Destiny 2: We Stand Unbroken Week 4 All Steps Guide

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As the Season of Defiance comes to Destiny 2, you will also be encountering the We Stand Unbroken Questline. In this quest, you will be given new and different objectives per week for four weeks.

In this guide, we will focus on the steps that you have to do for the Week 4 of We Stand Unbroken.

We Stand Unbroken Week 4 Guide in Destiny 2

We Stand Unbroken Week 4 is the last part of the questline and contains steps 18 to 23. This will tell you to complete small objectives that will lead to the end of the questline.

Step 18

For this first step, you will have to go to the War Table in the H.E.L.M. once you are already there, speak with Amanda Holiday.

Step 19

The next thing you have to do is complete a Defiand Battlegrounds Playlist Activity. Once you have already finished one, you have to collect Defiant Engram from the Defiant Chest.

Step 20

Then, you have to go to European Dead Zone, Earth, and select The Farm. Head over to the Holoprojector and talk with Devrim Kay.

Step 21

For this step, there will be a jailbreak that’s about to happen.

From European Dead Zone, enter the Mission: Jailbreak. Here, Amanda and Mithrax will breach the secret Shadow Legion. They will do this in order to free innocent civilians.

Step 22

The next thing you have to do is go back to The Farm. You will do this in order to attend Amanda Holliday’s passing after not being able to escape the jailbreak.

You will have to witness this cutscene and listen to what they have to say.

Step 23

The last step would still be inside The Farm. You have to go and talk to Mara Sov. She will be waiting for you in the center of the farm. She will be expressing her condolences regarding Amanda’s death.

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