Demonologist: Does It Support VR?

It’s even spookier if it had VR!

Virtual reality isn’t a phase or a gimmick anymore as more more and more affordable VR headsets come into the market. There are now hundreds of thousands of players who regularly play in VR these days, and with that a lot more games are coming out to that platform as well.

Demonologist is a co-op horror game where you play as a group of people that are tasked with identifying evil spirits. You do this by using a wide range of tools from UV lights to EMF readers. The game can be fun and horrifying with friends, but it can be even more fun if it had VR support, so, does it?

Does Demonologist Support VR?

First and foremost, Demonologist is designed as a first-person game that’s played through the PC. It’s also a co-op game if you want to check the spooky levels with your friends and scream at discord in 2 in the morning.

For those who want full immersion though you might be wondering if you can play the game in your VR headset. So is Demonologist VR compatible?

As of right now the game is not VR compatible, it’s still in early access anyway and the developers are working hard to improve the game. They have stated though that they have plans in the future to make the game VR compatible, once the game is stable and fully released.

So if you’re willing to wait for that day to come then go for it. For now the game will be a PC FPS experience, though the developers are adding patches regularly so who knows when that VR mode will come out!

Congratulations you now know if Demonolgist supports VR, sadly it doesn’t but the developers have stated that it will have at one point. For those who want to play it in VR you’ll need to wait for a future update.

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