How To Use Bing Chat On Your Mobile Device (Android & iOS)

Now you can chat with the AI on your phone!

With the new AI technology scarily advancing at a rapid rate, more and more services are using that to their advantage. We have all heard of the wonders of ChatGPT and how it can even help you write code for yourself, but there’s a lot of other AI out there.

One of the big developers of AI is Microsoft with their Bing AI and recently they’ve allowed people to use their new software on their apps. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use Bing Chat on your mobile device so that you can see how Bing’s AI is doing!

Bing Chat: How To Use It On Your Mobile Device (Android & iOS)

What is Bing Chat anyway? Well, it’s not actually a chat service like Viber or Discord, but more of an AI that Bing has been developing that can answer a wide range of questions.

To check it out you’ll first need to get the Microsoft Bing Search app in your Android or iOS app store, it’s completely free so don’t worry about the costs.

Once you’ve installed the app on your mobile device you can then open it, and instead of searching or typing a URL you’ll need to select the “Let’s Chat” button below the search bar.

This will open the new Bing Chat, where you can talk to the Bing AI about anything, just as long as it follows their rules anyway.

You can ask them many questions, but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t want to answer things that might get them into trouble.

If you can’t access the Bing Chat then you can try logging in with your Microsoft Account. To do this, go to the Bing website on your preferred browser and log in with your Microsoft Account, then click on the chat option.

If you can’t access it then request access and join the waitlist, after a while, you’ll be able to use it!

Congratulations you now know how to use Bing Chat on your Mobile Device! Now go out there and try to do it yourself!

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