Destiny 2: Europa Arms Guide

The Arms side quest requests 2 chests. Where is it?

There is a lot to explore in Europa, and one of them includes unsealing all the stasis-sealed chests in the area. The Arms side quest requires you to find two stasis-sealed chests in Bray Exoscience and Eternity.

Europa Arms Guide — Destiny 2

Start the quest by talking to Variks the Loyal and take the Europa Arms quest.

Go to the western part of the Cadmus Bridge and go inside the hallway full of glaciers. Keep following this hallway until you reach the entrance to the Bray Exoscience area.

Keep going north and enter the door until you reach a huge room. Head to the northernmost part of the room and you will see an entryway to your left. Keep following the hallway until you reach a fork with a door to your right and a barrier to your left

Turn left and unseal the mechanism here and go through the entryway that just opened. Keep going north until you see the first chest next to a table. After unsealing the chest, go through the entryway to the left side of the room.

Remove the seal again and keep following the hallway to the north until you reach another room filled with glaciers. Enter the door to the left side of the room and jump over the gaps as seen in the photo above.

Climb up the stone steps and keep heading north until you reach a red room. Turn right and drop down at the lower floor at the end of the hallway. Follow the hallway then enter the door on the northeastern side of the room.

Keep heading north until you reach another huge room filled with pillars. Enter the doorway at the end of the room and climb the stairs to your left. Enter the door leading inside the building then turn left at the first fork.

The second chest is on top of the pillar in the middle of the room.

Report back to Variks to complete the quest and get the Crestocrene Gloves.

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