Demon Piece: Best Fruits Tier List

Try to get the best ones in the list!

Demon Piece Best Fruits Tier List

There are a lot of choices that you’ll make when playing RPGs and one of them is the right item or gear for your character. Not all items are made equal, and some are better than others, so you’ll need to know which ones are good.

In Demon Piece, you can get a lot of different fruits in the game with different rarities. The thing is some of them are great when it comes to grinding while others are downright bad. If you want to optimize your playthrough, you should go for the best ones!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you what are the best fruits you can use in the game for grinding. Now, let’s see what the best and worst ones are in a tier list!

Best Fruits Tier List

There are a lot of fruits that you can get in Demon Piece and each one of them has a different rarity and move set. Of course, you can just try and use all of them but that will take a lot of time and especially a lot of resources. That’s why you’ll want to know in advance what the best ones are!

SIDE NOTE: Are you new to the game? If so, go check out our Demon Piece complete beginner’s guide to get you started!

Demon Piece Fruit Tier List

S – Tier

These are the best fruits in the game for grinding. They have a lot of different skills that often has big AOE and a lot of damage. Most of these fruits are in the higher rarity like Legendary, so there’s a low drop chance. If you get them though then keep them!

  • Flame
  • Light
  • Quake
  • Lightning
  • Buddha

A – Tier

These are the above-average fruits that can do well when grinding in Demon Piece. If you get any of these fruits, you can comfortably grind in the game without any problems. They all have good AOE and damage.

  • Dark
  • Sand
  • Smoke

B – Tier

These are the fruits that are average when it comes to grinding. Don’t disregard them since they’re still viable to use and some of them can be pretty fun. The reason why they’re this low is because it won’t be as easy to grind as the ones above.

  • Barrier
  • Love
  • Bomb
  • Paw
  • Gas

F – Tier

The worst fruits to use in the game, mainly due to their small skill sets or lack of damage and AOE. You’ll have a hard time grinding with these fruits, so if you want to do that then might as well go for something else.

  • Chop
  • Spin
  • Spring
  • Kilo

Those are all of the best and worst fruits you can get in a Tier List for Demon Piece. Now, go out there and try to get the best ones! Want to know where you can get a Haki? Check out our Haki Location guide to find out more!


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