Gray Zone Warfare: What’s In The Box Task Guide

Ooh ooh, what’s in the box, what’s in the box!?

What’s In The Box is one of the many tasks given to you by Banshee in Gray Zone Warfare. It doesn’t actually refer to a literal box, though!

No, the “box” in question is simply a certain building near the Midnight Sapphire resort. Find the key to the office building, open it up, and get intel to help Banshee.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to complete this task with honors.

What’s In The Box | GZW Task Guide

Whitewater Villas map | Gray Zone Warfare: What's In The Box Task Guide

To get started with this task, head over to the Whitewater Villas area. Its coordinates on your map are Y: 166, X: 173.

Now, your job here is going to require a lot of luck. It’s also a good idea to bring some of the best weapon builds you can, since you’ll be doing a lot of fight!

What you need to do is relatively simple, though: just take out every hostile in the area. They aren’t extremely tough here, but they can hide easily around corners and bushes.

Once you’ve dealt with all of the hostiles, you should start looting them and looking for the Villa Anna Jana Key.

Fighting hostiles in the area

The tricky part? This key seems to be extremely rare!

What’s more, it also seems to not drop from the enemies at Tiger Bay Center Mall, which is one of the best key farms in the game.

As such, you may need to leave and wait for hostiles to repopulate the area. Then, come back and take them all out again to try to get the key.

Sadly, there’s not much else you can do to increase your chances of getting this rare key. But, for the record, we do wish you the best of luck!

How to Use the Villa Anna Juna Key

Midnight Sapphire map | Gray Zone Warfare: What's In The Box Task Guide

Once you do manage to get the key, head over to the Midnight Sapphire building to the southwest of the Whitewater Villas. Its coordinates on the map are Y: 165, X: 172.

The important building

Find the white and orange building with the open garage and head inside the villa.

Villa entrance

Then, make your way to the southern side of the villa.

Locked door

You’ll see a small building with the locked door marked above. You can open it with the Villa Anna Jana Key!

The laptop from outside

Once you get into the small office, you just need to download the data from the laptop on the central desk. It’s easy to spot even from outside.

The laptop from inside up close

With the intel in hand, though, you just need to go back to base and deliver it to Banshee to complete the task!

Ultimately, it’s another simple fetch quest that is only made “tough” due to the rarity of the Villa Anna Jana Key.

For help with other tasks in the game, check out our all-encompassing guide on all tasks in Grey Zone Warfare. It focuses on the Mithras faction, but it should help for all factions as there’s almost no differences for tasks.


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