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MX vs ATV Legends: All Vehicles List

All Vehicles List on MX vs ATV Legends!

MX vs. ATV is an off-road racing video game franchise developed by Rainbow Studios and released by THQ Nordic. It is a crossover between THQ’s MX trilogy and Sony’s ATV Offroad Fury series. As the name implies, the racing is using motocross bikes and all-terrain vehicles, while additional vehicles such as dune buggies and sport trucks were also included in the games. What exactly are all the vehicles in MX vs ATV Legends? Let’s dive in!

MX vs ATV Legends: All Vehicles List

There is a total of 24 vehicles you can buy and unlock. The list excludes the OEM 2021 Bundle which you can grab for $80. All of these vehicles have customizable components. Here is the list of all vehicles:

  1. Rainbow RXR1000 UTV
  2. Rainbow RS125R 2-Stroke
  3. Rainbow RSX450 ATV
  4. Gold Edition Zeta-GS UTV
  5. THQ Nordic QXR-2 UTV
  6. Phoenix Chaser X1 UTV
  7. Rainbow RS450F 4-Stroke
  8. THQ Nordic QF450 4-Stroke
  9. Gold Edition 450F 4-Stroke
  10. Phoenix PHX450F 4-Stroke
  11. THQ Nordic QF450 4-Stroke
  12. Phoenix PHX250F 4-Stroke
  13. Rainbow RS250F 4-Stroke
  14. Gold Edition RS250F 4-Stroke
  15. Rainbow RS250R 2-Stroke
  16. THQ Nordic QR250 2-Stroke
  17. Phoenix PHX250R 2-Stroke
  18. Gold Edition PHX 250R 2- Stroke
  19. Phoenix PHX125R 2-Stroke
  20. THQ Nordic PHX125R 2-Stroke
  21. Gold Edition 125R 2-Stroke
  22. Gold Edition XK450 ATV
  23. THQ Nordic QF450 ATV
  24. Phoenix PHX 450 ATV

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