FFXIV: Endwalker Melee Role Actions Guide

Make those damage numbers soar!

FFXIV Endwalker Melee Role Actions Guide

Being a DPS in an MMORPG can be hard work, do you know how difficult it is to make a number go bigger? As you can tell math is not my forte, but dealing big damage is and that’s the main draw of being a DPS is. The goal of the job is simply to hit hard, hit fast and hit often and drain the healer’s resources because damage circles are damage suggestions. Each Role in Final Fantasy 14 have specific role skills that they can use. Some of these melee role actions are simple while others are more complex, that’s why in this guide we’ll show you the ropes!

Endwalker Melee Role Actions Guide For FFXIV

Skills in Final Fantasy 14 run on a global cooldown, that means is that if you use a skill, it will have a cooldown before you use a different or the same skill. The thing is since it’s a global cooldown, all skills have basically the same cooldown. Role specific skills are quite different.

Role skills and spells are off the global cooldown, that means they have their own specific cooldown and can be cast in-between the global cooldown of your normal skills or spells.

Now that you know the basics of what a Role skill is, let’s talk about the role skills of melee DPS.

Second Wind

If you’ve played as a fighter in Dungeons and Dragons then you probably know this already. It’s a self-heal skill that any melee DPS can use anytime. It’s a great utility skill that can save your life from time to time. We all know that a proper party has a healer, but when you take too much damage and want to make the healer’s life easier, you can use this skill.

Leg Sweep

A skill that I first thought was part of my Monk’s skill set. Leg sweep is probably the least used in all of the role skills for melee DPS. On paper it sounds great, it stuns the enemy for 3 seconds. Then you learn that each stun after that lowers the duration and after 3 stuns they’re immune to further stun effects.

Remember skill won’t work on bosses, and some trash mobs will be immune to stun effects, which just makes the skill even more situational.

This skill also becomes useless when there’s a white mage in the party, because they have an AOE that stuns mobs.

This will mostly likely be useful when you’re doing solo content and want to stop a trash mob’s AOE instead of dodging it.


A name that fits with the role, and you can interpret that however you wish. Bloodbath is your second healing skill; the catch is that you need to hit enemies to heal. This won’t matter that much with single enemies, but with a large number of enemies this skill becomes great.

It’s a great skill to use when your Second Wind is in cooldown.


Probably the most overlooked skill in the class and not because of how useful it is, it’s just that some DPS forget that they have this one party utility skill. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. It lowers the target’s physical damage by 10% and magic damage by 5%. This move is useful when you know the target is going to deal large amounts of damage like when a boss is charging a tank buster or a large party-wide damaging effect. 10% and 5% may not sound much but in high end dungeons it reduces a lot of damage!

Arm’s Length

A skill that makes you immune to most knockback or draw-in effects. This may sound like not a big deal at first, but when your pesky healer friend tries to pull you off an arena with rescue just to piss you off then this skill is a literal life saver. Even if you don’t have menaces to society as party members this skill is very useful for bosses that have knockback effects designed to knock you off the arena to your instant death. Timing needs to be right, but if you perfect it then you’ll be safe and hopefully that healer falls off the arena.

It also has the added benefit of making a barrier around you that slows targets that hit it. Slow here means that their attack speed gets slowed, meaning a big damage reduction for you.

True North

Aside from having a cool name, this is the Melee DPS’ trump card. As a Melee DPS you should already know what positionals mean, if you don’t remember or don’t know the term it’s that half circle below your target. Some of your skills will only work when on a target’s flank or rear. This doesn’t matter with this skill.

For 10 seconds you ignore all direction requirements for your skills, so you can do backstabs at the front like a TF2 spy. What’s also great is that it has 2 charges that you can store if you want that sweet burst damage window. My favorite skill in the game when playing a Melee DPS.

And that’s all you need to know about the Melee Role Actions, congratulations! Now go out there and try them out yourself!

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