Deepwoken: Best Oath Tier List

The best Oaths to dominate.

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In Deepwoken, Oaths are basically paths the player chooses for their character – which in turn provides certain buffs. As of writing, there’s a total of 11 Oaths in the game, and you are only able to choose 1. 

That’s why it’s important that you know which are the best, as the meta is constantly changing. Now, this tier list aims to rank down the Oaths – from best to worst. We’re going to show what the latest meta is and discuss which ones you should be choosing.

Best Oath Tier List

The tier list for Oaths in Deepwoken isn’t shocking to say the least. The game has continuously tried to buff the mages which is also where the meta is heading as of right now. But there’s one that stands on top of them all and we’ll talk about why.

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  • Blindseer is the best Oath right now because of its ability to counter Mages using Tranquil Circle. Mindsoothe is another skill here that also makes it amazing for group fights.


  • Silentheart is similar to Blind Seer in terms of how good it is against mages, especially if you can get a gun. Jun-Karita is also a great fighting style for this Oath. 
  • Arcwarder would have made it up there in the S-tier with Blind Seer. But there’s currently a bug with this Oath and we’re going to have to wait for the devs to work on this one.


  • Starkindred is a great choice if you enjoy mobility. It has proven to be an annoyance with his parries and Sinister build.
  • Dawnwalker has a powerful ranged skill, but with the shifting meta and buffs, other Oaths are getting better.
  • Contractor is just below Dawnwalker due to its lack of role in ganking.
  • Visionshaper is currently amazing with the Poser Ring, allowing the clone to do 100% damage with the katana.
  • Linkstrider has a great support ability. It is also great for PvE due to the massive healing potential.
Deepwoken Oath: Linkstrider
  • Oathless gives you free extra 10 HP and permanent +15% Oath Mantra Resistance. You also get 2 extra Wildcard Mantra slots.


  • Jetstriker may have a chance in ganks, but it has no potential in PVP at all.

And that’s for the Oath tier list in Deepwoken for January 2024. There’s no telling who else will receive a rebalance, if Jetstriker and Oathless might receive their buffs, or when Arcwarder will be fixed. But we’re certainly going to let you know when a new tier list is in order, so stay tuned!

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