Destiny 2: Aste Flip Guide

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Destiny 2 Aste Flip Guide

Games can be a bit buggy, especially triple A games for some reason. You’d think they have enough of a budget the squash the bugs but from the recent releases this year I highly doubt the even know what bugs are. Bugs in games can range from game-breaking to Annoying, but there’s one bug out there those players don’t mind, those are the bugs that don’t break the game but are funny or cool as hell! In this guide we’ll show you how to do Aste Flip in Destiny 2.

Aste Flip Guide In Destiny 2

So, you want to do some sick flips and other neat tricks with your futuristic high-tech hover bike. Well before you start flinging that thing around you should first get to know the basic. The tricks in this guide start with the simple flipping of your Sparrow.

To do one you need to hop out of your Sparrow and while hopping out on one side, do a dodge to the other side. By default, and without any directional input, when you drop out of your sparrow you’ll jump to the left, try starting with that and dodging to the right. When done correctly it should launch your sparrow to the right.

Sometimes it will land on its side, sometimes it flips, sometimes it doesn’t do anything. It’s all up to the Game Jank gods on what will happen.

The next step is that you need to mount the sparrow again when it’s at a 90-degree angle while flipping. Go practice that a few times, and once you’ve got the hang of it you can go to the final step.

Source: Siijsing – YouTube

Once you’re ready, do the flip and ride your sparrow again, then flick your camera to the right. When done correctly, it should launch your Sparrow into the air. It takes some getting used to and some practice but once you get the hang of it congratulate yourself, since you’ve done an Aste Flip.

Now you can either combo it with either holding SHIFT+W or S during the flip to land it on the nose or back side, like on the image above, or you can hold SHIFT+D when doing the flip to do a spin!

Congratulations you now know how to do an Aste flip! Now go out there and show them your moves! Massive thanks to Siijsing for showing the Destiny Community how to do these sick flips, go check his video here: [Destiny 2] Aste Flip Guide – YouTube

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