Deepwoken: Diluvian Mechanism Location

Are you looking for a harder challenge? Try the Diluvian Mechanism!

Deepwoken: Diluvian Mechanism Location

As you progress in Deepwoken, you’ll be gathering many different items like armor, weapons, and special abilities to help you in battle. There are also many different locations that get more difficult as you play. There has also been a new location you can go to called the Diluvian Mechanism in Deepwoken.

This new location is a challenge for players to overcome as it can be quite difficult. Upon completing the Mechanism, you can receive unique rewards. In this guide, we will show you the Deepwoken’s location of the Diluvian Mechanism. Once you’re there, you’ll get to try it out!

Diluvian Mechanism Location

The Diluvian is where you will be fighting strong enemies that become even harder with each wave. There are also Modifiers & Environmental Hazards that you need to deal with and react accordingly.

Inside the Mechanism, you will be completing trials that require you to defeat difficult enemies. The challenge ends at 50 waves, granting you rewards and EXP every 5 waves.

To start a round, end a round, or leave midway, you will need to speak again with the Diluvian Mechanism in Deepwoken.

How To Get To The Diluvian Mechanism

First, you will need to get to the Marauder’s Entrance, a location in the First Layer of The Depths, located at the side of the map near the District of Commerce.

Players can enter the Diluvian Mechanism challenge by talking to the Diluvian Mechanism within Maurauder’s Entrance.

The place used to have a Resonance Door, but now it is replaced with a hallway that leads to the Diluvian Mechanism. As you reach the end of the area, you will find the hallway. (See the image below)

Deepwoken: Diluvian Mechanism Location

List Of Monsters

As you fight through each wave in the Diluvian, you will encounter multiple enemies with different variants. They are the following:

  • Stone Knight (All variants + Corrupt)
  • Thresher (All variants + Corrupt)
  • Megalodaunt (All variants + Corrupt)
  • Bounder (Corrupt)
  • Rock Golem (All variants + Corrupt)
  • Crab (All variants + Corrupt)
  • The Enforcer (Corrupt)
  • Lionfish (All variants)
  • Carbuncle (Corrupt)
  • Gigamed (All variants + Corrupt)
  • Bone Keeper (Corrupt)
  • Nautilodaunt (Corrupt)
  • Rogue Constructs (Corrupt)
  • Brainsucker (Corrupt)
  • Angels (All variants)
  • Songseeker (All variants)
  • Attunement Trainers
  • Ministry Necromancer
  • Ministry Enforcer (Strong variant)
  • Bandit
  • Kyrsgarde (All variants)
  • Deep Widow (Corrupt)
  • Mudskipper Knight (Corrupt)
  • Deep Owl (Corrupt)
Deepwoken: Diluvian Mechanism Monsters

Loot Rewards

As you move on from each wave in the Diluvian, you will be able to receive amazing rewards:

  • Relics
  • Legendaries
  • Three-star equipment
  • Weapons
  • Celtorian Tideknight Outfit (Wave 50)
Deepwoken: Diluvians Mechanisms Rewards

Tips & Tricks

Before you get started in the Diluvian, make sure you always play with a team of 5 players. Playing with fewer players or playing solo isn’t recommended since you will not be able to get to the deeper waves with more rewards. Each person in your team is going to be performing a different role with their builds.

First, you’ll need at least 1 blunt damage weapon player. Having someone to deal with the blunt damage monsters like the Stone Knights can be really useful. If you spot a monster of this type, you can tell the player to be in charge and defeat it in the Diluvian Mechanism.

Deepwoken Diluvians Mechanisms Gameplay

In the Diluvian mode, sustain is better than damage. It does not matter how much damage you are capable of dealing to the monsters, but whether you can stay up long enough to deal the damage. Here are some tips you can consider:

  • Vow of Mastery: The person with the Vow of Mastery will be the support player. They can perform the ‘Return’ & ‘Revive’ Commands to bring teammates to safety and back to fights. A support isn’t required for winning, but having someone in charge of this role is very useful.
  • Capra Mark of Jurik: Buffs the sanity of one person they choose around them as long as they are at a campfire or Power 5+
  • Corrupted Sacred Field: Sacred Field will spawn an area that grants you and your allies defense against physical and elemental damage. Sacred Field has a random cooldown of 15-30 seconds. More defense will allow you to stay up longer in fights.
  • Corrupted Payback: If Payback is corrupted, it gains lifesteal from the reflected damage, equal to 50% of damage dealt, and bypasses all forms of anti-heal. The healing from this can help you survive, especially on low health. Overall, this is a great Bell you can consider using.
  • Grand Feast Talent: Regain reservoir and ether when gaining hunger from killing. (+1 Passive Agility)
  • Grand Feast – Regain reservoir and ether when gaining hunger from killing. (+1 Passive Agility)
  • Repair Kits: Repairs your armor and outfit.
  • Metal Wisp: If you have Ironsing, you can use this as an alternative to Repair Kits. The skill will summon a metal wisp that regenerates armor and applies rods on vent.

Lastly, communication is key to your party’s success in Diluvian. Since everyone is performing different roles, it is best that you communicate with one another. Sometimes, fights can be chaotic, and everyone may forget their assigned tasks, this is when having someone to remind is very important.

This challenge may be difficult but at the last wave, the rewards are definitely worth it. If you did not manage to make it on the first try, you can always come back and try again with your friends!

There are also many Enchants in the game that you can use in Deepwoken. Make sure you take a look at our Enchant Tier List as well, so you can better customize your builds!


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