Deliver Us Mars – Get Into The Meeting Room With Maria

Avoid being late for this meeting by using this guide.

Ever been late for a meeting before? I have, and hoo boy is it horrifying. The one thing you don’t want to do is piss off your superiors, and I have done that a lot of times in some jobs before. However, I’m never late for any meeting (because I know they would have my head if I was late). So when Deliver Us Mars has a objective where you need to go a meeting room, I got a bit of PTSD. But not to worry, because this guide will help you find where the meeting room is.

Get Into The Meeting Room With Maria – Deliver Us Mars

How to Get Into The Meeting Room

When you get the objective to get into the meeting room, there should be some crates at the end of a hallway. Those crates will lead to a vent, which is locked. You can use your laser to cut it and crawl through.

After crawling through the vent, you will go down some stairs. There should be a path for you to go through the fence, but it’s blocked by some scrap. Use your laser again to cut a way through the scrap.

You now need to find a way to listen in to the meeting. There should be a platform one the ground that you can raise up. Press the button and the platform will go up a few feet before stopping.

The next thing you should do is to press this button that will pull up another platform.

You need to be quick, as the platform will be moving and will not stop in front of the raised platform. Jump onto the raised platform and jump onto the moving platform.

Once the moving platform stops, jump onto another platform that leads up to a locked vent. Unlock it with your laser and use AYLA and go through the hole.

Move around until you find the meeting room and listen to what they’re saying. This will complete the objective.

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