Descent: Complete Monsters Guide (Roblox)

An explanation of the monsters.

Descent: Complete Monsters Guide (Roblox)

As part of conquering Roblox game Descent, it’s necessary for players to understand what monsters do in the game, which is what this guide does. This is going to be a comprehensive explanation of their behavior and how to best deal with them. Spoiler alert: Sometimes, if not all the time, running is the best course of action!

Complete Monsters Guide

There are clipboards in the game that you can pick up which explains what the monsters are. If you ever find them, below are what they look like. They have a pencil-drawn illustration of the enemies, and how to deal with them.


Fische monster guide for Descent.

The Fische is like an anglerfish. It is blind, but it has an insanely good hearing. Which means whatever you do, this creature will hunt you there. But if you’re crouched next to it, it won’t see you at all.

Anything you do in the game makes a noise. Dropping down, dropping items, walking or even crouch-walking, all make sounds. It can also kill you in a vent.

Monkey (Blue and Red)

Monkey monster guide for Descent.

The Blue Monkey is a friend. It is the Hoarding Bug of this game, but it doesn’t get mad even if you take the item from its hand.

The Red Monkey, however, attracts monsters by screaming. In this case particularly, the Fische.


Barnabe monster guide for Descent.

Run. If you see a Barnabe, run as fast as possible. His line of sight is far, but he can’t hear, so you don’t have to worry about crouching. Just run as fast as you can, out of the floor if possible.


Mannequin monster guide for Descent.

The SCP-173, the Coil-Head, the Mannequin. This creature will keep chasing you if you lose eyesight of him. It can still move if you look at him, but it’s at least more manageable, which means having a team makes dealing with him a lot easier.

And that concludes the monsters guide for Roblox game Descent! Hopefully, you now don’t die as often. Here’s a guide for another horror Roblox game, Parasite!


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