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In Derelict on Roblox, grinding every stat is essential for success. Start by consistently completing quests, battling enemies, and gathering resources. You can also use stat-boosting items and focus on your preferred stat to become a formidable player. Read on for our guide on how to grind every stat in the game!

How To Grind Every Stat

In Derelict, just like in any RPG, your stats are crucial. Grinding them may seem tough and repetitive but fear not! We’re here to help you boost your stats efficiently. Let’s get right into it!


First, let’s discuss the Vitality stat. You can easily increase it by letting bandits hit you and then healing afterward.

You can find bandits at the Den of the Ravenous near the spawn point and the Den of the Disillusioned in Hollow’s Pass.

To level it up even quickly, use mashed potatoes from your inventory and face off against bosses like Asher, Damien, Monkey King, or Ivanus. Let them attack or defeat you, then heal up. This simple method will greatly increase your vitality.

Strength, Archery & Sorcery

To boost your Strength, Sorcery, and Archery stats, head to the Feeding Grounds. Follow the path from the bonsai to reach the giant ribcage in the area.

From there, go right and carefully jump down. You’ll come across the Hell Snails and their eggs. Defeat them repeatedly until you get the results you’re looking for.

NOTE: Make sure to equip the appropriate weapon for each stat before attacking them.


Now, let’s focus on the Crafting stat. Head to the cave in the Feeding Grounds to gather Iron Ore, which you can also find in the Subjugation Stronghold.

Once you’ve collected the iron ore, return to the camp and smelt it into iron bars. These bars can then be used to craft iron daggers that you can also sell for profit.


It’s easy to level up your Foraging stat but takes more time. In the early levels, gather mushrooms and onions around the spawn camp.

When you reach level 20, start gathering potatoes in Hollow’s Arch until you reach level 34.

Once you reach this level, gather soul shrooms in the Crystalline Cavern for a more efficient way to level up your Foraging stat.


In order to log efficiently, simply chop down trees. Start by chopping Oak Trees until you reach level 15 in the early levels.

Afterward, head to Hollow’s Outback to harvest Pine Trees. When you hit level 26, switch to Willow Trees in Weeping Grove.


To level up your Mining skill, begin by mining Copper Ores from Copper Deposits in the Desolate Valley.

Once you reach level 4, gather Iron in the Subjugation Stronghold. At level 34, venture into the Crystalline Cavern to harvest Soul Crystals.

Cooking and Fishing

You can simultaneously improve both your cooking and fishing skills by cooking the fish you catch, effectively leveling up your stats.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know on how to grind every stat in Derelict. We hope this article has helped you. If we may have missed anything, feel free to leave your comments and suggestions down below.

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