills, and don’t even think about not wanting to make use of his Satchel Charges!

The Engineer can also bring some much-needed assistance prior to the fight as he can occupy himself by setting up turrets near the cocoon.

Mission Rating

If we’re talking Difficulty it would definitely be a 3 out of 5, with 5 being the highest. That will depend on which Dreadnought variant you get on your mission though, which keeps things interesting! Maybe a little too interesting at times.

Complexity gets a 2 since there aren’t really a lot of intricate details concerning this mission, all you do is go in, gather Nitra, and kill your targets. Enjoyment however, gets a solid 4 as you don’t really get a lot of boss fight missions in DRG, and the pain is surprisingly fun once you get used to it. No, the Caretaker is an awful boss to fight as there’s simply too much room to move around in.

Now that you know what to expect from Elimination missions go and try it out for yourself and see if you’ll have the same amount of fun everybody else is having!

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