Fortnite: Lavish Lair Weapon Mod Bench Location

How do you get to the weapon mod bench in the Lavish Lair?

With the new season of Fortnite finally out, we have a lot of exciting additions to the game, including weapon mod benches that allow you to add various accessories to a wide range of guns.

In this guide, we’ll be briefly going over how to enter the vault in the Lavish Lair to gain access to the bench in that location.

Lavish Lair Weapon Mod Bench Location

The Lavish Lair itself can be found near the northern edge of the map, and the compound itself is relatively small.

Fortnite lavish lair location

Upon dropping in the area or simply walking all the way over there from wherever you started the match, you will likely encounter a boss named Oscar, who is a man with a tiger head.

In order to open the vault hiding the weapon mod bench, you will have to defeat him and get his medallion, assuming nobody beat you to it and already looted the place.

Fortnite oscar's medallion

With the medallion in tow, the game will point you towards the location of the vault. In this case, it is just below the main building, near the large courtyard in the northern part of the compound.

Fortnite lavish lair vault

Once you open the vault, the weapon mod bench you are looking for will be inside, along with a few other things that you can loot.

Watch out for any NPC guards nearby, as they will continue to be hostile even after killing the boss!

And that’s all you need to know in order to find the bench in the Lavish Lair. It is pretty much impossible to get lost here, so the only issues you will be running into are other players and the hostile NPCs in the area!

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