Deepwoken: Best Bell Tier List (January 2024)

What are the best (and worst) bells as of the latest update?

Deepwoken: Best Bell Tier List (January 2024) Featured Image

Deepwoken is a rather complex game on Roblox that features thrilling hardcore PVE and PVP combat. There are a lot of things to keep in mind when playing through it, especially with its ever-changing meta.

One of the features that you have to consider when creating a build are the Bells, which are special abilities that you can get through various means. Here are all of the current ones in the game ranked from best to worst.

Best Bell Tier List (January 2024)

Bells, which is what the players have started calling Resonances, are powerful abilities that have varying uses ranging from simple teleportation to granting you the power to resurrect allies upon their untimely demise.

In this list, each of the current obtainable Resonances will be ranked according to how useful they are right now.

This list is purely based on the community’s opinions, and things may still change with future updates!

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  • Dimensional Travel – This ability can be used to temporarily transport you into an alternate realm, allowing you to escape and hide from other players.
  • Gravity Field – It traps enemies inside, making it great for executing targets that are low on health.
  • Teleportation – This essentially gives you an incredibly handy fast travel ability.
  • Blood Scourge – Blood Scourge is incredibly powerful and is generally considered to be one of the best Resonances to have at the moment.


  • Payback – It can reflect all damage dealt to the user throughout the ability’s duration.


  • Resurrection – It is pretty good, as long as you can time it properly to revive your teammates when they take fatal damage.
  • Run it Back – It has its uses, but Run it Back can also work against you if nearby hostile players know exactly where your marker is placed.
  • Wind-Up – This can be good for dealing damage and knocking enemies away, just watch out for parries.


  • Crazy Slots – This has the potential to be good, but because of how random it can be when choosing which weapons to give you, it is often terrible in practice.
  • Preservation – It has a very niche use due to how it is mainly utilized for saving knocked teammates.
  • Sacred Field – Although it is good in theory, people generally choose to run away from a fight whenever they see their opponents use it.
  • Smokescreen – Smokescreen can be decent for running away from enemy players, but there are typically better options out there for the same purpose.


  • Portals – Although it temporarily grants you invisibility and invincibility, it is not particularly great, especially in PVP scenarios.


  • Jar of Souls – It allows the user to collect souls and manually fire a beam to deal damage. This is generally not a good Resonance to have.
  • Shard Bow – Just like Jar of Souls, it is not really great for dealing damage due to how easy it is to counter.
  • Smite – While it is better than Shard Bow, it is still a pretty bad Resonance overall due to how little damage it does.

And that concludes this tier list for Deepwoken’s many bells. Hopefully this helps you decide whether one is worth keeping or not, as some of them are objectively pretty bad in most cases, while others are just straight up too strong right now.

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