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God Of War: Find a Way to The Hammer’s Head Guide

Reach the Hammer’s Head area by looking at seasons!

God of War is a compelling RPG about the journey of Kratos. In the Magic Chisel chapter, one of the objectives is to find a way to the Hammer’s head. This guide will show you how to do it and proceed with the story.

Find a Way to the Hammer’s Head — God of War

To begin the quest, enter the temple in Thamur’s Corpse region as shown in the map below. As you enter, you will see that the floor has collapsed.

Break both the wooden planks on both sides of the rubble and order Atreus to crawl underneath the right hole.

Wait for the boy to get to the center of the platform and he will talk about retrograde. A series of symbols will appear on the wall, and you have to follow the order “Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn” but in reverse.

  • Starting from the right, throw your axe until the rightmost wall shows a snowflake symbol.
  • Next, rotate the wall that is second to the right until it shows the rose symbol.
  • The third wall from the right should show a sun symbol.
  • Finally, the leftmost wall should show a leaf symbol.

Ask Atreus to write it down and the symbols should glow if you do it correctly.  The platform will reappear so go on top of it and wait for the dialogue to finish.

Defeat the waves of enemies, making sure that you clear them before the energy runs out.

Once you are at the top, order Atreus to hit the two red symbols and then jump to the wall after both platforms collapse.

Climb up the wall and you will get to the Hammer Head area!

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