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Digimon Survive: Complete Beginners Guide

Here’s a beginner’s guide on how to “survive” in Digimon Survive.

Digimon Survive is an RPG with visual novel elements that brings a sense of nostalgia to those who were growing up in the early 2000’s. Remember when Pokémon and Digimon were always fighting to see who is the best monster franchise? With Digimon Survive, those who remember the iconic franchise will once again re-enter the fantastic universe of the Digimon franchise and interact with new characters and old Digimons that you might remember. In this guide, we’ll help you survive the beginning of Digimon Survive. Heh, get it?

Complete Beginners Guide – Digimon Survive

Surviving in the world of Digimon Survive is not going to be like the older games in the franchise. Yes, it’s still the same old Digimon game we’re all familiar with: turn-based combat with your favorite party of Digimons.

However, there’s some things you should take note when playing the game. Some are gameplay related and some are story related, which will all be covered in this guide.

First off, let’s talk about combat and other things. In Digimon Survive, you’ll be playing in a similar way to Final Fantasy Tactics or Fire Emblem, in which you will have to move your Digimon to other enemies in order to attack. It’s still turn based, but you’ll have to move around strategically, or else you’ll get attacked by groups of enemies.

During these battles, you can befriend some enemy Digimon. Just like in the Persona games, you have to talk to the Digimon in order to recruit them into your party. You need to choose the correct answer in order to get them to join you.

Now what’s a Digimon game without evolution? Yes, the evolution system is back, but it’s tied to another system that makes things interesting; the karma system. Yes, there is a karma system in Digimon Survive, and your karma changes with how you respond. There are three types of karma: Moral Harmony, and Wrathful.

Moral Karma focuses on justice, sacrifice, and prudence. The Moral choice is indicated by the red highlight, and using the Moral choices will help Takuma find common ground with Vaccine Digimons.

Harmony focuses on compassion, co-operation, and peace. The Harmony choices are indicated by the green highlight. Using Harmony choices will lead you to be compatible with Data Digimons.

Wrathful focuses on being bold, direct, and objective-driven. The Wrathful choices are indicated by the yellow highlight. The Virus Digimons are the main Digimons you’ll be familiar with if you continue.

These three not only affect Takuma and the people around him, but it will also affect Agumon’s Digivolutions.

Speaking of choices, be careful what to choose. Because your choices can lead to a character death. Yes, this Digimon game has horror elements, and combining this with the fact that it’s a visual novel-style game, you won’t be judge for thinking of Corpse Party.

Now obviously, the deaths won’t be as gruesome as Corpse Party. But just like Corpse Party, each character death will heavily affect the games story and might lead to an ending you won’t like. But that’s alright, because games like these are meant to be played repeatedly to get the full story.

With this knowledge in your hands, you are ready to take on Digimon Survive. Be careful with what you say and what you do and have fun with the dark story of Digimon Survive.

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