Apocalypse Rising 2: Best Guns Tier List

Take a closer look at the best guns in the game!

In Apocalypse Rising 2, you get to travel around a vast open world and loot all sorts of guns and vehicles to help you in your adventure, whether solo or with friends. There will be tons of infected and hostile players to fight, so you’ll want to know which weapons are must-haves and which you can pass on.

Guns Tier List

This list will rank all of the guns in the game from the top to the bottom tier choices. Keep in mind that this list is purely subjective, and your favorites may not be in the place you expect them to be in.

The aim of this is to help with your decision making process throughout each run, as there are weapons that you’re better off just not using if you want to be the most effective killer out there.

AR2 tier list


  • “Snake’s” MAC-10 – One of the fastest firing secondary weapons in the game, and it has very common ammo in addition to having decent damage.
  • L96A1 – This is considered to be the best sniper in the game and can absolutely destroy players from a distance.
  • FAL – Incredibly reliable and powerful weapon. It can be good at any range, and it is easy to find ammunition for it.


  • MAC-10 – Incredibly fast firing secondary weapon with a decently large ammo capacity and damage.
  • MP5K – Very good for a secondary weapon, as it has a high rate of fire and extremely common ammo type. However, be wary of its high recoil.
  • XM177 – It potentially has small magazines, but it also has really formidable damage and a relatively high fire rate.
  • PSG-1 – Incredibly good sniper with excellent accuracy and damage.
  • M249 SAW – Can absolutely tear people to shreds and has relatively common ammo. High ammo capacity, as it is a machine gun.
  • M60 – Another gun with a high ammo capacity and good damage, its only downside is that it can be hard to find ammunition for it.
  • M1919A6 – Similar to the M60, it has pretty good stats, but it can be very hard to find. Ammo for it is also incredibly rare.
  • “Patriot” Assault Carbine – This weapon is a monster in close range combat, as it has a very high fire rate and decent damage.
  • SVT-40 – With full attachments, this gun can be incredibly good for sniping people.
  • AUG – With certain attachments, it can be extremely accurate, especially when you’re good at controlling recoil.
  • PKM – Its fast fire rate and high accuracy makes it a great machine gun that will leave your opponents’ cameras shaking nonstop if you’re hitting your shots.
  • G3 – Compared to other guns of its class, it has a pretty low fire rate, but it has excellent accuracy and can be good at almost any range.
AR2 character


  • AO-46 – This is a rare submachine gun that has pretty decent damage and fire rate, but its rarity puts it at a relatively low tier.
  • “Rogue” UZI – Similar to the regular variant, it has slightly better damage than the original. However, it is still pretty slow for its kind.
  • M1 Thompson – It is a relatively rare weapon, but its high rate of fire and formidable damage puts it at this tier.
  • M16A1 – This weapon is a straight upgrade to the M16A2 due to its automatic firing mode. It also has pretty good stats in general.
  • AK-47 – It is very common and has a high amount of damage and decent rate of fire. It is also easy to find ammunition for it.
AR2 AK47


  • M9 – It ranks higher than the other pistols on this list due to its high magazine capacity, making it a decent sidearm to have.
  • “Sweeper” Desert Eagle – It has incredibly high damage and is a straight upgrade to the base version of the same gun.
  • UZI – Its ammo is common and is fully automatic, but it also has the slowest fire rate of its class. It also has relatively low damage.
  • TEC9 – Despite its fast fire rate, its ammo capacity is pretty small and makes it a rather mediocre secondary to use.
  • M1903 Springfield – This common weapon has really high damage and is extremely accurate. It’s great when paired with a sniper scope, though it has a very slow rate of fire.
  • AKS74U – It has a high rate of fire, but it is somewhat rare and can be an unreliable option for long range encounters.
  • AK74 – Despite its high damage and fire rate similar to the AK-47, it can be hard to find, and ammo for it is also relatively rare.
  • AKM – Just like the AK-74, this gun can be hard to find, and ammo for it can also be pretty rare.


  • Model 29 – It is a pretty common weapon and has a decent amount of damage and accuracy for how easy it to find.
  • HiPower – This military pistol is generally pretty strong, though its rarity puts it at a lower rank than it probably should be in.
  • Desert Eagle 44 – Despite its high damage and fire rate, it loses effectiveness in longer range encounters and it has a low ammo capacity.
  • “Bootleg” Type 37 – It has a very low rate of fire and poor damage, plus it is incredibly rare, making it a very disappointing weapon to find if you ever run into one.
  • SPAS12 – This shotgun is incredibly strong and accurate, however it is really rare and, because of what it is, it has a very limited range.
  • SKS – It is a decently common weapon that serves as an okay option for mid to long range combat, but it’s not particularly great.
  • M16A2 – It does decent damage and its ammo is easy to find, however it is limited to burst and semi-auto fire modes, which makes it a not-so-great option compared to its automatic counterpart.
  • Mini-14 – It has decent accuracy and damage, and is pretty easy to find. However, it has a very low fire rate.
  • M1918A2 BAR – This gun has decent damage and accuracy, but it has a very low ammo capacity for a machine gun.
  • MP5 – Very good in short range encounters, but it can be very ineffective otherwise.
AR2 inventory


  • P38 – Although it is considered to be slightly better than the gun that most players start with, it is another weapon that should be replaced immediately.
  • Model 459 – It is an okay weapon that can serve as a replacement to the starting Snubnose, but it should be replaced if possible.
  • M1911 – Another weapon that’s considered to be pretty okay, this gun is probably one of the better common sidearms that you can find though should be replaced eventually.
  • Makarov – Very mediocre weapon with a decent fire rate and accuracy, however it is pretty rare for what it is.
  • Python – Despite its high damage, its effective range is relatively short. In addition to that, it is hard to find and it can be difficult to stock up ammo for it.
  • Maverick 88 – Despite being easy to find and having a large ammo capacity, it is incredibly slow and inaccurate.
  • Winchester 1894 – This gun is really common and it can do a decent amount of damage, but it has a very slow fire rate and should probably be replaced immediately when found.
  • Auto-5 – This shotgun is incredibly common, however it has a slow reload time and low ammo capacity.
  • M1918 Tankgewehr – This weapon is currently unobtainable outside of a certain event. When it was in the game, it was pretty mediocre, though it did have really high damage.
  • MP40 – Despite having alright damage and a high ammo capacity, it is incredibly inaccurate, especially when fired full auto.
  • M1 Garand – Pretty horrible at close range and has limited ammo capacity, though it has high damage and a quick reload speed.
  • M14 Battle Rifle – It used to be pretty good, but now it has incredibly high recoil and is not very accurate while aiming.
  • “Santa’s Pig” Machine Gun – It has poor damage, rare ammo, and is mainly effective at a short range. It’s also an event gun, so it is currently unobtainable.
  • Mosin PU – Although it has similar damage to the PSG-1, it has a low ammo capacity and rare ammunition. The gun itself is also pretty rare.
  • M1 Carbine – It is a rare weapon that has hard to find ammunition. It has okay damage, but an abysmal rate of fire and high damage drop-off.
AR2 santa's pig


  • Snubnose – Despite everyone spawning in with this gun, it is one of the absolute worst weapons in the game and should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Lupara – This double barrel shotgun has a very slow reload speed, mediocre damage, and is incredibly ineffective in anything other than extremely close range combat.
  • Coach Gun – Very common shotgun with incredibly low ammo capacity. Discard this as soon as you find a better weapon.

And that concludes this Guns tier list for Apocalypse Rising 2. With this tier list, you can now hopefully make better decisions when it comes to choosing weapons on the go!

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