Parasite: Complete Beginner’s Guide (Roblox)

The best Horror game on Roblox IMO!

Parasite: Complete Beginner's Guide (Roblox)

Parasite is an awesome new Horror game that you can play freely on Roblox. It is in my honest opinion, one of the best looking games on the platform. It gives off a vibe similar to Dead Space but still retaining the Roblox spirit.

There are two sides in the game that fight against each other: Humans and Infected. Both have different objectives and play styles. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about both sides. Continue reading to get more information.

Complete Beginner’s Guide


The controls are pretty straightforward, you use WASD keys to move around. You can lie down with the SPACE key (only Humans). SHIFT key is used to sprint. You shoot your weapon, use an item or attack through LEFT MOUSE BUTTON. Press R to reload your gun. The numbers (1, 2, 3…) are used to select different items in your inventory.

And lastly, you press E to pick up items and interact with stuff such as doors, etc. The game says to press Button X, but pressing X key does not do anything. Instead, it is the E key that you actually need to press.


This game also provides you with a convenient Map on the top right side of your screen (for both Humans & Infected). The Map also mentions the Sector that you are currently in. Make sure to take advantage of the Map when navigating around.

Map - Parasite: Complete Beginner's Guide (Roblox)
Pretty handy Map!

Since the game has two sides, namely the Humans and the Infected. So I will also divide this guide into two main parts. First I will start with the Humans side and then later on explain the Infected side.

The Human Side

When you are in the Humans Team, your goal is to defend yourself against Infected NPCs and Players while trying to complete the Objective (more on that later).


When you spawn as a Human, you can access the Store which is located in the spawn area to change your gameplay settings and buy different accessories and weapons. Simply go into the blue Store Area and it will open up the Menu.

Store - Parasite: Complete Beginner's Guide (Roblox)
Hurry up before it closes!

You buy items using CR which is the in-game currency. You get more CR by killing Infected. Different Infected will give different amounts of CR, the more powerful the Infected, the more CR you get from killing it. Or you can buy CR with Robux if you wish.

The game offers different weapons which are much better than the starting gun you get. You can also get a Vest to increase your defense against attacks. A good loadout will help you out immensely against the Infected so make sure to check the Shop before going into the ship.

Note: The Store is open for a limited time, after that it will not be accessible in that match.

Shop - Parasite: Complete Beginner's Guide (Roblox)
At least try to get that SMG, automatic fire will help out a lot.

Player Stats

There are 3 Stats that you need to keep an eye on. Those Stats are displayed behind your character as marked in the image below.

Stats - Parasite: Complete Beginner's Guide (Roblox)
A pretty unique design of important Player meters.
  • First Yellow Bar (Lungs Icon): This is the Stamina Bar which shows how much stamina you have.
  • Second Green Bar (+ Icon): This is your Health Bar which shows the amount of health you have.
  • Third Red Bar (Skull Icon): This is your Infection Bar which shows how much you have been infected.

If your Health Bar goes to 0, then you will go to a downed state in which case you need to be revived by your teammates. And if your Infection Bar gets full, you will become an Infected meaning you will now have to assist the Infected side against the Humans. Attacks from the Infected and the Spores you breathe will increase the Infection Bar.

So make sure to keep an eye on your Stats at all times, especially the Infected and Health Bars.


The main Objective of the Humans is to reach Sector 4, blow up the Core and then successfully escape. To reach Sector 4, you need to first pass through the other 3 Sectors. You start from Sector 1 and in each Sector you need to find Detonators (which are found lying around) and blow up Walls that are exposed.

It is also possible that you may spawn in a Map without Exposed Walls but that is rare. After you reach Sector 4, start looking for the Keycard. This Keycard will get you inside the Engine Room where the Core is located.

Almost there, just hang on!

After blowing up the Core, go back to the Hanger and make your escape. You will have to hurry up as there will be a timer.


As a Human, you are not alone. You have to coordinate with your teammates to ensure success. Make sure to stay together in groups as this will give you a better fighting chance. And if a player on your team gets downed, make sure to revive them.

Teamwork in the end will determine the outcome of your match. Whether will win against the Infected and escape, or lose and become infected yourselves.

The Infected Side

When you spawn in as an Infected, every Human you find is your enemy and you must attack them to make them Infected as well. You do not have to worry about Stats or the Store when you are an Infected.


When you are an Infected, there are multiple stages for you to progress through. You get to the next stage by killing and infecting Humans. Each new stage will give you different buffs such as increased health, more damage, faster movement speed etc.

First Stage of Infection.


Being an Infected is easier as compared to being a Human. Your main Objective as an Infected is to Infect all Humans and stop them from escaping. If you die as an Infected, you will just spawn again.


The concept of teamwork applies here as well. If you are having trouble against Humans, try attacking them together with your team. This will let you build pressure on the Humans and you will be able to infect them much more easily compared to going after them alone.

Infected NPCs

Other than Infected and Human Players, there are also Infected NPCs which is a problem for the Humans side and an aid for the Infected side. Each Infected NPC is mentioned below:


NPC 01 - Parasite: Complete Beginner's Guide (Roblox)
Do not let their size fool you.
  • Small spider-like creatures that you will find a lot during your gameplay.
  • They do not deal that much damage and are easy to kill but if you get swarmed by a group of them, then you are in trouble.
  • Also, if you stumble upon one in darkness without a flashlight and let it get close to you, then chances are you will be easily Infected.
  • They are found in every Sector.


NPC 02 - Parasite: Complete Beginner's Guide (Roblox)
Pretty dangerous if you let them stay for a while.
  • A creature that is bloated at the top hence the name Bloater.
  • These creatures are pretty slow but this weakness is made up by the amount of health they have (they are quite tanky).
  • If you get too close to a Bloater, they will start spawning Infectors. So it is best to maintain a distance and eliminate them as soon as you encounter one.
  • They are found in Sector 2 and higher.

Malfunctioning Robots

NPC 03 - Parasite: Complete Beginner's Guide (Roblox)
Stay away as far as you can.
  • A mech-like robot that looks like it is malfunctioning.
  • They can not move from their original spawn location. And you can also not kill them (shooting them does nothing).
  • If you get close to one, then you will receive a Strike. If you receive 3 Strikes, the Berserker will spawn near you. So it is best to avoid them entirely if possible.
  • They are found in every Sector although rare in Sector 1.


You can only do one thing now, RUN!
  • As apparent from the name, the Berserker is not to be messed with.
  • The Berserker will spawn close to the Player that gets the third Strike.
  • You can not kill or hurt the Berserker. It moves a bit slow but it is capable of dealing a lot of damage. If you get too close to one, you can almost consider yourself Infected.
  • Best way to deal with the Berserker is to lure him away from your teammates and keep doing so until it de-spawns (your Strike count will also reset to 0).

This is it for this beginner’s guide. I hope you enjoyed reading it. One of the other games that I like on Roblox is Guts & Blackpowder. It is a pretty fun game as well. Recently some hidden achievements were added to the game and those achievements also give different rewards upon completion. Check this guide to learn more about them: All Hidden Achievements Guide for Guts & Blackpowder.


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