Destiny 2: Master Illuminated Torment Challenge Guide | Master Cataclysm Challenge

A quick guide on how to complete the Illuminated Torment Challenge on Master difficulty.

Completing challenges in Destiny 2 can either be the hardest thing you will ever do in your life, or the easiest thing you can do because you had no idea you even did it.

But what about challenges that have something to do with the raid? Well, that is no doubt incredibly hard and punishing to do if you have no communication or no idea of what to do.

That’s why in this guide, we will be showing you how to complete the Illuminated Torment challenge on Master difficulty.

If you’re looking for a guide, then this is for you.

Master illuminated Torment Challenge Guide – Destiny 2

Strategy to Complete Illuminated Torment

The challenge for Illuminated Torment is that you need to kill the Tormentors when you have the Field of Light buff. This doesn’t mean the Tormentors won’t be affected by damage, because attacking them is still possible.

However, if anyone who doesn’t have the Field of Light buff kills a single Tormentor, then the challenge will not be completed and you will have to restart.

This simple mistake can cause the whole raid to reset, so you have to be careful and communicate to your teammates when you have the buff. That’s why communication is important here.

If one of you has the buff, immediately call it out. The rest of your teammates will act as recon. When they spot the Tormentor, they will call out where the Tormentor is.

However, just because your teammates don’t have the Field of Light buff, doesn’t mean they can’t contribute. They can wear down the Tormentors health until it’s low enough so that the player that has the Field of Light buff can approach and finish them off.

This is the most viable strategy for this challenge: 1 player will focus on Tormentors while the other 5 will clear out enemies and deal damage to the Tormentor to make it easier for the first player.

I do advise you to be careful when you are part of the enemy clearing. A stray bullet or grenade or rocket launcher might hit the Tormentor, who is already at low health and kill them.

Be precise with your shots and don’t throw your grenades and rockets around willy-nilly.

It’s important to also call out where your grenades will land so the person in charge of dealing with Tormentors can avoid that area.

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