Derelict – Starter Guide To Becoming an Archer

Let your aim be true

If you’re venturing into the world of Roblox’ Derelict as an aspiring archer, start by mastering the basics. Equip your bow, practice precision shots, and explore the game’s environments. Then, gain experience that will aid you on your journey to becoming a skilled archer. Read on below to my starter guide on how to become an Archer in the game.

Starter Guide to Becoming An Archer

Take aim and shoot high! Here’s a guide to help you on your journey as an Archer in Derelict. Let’s get started!

Gideon and Percival

To begin, complete Gideon and Percival’s starter quests located at Gideon’s Camp by mining ores, chopping trees, and defeating bandits, just like any other class.

First Bow

You can use the drops obtained by completing Gideon and Percival’s Quest to craft your first bow. Your first weapon options are the Oak Short Bow or Oak Long Bow.

If you prefer a stronger weapon and are willing to grind for it, you can select the Pine Short Bow, which requires more advanced crafting resources. Here’s a guide you can check on how to get Pine in the game.

It is important to note that you also need to farm resources for your arrows.

How to Level Up Archery

To level up your Archery mastery, head to the Feeding Ground, defeat Hell Snails and their eggs while equipping your Bow, just like you would when leveling up your stats.

In order to reach the area, go right and carefully jump down the cliff from the gigantic rib cage.

Better and Stronger Bow

As you level up, you must combat stronger enemies and bosses, and you’ll need better gear to have any chance against them.

When you reach a high level, we suggest obtaining a Coldsteel Bow, which demands advanced resources for crafting.

How to Craft Coldsteel Bow

The Coldsteel Bow requires 1 Plasma Core, 4 Steel Bars, and 6 Titanium Fragments.

After defeating the Avarus Captain in Fort Hollow, it will drop the Plasma Core. You can invite and ask your friends for help if needed.

Meanwhile, enemies around the Fort drop Titanium Cores. The black armored enemies that wield knives do not drop them, but the ones using other weapons do.

To obtain Steel, gather iron and coal. You can locate iron in a cave near the Feeding Grounds.

And you’ll find coal by teleporting to the Bonsai in Desolate Valley, then heading towards the bridge to Subjugation Stronghold.

Finally, create Steel bars at the spawn’s crafting table. After obtaining all the required resources, you can craft the Coldsteel Bow.

That’s everything you need to know in our Starter Guide To Becoming An Archer in Derelict. We hope this article helped you! If you have comments and suggestions feel free to leave them down below

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